Book 6 Chapter 28.1

Book 6 Chapter 28.1 - Time

It wasn’t actually nighttime yet, just that the clouds today were especially heavy, thus making it as dark as if it was night. The winds were also quite restless, the ocean waves even more so surging. Waves were produced from the sea one after the other, rushing towards the towering cliff, eventually turning into shockingly great waves that smashed against the rocky shore, the dark black waters sometimes even passing over the more than ten meters tall precipice!

The pier had long been submerged under the ocean tide, most of the small winding path to the island also gone. The few lamps that hadn’t been submerged under the water still worked hard to release dusky light, but it couldn’t bring this daytime that was just as dark as night the slightest bit of life force, instead adding a bit of frightening bleakness. Three-fourths of the large island were already submerged under water, the small area of high topography that wasn’t submerged by the ocean still occasionally being struck by waves of turbid water. In a rock depression that was able to slightly avoid the waves, two ugly faced giants with large physiques were currently huddling, the vicious appearances they normally gave off nowhere to be seen, only fear and cowering in their eyes. They were strong and fierce by nature, and they always sailed the boat between island and the continent. As ferrymen, they were extremely familiar with the sea, to the point where they were like the water species born in the sea. However, today, and also only today, before the sea and world revealed their wrath, they also felt fear and alarm, only able to instinctively find a place to hide. Their powerful bodies and terrifying strength, before this sky and earth, were unbearably weak.

However, no matter how tall the ferocious giant waves were, they still couldn’t threaten the castle towering at the very center in the slightest. The castle that was dark red at the base with black stripes released a faint blood radiance, this color especially eye-grabbing in darkness. The penetrative force of the blood radiance already exceeded the common sense of this world, visible even from several hundred kilometers away.

Only, in the past few decades, Dark Red Castle had never displayed this blood radiance. The reason it was like this today was actually not as a demonstration, but rather serving as a lighthouse in the darkness, guiding someone over, pointing out the way for him.

Rough creak creak sounds could be heard. Dark Red Castle’s main entrance slowly opened, the Spreader of Darkness Dyke Avidar walked out from the crack that was opened. The wind and rain that filled the sky, for him, were no different from the warm first glimmer of dawn. He lazily stretched out his body, to the extent where he even released a yawn, and only then did he narrow his eyes to examine his surroundings. Just like Dark Red Castle, there was a layer of invisible force field around him as well, repelling all of the wind and rain. No matter how powerful the world was, if the Spreader of Darkness’ clothes got wet, then that would really be a joke.

However, when he scanned his eyes over everything before him, the lazy expression on his face immediately froze, slowly turning into astonishment and austereness. Only after several minutes, did the Spreader of Darkness run out. Meanwhile, in these few minutes, the wind and rain already completely drenched his clothes, leaving the Spreader of Darkness whose military glory was previously only circulated between the truly strong in a sorry state. However, Dyke Avidar seemed totally unaware, to the extent where he had completely forgotten about the different secret techniques, instead staggering about as he sprinted through the wind and rain, even falling heavily twice, bruises added to his face.

This was something that completely ruined his dignity, but Dyke Avidar didn’t seem to feel so at all, instead continuously running in the rain, falling, crawling back up, and then falling, and then crawling back up again. In these several hundred meters of distance, it was unknown just how many times he fell, but he finally arrived before a giant that fell to the ground. He reached out a trembling hand, turning over the giant that was buried in the water, and then, as if he was struck by thunder, suddenly became dumbfounded. The giant’s face was extremely familiar, a face that all truly important individuals in the Blood Parliament recognized. This was Bevulas, Bevulas who was enlarged ten times, someone who many people loathed, but even more people thought fondly of.

This face had long lost all vitality, but there was still a calm and ordinary smile hanging from his face, as if he was a next door elder who couldn’t be any more ordinary, nothing standing out. Perhaps the only thing that left others with a deep impression was that smile that understood this world. Even though it was frozen, it was still vivid and lifelike, as if it was everlasting.

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