Book 6 Chapter 28.5

Book 6 Chapter 28.5 - Time

There was no envy, no fear, no admiration. Back then, Lanaxis looked at Dyke Avidar just like she looked at the most ordinary and commonplace man. Only many years later did Dyke Avidar understand that that this was because the Lanaxis back then already knew that she would surpass him, and then leave him far behind, to the point where the gap could never be made up for. That was why everything he had back then, in her eyes, wasn’t special, and as such, the eyes she looked at him with were naturally no different from those looking towards an ordinary person. It was just like how when a person looked at an ant, regardless of whether they were a bit larger or a bit smaller, or even if they had a bit of decorative design on them, what difference did it make?

That was why Dyke Avidar chose to serve as an ordinary person at her side. Like this, at the very least, he could stay within her line of sight, and not forever disappear from her side.

Later on, Bevulas also displayed his great intelligence that may appear to be stupidity, also gradually displaying talent not inferior to any human’s, perhaps the only exception to this in the entire world, was Lanaxis. Bevulas was someone who would gradually win the respect of the people, and his rise up from later on was a bit similar to Lanaxis, to the extent where both of them obtained complete bodies, and similarly proved that they had the ability to merge with complete bodies. From this perspective, they were geniuses of the same status. Meanwhile, Dyke Avidar, Westwood, and even the Dragon of Darkness Morgan, were washed out in this unusual competition.

The grand state of affairs was set after Blood Dusk, all of the true giants knowing that regardless of how the situation developed, in the end, the Blood Parliament would become a wrestle of strength between the Spider Empress and Bevulas. Only on the day Bevulas truly grasped the complete body, would he truly have the chance to be together with Lanaxis. After this, Gusglav[1] left the Blood Parliament under a stormy night. No matter what his true reasoning for leaving was, one of the reasons was definitely to find a third complete body.

Only, this evening, at this very moment, Lanaxis brought Dyke Avidar back several decades with a single sentence, and then dragged him back to reality. That peacefully sleeping Bevulas still made great emotions stir within her.

Lanaxis’ incarnation already stood up, recovering her calm and indifferent demeanor, now walking towards Dark Red Castle. That notebook was returned to Bevulas’ side, only the purple blood that was separated remaining in the palm of her hand.

“Help him… properly sort things out.”

“Understood.” Dyke Avidar replied respectfully, just like how he did for the past few decades.

Only when Lanaxis entered the castle, did he arrive at Bevulas’ side. He first picked up the notebook, carefully putting it away, and then gave Bevulas’ body a look, suddenly feeling a wave of sadness. Returning to the natural, this was extremely easy to say, but if one really was going to do this, then it would require exceptional courage, at the very least, Dyke Avidar couldn’t do it. Beneath his appearance that was thirty to forty years of age, was a body full of health and strength, one that wasn’t inferior to any youngster, there was no way he would be willing to become like Bevulas. There were previously many people who doubted Bevulas’ unwillingness to maintain his youthfulness, and even though Dyke Avidar knew that Bevulas wasn’t someone who would do useless things, at that time, he didn’t understand his intentions either.

However, when he lifted his ice-cold and peaceful corpse, Dyke Avidar finally understood the reasoning.

This was a vow made from his own beliefs, as well as a warning to himself. Bevulas feared that when the time to make his choice truly came, he would lack the courage to follow through with it.

Carrying Bevulas’ corpse, Dyke Avidar walked towards the great sea step by step, and then with a swing of his arms, he watched as Bevulas’ body flew into the distance, and then ultimately become devoured by the great sea. Then, he also walked towards Dark Red Castle, the darkness seemingly possessing life, slowly closing the entrance into the castle behind him.

When he returned to his own area of residence, Dyke Avidar turned on the light, sat for a bit on his chair, and only then did he bring out Bevulas’ notebook. The place he lived in was just a small room, the stone material walls even lacking essential decorations, the style of this room simple to the extreme. Aside from the needed clothes, it seemed like he didn’t have anything he could call his own. Even the wooden bed was hard and clean, without even a single bed sheet.

The room was extremely dusky, the invisible pressure so great it was hard to even breathe. In the end, he finally opened up Bevulas’ notebook, perfectly turning to the only page written on, carefully reading through the contents. Since Lanaxis left this notebook behind, then it was for him to read. The time it took for him to read through these words was several times that of Lanaxis. When he raised his head again, he couldn’t help but release a long sigh.

Because he never had a complete body, Dyke Avidar couldn’t understand the true meaning behind these few lines. However, after following Lanaxis for all these years, personally seeing how she behaved, he could more or less sense what Bevulas wished to say. However, this only made him feel even more sad, because in the end, Bevulas still reached the same situation as he did back then, only able to watch as Lanaxis gradually got further and further away.

While sitting alone under the dusky lightning, the Spreader of Darkness couldn’t help but wonder if there was anyone in this world who could truly keep up with her footsteps, melt the icy-coldness within the depths of her eyes. In a daze, a figure unexpectedly jumped into his mind, leaving him shocked.

It was Su.

1. One of the founders of the Holy Crusaders

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