Book 6 Chapter 28.3

Book 6 Chapter 28.3 - Time

Blood continuously poured out from the area Lanaxis pierced through, surging along an invisible pipe, ultimately scattering down on the great earth. Several wisps of almost transparent blood plasma was separated from the blood, drawn to Lanaxis’ fingertip. She concentrated her attention on the near transparent droplet, and only then did she pass it over to Dyke Avidar. Dyke Avidar accepted the droplet, and then with a slight examination, understood what it was. His expression immediately changed slightly. “Custom-made activated genetic collapse drug?”

The Spider Empress nodded and said, “Bevulas didn’t fall under the hands of an enemy, but rather died from his own activated genetic collapse. He had long created this activated genetic collapse drug with his own blood, when he turned into the complete body, he also injected this drug. Like this… regardless of whether he won or lost, he would die, the complete body not having a chance to grow a step further. He had previously said that he would only have one chance to fight with the complete body in his life, only, not even I thought that he would actually honor his commitment in this type of way.”

“Why isn’t he willing to choose your distinguished self’s method?” Dyke Avidar asked. This was also what he was puzzled over.

“It is because he does not possess abilities that are on part with mine. This is something he understands extremely clearly, and something I also understand clearly. He knows that he won’t be able to do it himself, and aside from me, he doesn’t believe that there is anyone else in this world who can control the perfect body, that is why he appeared here, handing the complete body into my hands.” Lanaxis said, her voice already returning to its usual calm and indifferent tone, just like she was talking about something that was completely unrelated to herself. Only, Dyke Avidar knew that this, was only one of Bevulas’ final wishes, perhaps one that wasn’t even that important.

Blood continued to pour out from the giant’s neck like a fountain. This blood all released a faint radiance, making Lanaxis’ face fluctuate between bright and dark. In front of her face, a face that had been hidden within the depths of her memories for a long time suddenly appeared. This was a face that still carried some childishness, and even though a small half of it was wrapped within cloth strips, the part that was revealed was enough to display his alarming beauty. He had a pair of green eyes, both of them clear and translucent, but the left eye was intelligent and quick-witted, while the right seemed a bit mechanical and lacking in life force, clearly losing the function of sight. However, in that instant, she seemed to have felt that something seemed to be hidden within the depths of that right eye that lost functionality. This type of feeling only existed for a moment, yet now that she thought back to it, she didn’t know why this memory was so clear.

“Perhaps, he can as well.” Lanaxis thought.

Blood continuously poured out. The giant’s body was currently shrinking proportionately, the blades, claws, and four limbs all correspondingly shrunk, those organs that didn’t belong to a human gradually disappearing. The outline of a human body began to display itself. Meanwhile, the blood that spurted into the night sky endlessly was quickly evaporating, but the wisps of dark purple blood within displayed a vitality and activity exceeding common sense. They seemed to be like fish as they swam through the blood, searching for their next target. However, as soon as they appeared, there would immediately be a precise and formless force field that wrapped around them, separating this purple blood from the ordinary blood, gathering them all together to Lanaxis. The purple blood seemed to have its own intelligence, as soon as they were tangled about by the force field, they immediately struggled frantically, wishing to escape, moreover erupting with extremely powerful energy explosions from within. However, the force fields that wrapped around them were even stronger, and after they were extracted from the normal blood, the purple blood lost its supply of energy, thus gradually calming down.

A moment later, a small lump of dark purple liquid was already swirling about Lanaxis’ fingertips. In its surroundings was an inconceivably powerful force field that suppressed all resistance and struggles. Meanwhile, for the sake of suppressing the purple blood, Lanaxis didn’t look that relaxed. She gently bit down on her lower lip, her complexion even appearing a bit pale. When the purple blood finally calmed down, condensing into a purple gem, only then did she release a light sigh. At this time, her eyes were cast once more over Bevulas who was quietly laying on the ground. He had already aged, what laid on the ground was the body of an ordinary old man, his skin somewhat sagging, yet looked extremely real and natural. Only Lanaxis and a few others knew that returning the human race to their true and natural form had always been Bevulas’ conviction.

However, at his side fell a leather covered notebook, the edges of the cover already worn, displaying how old it was. Lanaxis picked up this notebook, then opened it, just happening to turn to the only page with something written. On that page, with flowing cursive, it was written:

I touched the gate of the divine, but had no plan to open it. It leads to power and immortality, a neverending sublimation.

However, I am infatuated with my mortality, and thus continue to wear my shackles.

When the flesh loses its shackles, there is no path forward, only able to head left, or turn right.

The left leads to hell, the right, also leads to hell.

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