Book 6 Chapter 28.10

Book 6 Chapter 28.10 - Time

Several days later, at the central control island, the large and tall Serendela stood before the now semi-transparent cabin walls, quietly watching the clouds of radiation that looked like they were about to touch the ship’s body. Her naked body was a bit expanded, her height now exceeding five meters. This was a female body full of beauty. What was rather eye-catching were the two rows of scales on her lower back that looked like cabin doors, as well as an ugly scar on her abdomen. At this moment, several light bands of data lit up within the control room, constructing Fitzdurk’s hologram in the air.

“Serendela, my dear comrade, welcome back!” Fitzdurk floated above, opening his arms to embrace Serendela. His true body could hug her thigh at most, but he was currently using a holographic...

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