Book 6 Chapter 28.7

Book 6 Chapter 28.7 - Time

When Madeline recovered her memories, he would then have his first true comrade, right?

Fitzdurk himself, to this day, couldn’t suppress the fear within his instincts and searched through his past memories. The truth that was hidden behind million and millions of years of darkness, even if it was still a long time before it would be uncovered, it was still heavy to the point of making one go crazy. During these endless years, he had waited with full concentration, only when he encountered Pandora did Fitzdurk find the the focal point to enter this world through, one that would allow him to reconstruct his body and be reborn in a method this world could tolerate. Not long after he revived, another apostle, Serendela, also descended into this world. However, what left Fitzdurk disappointed was that this Serendela was greatly restricted by this world, a new will produced in her body. In other words, her original instincts were no longer pure, the portion of her that was affected by the will of this world already enough to suppress her instincts. This was precisely why so many variables occurred later on. Serendela couldn’t hear Fitzdurk’s calls, while Fitzdurk couldn’t sense Serendela’s impure instincts, and without a physical body, he was unable to prevent the unforeseen events that later took place.

That was an accident, and for the apostles, it was a disaster.

For some reason, Serendela’s personal consciousness was stimulated greatly, and thus underwent the most intense clash with her instincts, the end result being that both sides suffered with neither side winning, and Serendela thus entered an almost eternal sleep. Her instincts as an apostle were weakened to the lowest point, making it difficult for the awakened Fitzdurk to ascertain her position, his most optimistic range of error reaching several hundred kilometers, which was basically equivalent to only being able to vaguely sense where she was. Meanwhile, at that time, Fitzdurk was still searching for genes that could complete his own deficiencies, for him, the significance of this task was more important, thus leaving him with no time to tend to Serendela. Moreover, as a tool he used, the Scorpions of Disaster weren’t all that easy to manage, because tanks and guided missiles couldn’t compete against true high level ability users. That was why the eastern Holy Crusaders were already an extremely tough opponent, while the Blood Parliament in the south was even more so a giant he didn’t dare provoke.

Inside of Valhalla, at the center of the endless streams of danger, Fitzdurk still retained a bit of his own consciousness, currently quietly and peacefully thinking about the past. Madeline who was still asleep made him feel a sense of warmth and comfort, even if he didn’t know when she would wake.

There was a division of labor between the apostles as well, regardless of whether it was Fitzdurk who was in charge of the country’s construction or Serendela who was in charge of intelligence and scouting, neither of them excelled in willpower, even though as apostles, their wills were still ten million times greater than that of ordinary creatures. That was why after they descended into this world, they would receive the restrictions and influence of this world, thus causing problems to continuously emerge.

However, Madeline was different, she was the sword of the apostles, unmatched in sharpness, able to press forward courageously. As long as her instincts were recovered, she could easily cut through the restrictions applied by the will of the world. As for time, it wasn’t all that important in the eyes of the apostles. Whether she slept a few hundred more or a few hundred less years, it didn’t matter, as long as she could still wake. When the time came, they would unlock the imprisonment together, returning to the free and boundless cosmos. Correct, this world itself already became a prison that imprisoned them.

Apart from the sword, the other one who could break through this confinement was the brain. Outside the sword and brain, there should be one more apostle, but as for who exactly this was, and what this apostle’s share of work was, Fitzdurk just couldn’t recall it. That was a secret hidden deep within his memory, the current Fitzdurk still lacking the courage to open it.

While immersed in the memories of the past, Fitzdurk suddenly sensed that something was strange, a feeling that he had been waiting a long time for already came from a distant and extremely subtle stream of information, immediately making his entire body tremble. The endless machinery flying about in the air all stopped for a moment, and then they suddenly entered chaos, to the extent where thousands of collisions would happen each second!

Fitzdurk used up an entire ten minutes of time before he once against fixed the entire industrial empire, and then all of the resources were allocated once more, the backup working units and energy units starting up. In that instant, the several dozen square kilometer mountain range all began to shake. Meanwhile, several minutes later, the several tens of thousands of tons of various raw materials were extracted, then transported to their designated industrial units. Several seconds to several minutes later, thousands of components would be processed, then they would be pieced together into all different modules, and finally assembled into special function mechanical bugs. Valhalla released a rain of light rays from time to time, these rays that contained energy landed on the mechanical bodies, activating their intelligence cores, as well as importing the missions they had to complete into these cores. Under the rain of light, countless mechanical bodies gradually produced radiance, currently quickly replenishing energy.

The halo of light around Valhalla flowed about, the envelope of radiance becoming erratic, the giant ship itself trembling slightly. The spatial furnace’s output already exceeded its limit, while the starship’s energy reserves decreased in a linear fashion until it reached its end. Under the support of a sea of materials and endless energy, a dark cloud of machinery was currently forming!

An hour later, the engine’s vibration sounds gathered into a world-shaking flood. Under the lead of a five hundred meter long floating mechanical giant, several million floating machines of various uses rose into the air, gathering into a dark cloud that was several dozen square kilometers in size, and then flew north!

Two hours later, the mechanical dark cloud already flew towards the frozen sea in the extreme north. Before it arrived, the creatures living in the frozen sea already sensed something, long scattering in panic. It was already autumn, icebergs floating everywhere on the frozen sea, thick ice sheets extending out from shore, reaching deep into the sea itself.

The dark cloud of machines stopped over the frozen sea, and then a moment later, several hundreds of thousands of streaks of energy radiance immediately shot down from above. What followed were ferocious explosions that stretched for several hundred square kilometers, the several meters thick ice sheet blasted apart, revealing the surging frozen sea. Without needing any orders, the countless mechanical bugs all rushed into the waves, immediately entering the deep sea. Some of them were like sharks, some of them flat and sharp like round disks, all of them suited to moving underwater, but their methods of movement ranged from propellers to anti-gravity force fields, all of their functions different. From above, one would see several hundred thousand white splashes, and then streak after streak of white lines would quickly spread in all directions, even more so heading into the deep sea. Wherever the white line went, the ocean surface that was originally relatively calm would immediately produce angry waves, a ring of great waves thus spreading into all directions from where the dark cloud entered the sea.

Wherever the waves passed, clouds of blood would slowly rise from the ocean floor one after another.

In the frozen sea depths, a group of six fishmen were currently patrolling, two ferocious mutated whale sharks behind them. While patrolling, the fishman in the lead who was clearly a size larger abruptly stopped, the dozen or so flesh feelers around its lips moving, sensing something. Suddenly, all of its fins expanded to their limit, a sign of the highest level of warning and fear!

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