Book 6 Chapter 27.7

Book 6 Chapter 27.7 - Seat of Emotions

Su began to move, his figure drifting about in the mist-like energy field like a ghost. Countless energy strips passed by his body, these strips recorded and then analyzed. Under the countless thought centers’ inconceivably great calculation ability, Waterfront Castle’s home field’s patterns were deciphered bit by bit. With each strip that was analyzed, it would mean that Su understood this home field a bit further. While continuously bombarding the castle’s main building, Su was actually probing and trying to break Waterfront Castle’s domain. When Su decided to attack the main building, the screening effects the home field had on his perception had already weakened considerably. The more patterns that were deciphered, the more powerful Su’s control over this piece of the home field would become, to the extent where in the end, he might even forcefully seize control over it from Bevulas’ hands. However, Waterfront Castle home field’s main regulations were close to ten thousand strips, if he wanted to break them one by one, he needed at least a few days of time. However, what Su needed right now, was only to weaken the advantage of his opponent’s domain.

When he entered the main building, the Panoramic View’s range was once again compressed to less than ten meters, but for Su, this was already enough. He pushed open the door to a storehouse, what he immediately faced was a glareless dagger. Even though the soldier hidden behind the door was extremely surprised at Su’s appearance, this didn’t stop him from immediately reacting. The dagger seemed like it was going to move across Su’s throat, but then it jumped up. During this instant of changing directions, Su’s right hand already pressed against his chest, directly breaking through his chest, crushing his heart.

The dagger cut open a several centimeters long shallow cut on Su’s face. Compared to the injuries on his body, this bit of injury was almost negligible. Those wounds were all inflicted by Westwood, while the soldier who cut Su with the dagger only had eight levels of ability. However, this soldier, regardless of whether it was his reaction speed or instantaneous decision-making’s accuracy, they were both rarely seen. Moreover, he also even more so understood that there was no way he could even escape by a fluke, and thus no longer tried to save himself, only wishing to add an injury to Su’s body. High level ability users weren’t that hard to find, but high level ability users who were willing to fearlessly face death were definitely few in number.

Pain flooded his consciousness from all different parts of his body like water, making Su feel a strong feeling of existence amidst his body’s light trembling. Only the most real pain could awaken his human memories, prevent him from becoming an ice-cold and indifferent killer and observer.

His instincts already reminded him several times that he should weaken or adjust his sense of pain, because while humans needed pain to avoid danger, Su didn’t. When fighting to this stage, even though Su’s battle accomplishment of seriously injuring Westwood was already enough to leave everyone stupefied, Su’s own battle strength was similarly substantially weakened. Su wouldn’t feel satisfaction towards this degree of battle results, what he needed was to kill Bevulas, and destroy Waterfront Castle, end the war, end the source of all of his, Madeline’s, and Persephone’s suffering.

For the sake of reaching this objective, Su decisively split off half of his thought centers that were currently deciphering the home field’s patterns at full strength, using the processing power to search for any way to settle this battle, through means human or inhuman. This was a risk, a test that was seemingly simple, yet might very well open up pandora’s box. When Su started this attempt, at least right now, heaven and earth seemed to suddenly open up, two feasible plans appearing.

The first plan was an Energy Hunter. Two-thirds of his body’s energy reserves would be converted into four energy crystals, producing the initial stage Energy Hunter. Energy Hunter would produce several dozen to even several thousand varied flesh tentacles from behind his brain to his entire head, each one of these tentacles an energy control device, the more tentacles there were, the more energy force field patterns he could control at the same time. A high level form Energy Hunter could even have several hundred thousand tentacles! As long as there was enough energy, even a home field like Waterfront Castle could be instantly woven, deciphering was even more so an easy task. Meanwhile, if it was just seizing control, just the initial stage Energy Hunter was already enough. If Waterfront Castle’s domain was shifted over to Su’s control, then defeating Westwood wouldn’t be a problem.

Meanwhile, the second plan was a predator form, the modification to Su’s physiology both externally and internally, far greater than that of an Energy Hunter. Su’s bone structure would be changed, his figure correspondingly shrunk. Meanwhile, his arms would extend to three meters long, his bone structure being primarily teeth and gear forms, his five fingers would all become sharp bone blades, these blades could be fired and detonated. Meanwhile, Su’s legs would become the more explosive reverse joint form, and the direction of his joints could be adjusted at any time. This was the initial form of a predator, the higher level form also included an additional pair of propulsion feet and a pair of additional close combat blades, as well as a thruster organ, anti-gravity floating organ, and six Spatial Vibration and Confinement crystals.

Energy Hunters could easily completely destroy Waterfront Castle’s home field, and it could devour and store up to ten times the amount of energy. Meanwhile, the predator form would increase Su’s present combat strength by at least 50%, especially the Spatial Vibration and Confinement abilities, these even more so the bane of Westwood’s Void Stealth ability. Unlike biological weapons like the Herkula, Energy Hunters and predators were all ruler forms above biological weapons. Even though these two were only the initial forms, rulers were rulers. For biological weapons, rulers were simply like gods.

However, while choosing a type, Su still hesitated due to an indescribable unknown fear. He was determined to complete the final battle in a human state. Su understood well that even though his injuries were serious, there was almost no one who could match his endurance and recovering abilities. As long as the battle situation became a war of attrition, then the final victor would always be him.

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