Book 6 Chapter 27.8

Book 6 Chapter 27.8 - Seat of Emotions

From the perspective of an observer, Su only stood quietly for a few seconds. Then, he lowered his body, gently placing that ability user’s corpse on the ground, withdrawing his hand from his chest. This male’s expression before death was still frozen on his face, which was a decisiveness that didn’t fear death. When looking at this opponent deserving of respect, Su found it a bit difficult to smile.

Right at this time, an energy storm suddenly appeared in Su’s perception. He immediately straightened his body, his right arm moving horizontally, lightly supporting a fist that emerged after breaking through a wall. Even though the attack was sudden, under the Panoramic View, there was simply no chance of Su being ambushed. However, the power that was transmitted from that arm was exceptionally great, completely exceeding Su’s expectations, to the extent where his arm bones whose rigidity was comparable to superalloys even began to release sharp and clear shattering sounds! In that instant, at least several hundred of the gear-like bone fragments were smashed to pieces, Su’s arm also twisting at a strange angle, then smashed heavily into his own chest!

Su flew out backwards, directly smashing through two walls before finally stopping. Meanwhile, concentrated fine cracking sounds could be heard from his chest, a great depression of more than ten centimeters appearing on his chest! The bones protecting his chest that were even stronger than alloy heavy armor were actually completely blasted through before this single strike! In that instant, Su calculated the strength of that fist, that was an impact with a force of several hundred tons, already eleven levels of power!

Su was shocked, not expecting there to be another opponent outside of Westwood at the level of the ‘power of gods’. However, the enemy’s aura didn’t seem to reach this powerful of a level. Soon afterwards, the dust scattered, and Su also saw his opponent. This was a woman, one who was even a bit taller than him, her appearance even a bit sinister, the silver skintight clothes almost no different from being completely naked. These clothes didn’t serve any defensive purpose, the main function seemingly just to decrease air friction, thus increasing the speed of all actions. This type of benefit was clearly small to the point of being overlooked by most people, but people who were willing to exploit even this bit of advantage were definitely opponents that were terrifying and difficult to deal with. The woman looked young, but Su read from her eyes a feeling of great changes and coldness. This was a coldness and detachedness only a veteran of a hundred battles, someone who crawled out from piles of corpses again and again could have. Moreover, Su felt a strong aura of death from her body. Wherever she stood, that place would feel like a mountain of corpses, a sea of blood.

When she saw Su with her own eyes, the hint of disdain in the woman’s eyes already disappeared. “I’m Lei. Remember me, if you live, or forget me, if you die.”

Su shook his somewhat dizzy head, and then said, “Speaking so much shouldn’t be a custom of people like you.”

Lei seemed to release a sigh. “After Blood Dusk, the number of those who could take a full force strike from me is already few in number, which is why you obtained my acknowledgement and respect. However, after today, only one of us will leave alive.”

“The one who will live is definitely me.” Su slowly stood up. A frightening radiance flashed past the depths of his green pupils. He then said in an unhurried manner, “That fist was quite heavy, but the price you paid was similarly great. Also, you’ve aged!”

A hint of shock flashed past Lei’s eyes as she watched Su’s chest gradually recover, and then that distorted arm began to straighten itself out as well. A determined expression appeared on her face as she shouted, “Whether or not I’ve aged, you will only know after you’ve defeated me!”

Su didn’t say any more. He stepped out, and then a conical rippling immediately appeared in the void. His body broke through the sound barrier, charging straight at Lei! When there was still a few meters between the two, Lei’s inch length hair was completely blown back by the crazy wind. Her eyes were instead greatly widened, not withdrawing or moving forward. The instant she collided with Su, her body suddenly turned around with inconceivable speed. She grabbed Su’s body, and then with a pull and swing, he spun a half circle around her, and then his body smashed fiercely into the floor, to the extent where it even entered the basement, the tremendous force burying the lower half of his body into the sturdy building foundation!

Su laid there for an entire half second, and only then did he recover control over his body, staggering as he stood up. Most of the force of impact originated from himself, which was why he suffered such a great blow. Su used the full power after Extreme Assault, the power no different from the power of Lei’s fist. The inside of Su’s body was in chaos, the teeth shaped bone plates breaking apart in large amounts, several areas of his body distorting until they looked inhuman. However, as Su stood up, the self-examination and correction process within his body already started, the various hidden injuries also recovered or temporarily sealed, the floating bone pieces also being transferred one after another based on priority. Su crawled out from the deep hole he was smashed into, took two steps, and then suddenly released a muffled groan. Two streaks of blood flowed out from his nose, and then hundreds of wisps of blood even more so flowed out from between the cracks of his biological armor! The sensation of pain he retained was just that powerful, enough to form a small scale storm in his thought centers, two thought centers directly being burned down as a result.

However, after he released a heavy groan, his swaying body still stood still. Then, his body sprung outwards, jumping back to the first floor to face Lei. Su only stopped for a moment, and then he erupted with power, this time a leg that exerted force. The moment he raised his leg, a hair-raising whistling sound tore through the air; if this power landed on on Lei’s body, the biological armor material sharp edge at the tip of Su’s toes might even directly cleave her in half!

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