Book 6 Chapter 28.6

Book 6 Chapter 28.6 - Time


Dyke Avidar was felt extremely shocked towards the answer his intuition gave him. Back then, when he brought Madeline away, Su was still only a pretty young man. His talent and abilities could be said to be outstanding, but in the eyes of the Spreader of Darkness, it wasn’t enough to be astonishing. Comparatively, Madeline was instead closer to Lanaxis, her innate fierceness and decisiveness, that type of unyielding forcefulness was even more pure than Lanaxis’. Su back then, at least compared to Madeline, was inferior in every aspect, so how could it be him?

However, at his level, no thoughts emerged without reason. Dyke Avidar suddenly sensed a strange hint of annoyance, and as such, he walked out of his room, going for a stroll. As soon as he took a few steps, he heard a light sigh by his ears, and then Lanaxis’ voice sounded, asking for him.

A moment later, in the tallest palace of Dark Red Castle, Dyke Avidar stood at the edge of a mirror-like smooth stone platform, in front of him the void shrouded in darkness. In this palace, space was already distorted, the true space before this stone platform able to hold this entire island. Lanaxis’ face floated in the darkness, in the endless void, this over fifty meters long beautiful face wasn’t that large, but the Spreader of Darkness before her was small like a bug. Just like that incarnation, the face floating in the void was also something between a material and illusory form. However, unlike the incarnation, this face only had a deep coldness and indifference, while the incarnation showed sadness and joy. 

“Dyke Avidar, I felt that your heart is trembling.” This voice that was grand, but not resounding sounded within the palace.

The Spreader of Darkness bowed slightly, saying, “I am deeply sorry. It was just that when I saw that my old friend from the past left this world, I found it a bit difficult to control my mood. In this world, the number of people who can understand your distinguished self has decreased once more.”

After remaining silent for a moment, Lanaxis finally said, “No, you are wrong. I understand you all very well, understanding from the very start. Meanwhile, you all never understood me, including Bevulas. Without understanding the world we reside in further, there is no way the meaning behind everything I am currently doing can be understood.”

“I wholeheartedly agree.” Dyke Avidar said.

“Right now, I need you to do two things. The first is to restore your true strength as fast as possible, I feel like true danger is currently approaching. We need to complete our preparations for war before then. Second, find a way to locate Su. He might be able to help us resist the danger this time.”

When Dyke Avidar left the palace, the Spider Empress’ face didn’t disappear. She seemed to have sensed something, her brows frowning slightly, saying to herself, “True… danger? Who would it be?”

Outside Dark Red Castle, summer had already passed. The olden era early autumn was originally the best season, the climate suitable, almost time for harvest. However, under the cover of the clouds of radiation, early autumn was already extremely cold, some days even dropping below freezing point. This type of weather was something most people found difficult to adapt to, but now, those who survived all had astonishing adaptive strength towards the environment.

In the northern continent’s mountain range, many mountain peaks were permanently covered in snow, the snow line close to a thousand kilometers further south than that of the olden era. This was originally an extremely peaceful world, the snow forest not having that many creatures, bitter cold and food shortage the natural enemy of all life, mutated creatures no exception to this. However, at this very moment, the northern land’s stillness was shattered by the rumbling noises of machinery. Under the high clouds, Starship Valhalla was currently quietly floating there, thousands of cabin doors opened below, releasing countless snow-white beams of light down on the mountain peak below. Within these beams of light, countless pieces of machinery of every size and oddity continuously floated up and down, either landing on the mountain peak and continuously digging into it or transporting rock chunks of different sizes to the work stations scattered throughout the mountain. There were several dozen to over a thousand small-scale machine bodies that temporarily altered their use, gathering together to form a several dozen meters tall giant machine, who, with a single strike, could fish out several tens of cubic meters of mud and rock. This material was then devoured, most of the waste products removed from the back, while the several dozen types of crystals extracted from the mine were shot into the air, and then transported by the concentrated multi-function machinery to specialized refinery units.

Just like the machinery that floated in the air, the various work units’ styles were also different, the larger ones almost a square kilometer in size, the smaller ones only that of a fist. Moreover, the various units were entirely different in style, as if they were products of several hundred different civilizations. Right now, this mountain region seemed to have completely turned into a giant factory, the inside of the mountain even more so mostly hollowed out, the machinery that filled up more than half of the mountain working tirelessly.

At the center of the starship, Fitzdurk floated in the air. His consciousness had already been divided into tens of millions of parts, controlling all of the machinery. Right now, it could be said that the millions of pieces of machinery that were of all different types were a part of him. Dividing the consciousness to this extent, within the apostles, was something only Fitzdurk could do. Data that could make the most advanced ultra processing centers collapse gathered towards Fitzdurk, and it was all processed near instantly, every single machinery unit receiving their own orders, these machinery units collaboratively forming an incomparably complex kingdom of machines. With each passing second, hundreds of machinery units would fly out from the industrial stations, moving to their own positions. They had their own tasks as soon as they were created, and they were always waiting to carry out new orders, even if it was destruction and recycling. 

The number of machinery was still rising without limit, their materials coming from the various ore veins within the depths of the mountain range, the few elements that couldn’t be found on this planet made through artificial methods. Meanwhile, energy came from the spatial furnace, a small portion coming from the newly built miniature fusion unit. 

This was the start of a machine kingdom, yet all it took to make this was merely a month of time. Within Fitzdurk’s brain was a complete development map of this empire. Even though this was an inefficient and quite meaningless type of decision, it was quite suitable for this planet. In addition, right now, this was also Fitzdurk’s best choice, because on this celestial body, he didn’t have that many options. It was because among the apostles, his forte wasn’t in combat, his true stage was the vast and boundless sea of stars. In this world, without other apostles’ support and share of the burden, Fitzdurk could fight despite not excelling at it. Fortunately, he finally found a companion, the sword-bearing angel, Madeline. Even though she was still in the deepest state of sleep right now, and was wrapped within tough armor, the apostle’s powerful instincts were still determined to break through this body’s restrictions and recover its most ancient and distant memories.

Fitzdurk believed firmly without any doubt that this was the right way.

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