Book 6 Chapter 28.8

Book 6 Chapter 28.8 - Time

Before the fishmen soldiers even had time to spread out their formation, a shrill and sensitive noise sounded from the distance, the surrounding seawater also starting to resonate. Several dozen white-colored threads were currently advancing at astonishing speeds of over 200 kilometers an hour, arriving before these fishmen soldiers in the blink of an eye!

The two whale sharks’ powerful instincts made them barely able to turn around, try to escape, but that was all they managed to do. Meanwhile, those fishmen soldiers’ reactions were a whole step late, only able to release a miserable scream as they watched those threads pass through their own bodies!

Six fishmen and two whale sharks instantly became prey caught by the threads. The fine threads rushed out another dozen meters, and only then did they stop. They were unexpectedly spinning steel needles, miniature propulsion devices at their ends. Their heads were stable orientation devices, completely miniature guided missiles. Only, the warhead didn’t have explosive force, but the penetrative strength was powerful enough.

The fishmen and whale sharks were still maintaining their stances of either fighting or running away, yet they floated in the sea without moving, their bodies long becoming rigid. Suddenly, large blasts of bloody mist surged from their bodies, and only then did their bodies begin to twitch, thus slowly turning around and floating upwards.

The flow of the ocean current suddenly became intense. Several dozen small submarine-like mechanical bugs rushed out of the waves, surrounding the corpses, all types of probing waves passing over these corpses. Then, only one remained, while all of the others turned around, continuing into the depths of the great sea. A moment later, the ocean waters suddenly surged, a great army of machines appearing from the distance, and then they rushed past while bringing giant waves! Several dozen special machines separated from the great machine army, throwing themselves at the fishmen and whale sharks’ corpses. A few minutes later, they were completely dissected, all types of organs categorized and separately stowed into their specialized sensing vessels, and then they continued forward.

This type of scene replayed itself many times every minute. Meanwhile, on the ocean surface, the mothership had already completely unfolded itself, becoming a two kilometers long colossus. It floated fifty meters above the ocean, slowly moving forward just like that. Several hundred doors were opened on the ship body, from time to time all different types of damaged machine bugs would fly back to the machine ship. A bit later, they would be completely restored, to the extent where they would come out as completely new mechanical bugs. After the ring formed by countless white lines expanded to its limit, straightening out, they became a row of white lines, and then swept towards the depths of the frozen sea like a tsunami.

Behind the white lines, clouds of blood of varying sizes blossomed one after another, and were then devoured by the seawater. In front of the white lines, a close to a hundred meters giant octopus suddenly jumped out, the tentacles that were raised high into the air even longer than its body. It released a cry similar to a giant elephant’s, the noise even producing a ring of waves in the ocean. Several tentacles lashed out heavily, immediately cutting the white line in the middle, unknown just how many mechanical bugs were damaged and scrapped as a result. When it raised its tentacles again, the bow of the mothership several kilometers out already slowly opened up, extending three long metal square pillars. The ends of the square metal pillars suddenly releasing dazzling electrical flames, and then a pellet that was a ton in weight flew out along its designated trajectory, firing with a speed of over five thousand meters per second at the giant octopus that was recklessly displaying might.

A dazzling ball of fire suddenly ignited. Even though the octopus’ body was extremely large, after being blasted by this material cannon, a small half of its body was already enveloped within a ball of fire!

Its vitality was extremely great, unexpectedly not dying even after suffering this type of damage, its tentacles that were being brandished about still possessing earth-shattering power. However, countless white lines immediately began to converge on its location. Several thousand streaks of scanning power light waves crashed down on its body like a waterfall, and then the mothership surrounded by tens of thousands of mechanical bugs passed the order down. The frozen sea immediately surged, countless mechanical bugs jumping out from the ocean and descending from the sky, densely covering the octopus’ body, actually covering it in a layer of metal armor!

A blast of bloody mist that was suffocatingly large erupted above the frozen sea. In less than a minute, this giant octopus was completely cut up and dissected, becoming differently sized chunks of flesh.

In the scattered chunks of flesh, a group of mechanical bugs nearby changed from gray to red-colored under the scanning system! This signal was immediately passed through layer after layer of transmission, and was then brought back to the mothership. As a result, the great sea surged once more, and then a moment later, a metal platform pieced together by mechanical bugs emerged from the ocean. Several dozen mechanical arms fastened the chunk of flesh that produced this red signal in place, with several thousand mechanical bugs that were even smaller than ants cleaning out the useless parts of the flesh chunk. After cleaning up the rotting flesh on the surface, what was exposed was a female body with only the upper half of its body remaining. Even though it had a human exterior, its size was much larger than a normal human’s, just this upper body alone already exceeding two meters in size. In her abdomen region was a young face, its expression one of extreme pain, shouting continuously, yet not a bit of sound could be uttered. There were injuries all over the woman’s body, the lower body completely disappearing. Below the cross-sectional cut across the body crawled countless finger-sized miniature octopuses. They frantically gnawed and chewed at the woman’s body, wishing to tear off a bit of flesh. However, her body was incredibly sturdy, even the smallest wisp of blood far tougher than steel wire. Only occasionally would a bit of flesh be torn off by some small octopuses. There weren’t any damaged areas on her upper body, yet there were similarly little octopuses crawling all over her. However, there was even less progress made here, the small octopuses unable to leave even a mark when they bit down. However, they still continuously chewed at it, occasionally creating a small injury, and then gradually enlarged it. Even though the woman’s body was extremely powerful, it was still eroded and chewed through bit by bit. If there were no reinforcements, then the day would come when these little octopuses would completely break through and devour her. Meanwhile, now, the mechanical ants’ numbers were already ten times that of the small octopus, and they could be produced limitlessly. The little octopuses didn’t possess any attack of defense abilities, so they were instantly cleaned out by the mechanical ants, and thus, the woman’s complete appearance finally came into view.

It was actually Serendela. Meanwhile, that young man’s face in her abdomen region was the Light Bringing Knight from the Holy Crusaders.

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