Book 6 Chapter 28.7

Book 6 Chapter 28.7 - Time

When Madeline recovered her memories, he would then have his first true comrade, right?

Fitzdurk himself, to this day, couldn’t suppress the fear within his instincts and searched through his past memories. The truth that was hidden behind million and millions of years of darkness, even if it was still a long time before it would be uncovered, it was still heavy to the point of making one go crazy. During these endless years, he had waited with full concentration, only when he encountered Pandora did Fitzdurk find the the focal point to enter this world through, one that would allow him to reconstruct his body and be reborn in a method this world could tolerate. Not long after he revived, another apostle, Serendela, also descended into this world. However, what left Fitzdurk disappointed was that this Serendela was...

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