Book 6 Chapter 28.2

Book 6 Chapter 28.2 - Time

“...Bevulas?!” Only after confirming this several times inwardly, did Dyke Avidar shout out this name. This was a name that was almost cursed, and only after it left his mouth did Dyke Avidar recover his normal clear-headedness. He suddenly recalled something, suddenly standing up! In his surroundings, it was as if the darkness had its own life, silently spreading, surrounding a larger and larger area. In this darkness, there was definitely not a bit of light, which was why wherever the darkness surrounded, all things would be covered, only the giant’s body still clearly visible.

“Westwood, just come out! We are but old friends already!” A deep voice sounded in the darkness, the tone however without any bit of goodwill. Only, after calling out, there was no activity at all from the surroundings, leaving Dyke Avidar greatly surprised. Since Bevulas’ corpse already appeared here, and it was the perfect form that had never appeared in this world, then Westwood who was the number one powerful individual under him ought to be nearby, possibly currently hiding in a spatial fault, preparing to release a fatal strike.

Even though his strength was slightly inferior to Westwood’s, Dyke Avidar’s darkness just happened to have restraining effects on Void Stealth. With Dark Red Castle being here as well, the Spider Empress who was far above all was right inside, so Dyke Avidar didn’t fear a battle at all. However, after he waied for an entire minute, yet didn’t receive any response, he couldn’t help but feel a bit of doubt; with Westwood’s nature, there was definitely no way he would do something shady like attacking without announcing his presence. However, could it be that he really didn’t come? Then how did Bevulas’ complete body appear here?

Dyke Avidar slowly leaned over, fixing his eyes on the giant’s face that looked like he was sleeping. Even though he already couldn’t feel any aura of life from the giant’s body, he was still extremely careful, definitely wouldn’t do anything excessive or do anything that was risky or disrespect this person. Among elders of the same generation, the Spreader of Darkness’ name was incredibly loud and clear, synonymous with death. However, it was previously because he had experienced the era before Blood Dusk, that Dyke Avidar understood even more clearly how unordinary Bevulas was. Meanwhile, even though he had never seen it before, he could tell with a single glance that the Bevulas before him was a ‘complete body’.

Complete body… the reason why Bevulas was able to accompany the Spider Empress in the past, sit in the throne of the Blood Parliament’s chairman position, was not only because of his wisdom, his dream, but also because he had the ‘complete body’, even though he had never used it before.

Now, when facing this complete body, even the Spreader of Darkness with eleven levels of ability felt deep wariness.

Right when he prepared to examine Bevulas’ life reaction once more, a sweet-sounding voice could be heard from the distance. “There is no need to be careful, he is already dead.”

Dyke Avidar strengthened his body, asking, “Your distinguished self is talking about Bevulas?”

“Precisely him.”

Following this sound, a woman dressed in an old-fashioned palace hall dress slowly walked out from the void. It had already been a long time since her face that completely demonstrated the meaning of classical beauty had appeared in this world. However, this wasn’t what was most important; as long as they saw the black and red interweaving fingernails at the end of her long and slender ten fingers, even the lowest level dragonrider private would be able to immediately recognize her identity. This was the Spider Empress who was above all powerful individuals, Angelina Von Lanaxis.

There was no mistake, because this was the unique symbol of the Spider Empress, no one daring to duplicate or try to imitate her. It was to the extent where there was even a corresponding clause added to the Blood Parliament’s legal code. This was what was different from the age of turmoil, the strong could leave their own mark in any way they wished.

However, the Lanaxis who walked out from the darkness wasn’t a tangible body, at the very least, it wasn’t a complete material body. She was a bit indistinct, making it difficult for one to see her true appearance too clearly. Meanwhile, as she walked forward, a giant shadow rose from behind her, silently shrouding the entire island.

Lanaxis walked over to Bevulas’ body, and then leaned over to look at his serene sleeping face. However, instead of saying that she was looking at it, it was more like as if a giant existence that couldn't be seen also opened its eyes, casting its line of sight down on Bevulas’ body.

After a long, long time passed, only then did Lanaxis release a light sigh. “He really is dead.” This sentence seemed to be spoken for Dyke Avidar to hear, but also as if spoken for herself.

Dyke Avidar who understood many events of the past was first shocked, and then he couldn’t help but ask, “Could it be that he wishes to bring the perfect body over to gift to your distinguished self?”

“It isn’t gifting, but rather handing it over to me, handing it into my hands. As for how I use it, it will completely depend on me. He has always lived according to his own ideal, which is why he believes that he already completed his own tasks, now handing the choice of fate completely to me.” The Spider Empress’ voice was drawn-out and sweet-sounding, but it carried a bleakness of passed time. After pausing for a moment, she released a sigh, and then said, “Even though… this isn’t actually the result he wanted. I believe his original intention was to fight a battle against me to the death in his complete body state.”

She slowly knelt down, and then reached out her right hand, piercing the long black and red forefinger fingernail into Bevulas’ neck. The instant it pierced in, Bevulas unexpectedly released a light groan, brows contracting slightly, revealing a look of pain. Dyke Avidar was immediately greatly alarmed, darkness immediately frantically surging, but he didn’t see Bevulas make any more movements.

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