Book 6 Chapter 27.6

Book 6 Chapter 27.6 - Seat of Emotions

Su’s arm was already completely covered in dark bone biological armor. When the male bit down, it was as if he was biting down on a piece of superalloy armor, most of his teeth falling out, yet he couldn’t even leave behind even the slightest trace on it. Without Su taking action, he himself already used this type of most intense method to counterattack. The male’s ferocity and decisiveness left Su a bit surprised, and as such, he put away his smile, becoming incredibly cold. Even though this ability user didn’t even have the ability to retaliate before Su, he still obtained Su’s respect. From his body, Su also smelled a determination that was far from ordinary.

The space behind Su was suddenly dyed in a dark black color. A black line silently reached out, only when it touched his back did Su react. He instantly rushed forward, but was unable to fully evade the black thread’s attack. The extremely sturdy biological armor was actually silently torn through, and then a deep cut that was more than twenty centimeters long was left on his back. Su released a groan. He turned his hand around, stabbing it outwards, five knife-like fingers becoming indistinct, seemingly penetrating a type of transparent matter that floated indefinitely in the void. When he withdrew his hand, there was already blood on all five of his fingers.

In the depths of the castle, Westwood’s muffled groan vaguely sounded. 

The darkness suddenly became heavy, several dozen black streaks simultaneously reached out from the void, brandishing about, hacking at different parts of Su’s body. They warped and weaved about, practically forming an inescapable net. The black strands didn’t have tangible forms at all, yet their cutting strength was extraordinarily great, not even Su’s biological armor able to resist them. It was to the extent where one black strand hacked into his body’s chest cavity, and only through the high temperature flames could he melt it. Meanwhile, Su continuously thrusted his hands into the void, a splash of blood drawn each time he withdrew his hand!

The intense battle only continued for less than a second, and then all of the black wisps disappeared. Meanwhile, Su’s body also staggered about, almost falling over, now leaning against a wall!

Within a range of several meters, blood already dyed everything red, some of it from Westwood, some of it from himself. The biological armor had already been diced up into several hundred pieces, if the black strands were able to cut another ten centimeters deeper, then Su would have long turned into a pile of flesh chunks. The black strands were made purely from energy lines, their invasion and cutting force astonishingly high, moreover carrying a type of spatial concealment attribute. When the blood released from Su’s body made contact with the energy line, they all lost their activity, even the intruder cells completely wiped out. Meanwhile, those injuries on his body, even though they began to close and heal, their rate of recovery was more than ten times slower than the norm. Westwood wasn’t much better off, Su’s two hands not only tore off blood and flesh, there was quite a bit of bone fragments as well. Comparatively speaking, Su’s injuries were much more serious. Even though each time, he always successfully attacked Westwood, he was unable to drag him out from the spatial fault like the first time they met. In reality, Westwood rarely remained completely in the spatial fault, most of the time between two space’s regions, ready to swap at any moment. Through the jumping between two different spatial regions, Westwood drew out cracks of space in the void one after another, this power the true feature of the black energy threads.

Regardless of which angle one looked at it from, Void Stealth could be considered a divine skill. Freely moving through parallel space already far exceeded the olden era humans’ understandings towards the universe, space, and time. Before Westwood, the human race’s sea of tactics completely lost effectiveness, even if several dozen to over a hundred high level ability users surrounded him, he could still butcher them all with ease, having the confidence to wipe them out. All he needed was time.

Only, this type of battle damage wasn’t able to bring Westwood satisfaction, instead leaving him extremely shocked. He roared out, “How are you able to attack me?!”

Su laughed with difficulty, and then said, “Westwood, do you truly believe that this place is only your home field?”

“What do you mean?” Westwood’s voice came from all directions, not even Su able to distinguish where it came from. He only knew that his opponent was already no longer in his surroundings.

Su didn’t reply. He only reached out his hand, and then the energy circulating at his fingertips entered the home field’s energy, as if it was making a pool of water turbid. In everyone’s perception, including Westwood’s, it was as if layers of mist appeared in the castle, making Su’s figure faintly discernible, no longer appearing clearly. As more and more energy flowed from Su’s hand into the home field, the haze in the castle thus became increasingly dense, even Westwood’s perception eventually only able to extend out ten meters. Right now, at least in terms of perception, both sides were back on the same playing field.

The sudden change left Westwood greatly shocked, even Bevulas who stood in the completely ruined office revealing a face of shock. If it wasn’t because most of the functions were still within his control, Bevulas would have even thought that the domain had already been controlled by Su.

“How could this be?! This is but Waterfront Castle’s inextinguishable domain!” Westwood was clearly in disbelief.

“Inextinguishable domain?” Su’s voice sounded from the domain, carrying great mockery.

Westwood was immediately left speechless. Just now, Su seized control over some of the home field in front of everyone’s faces. Even though it was just a small portion, the so-called ‘inextinguishable domain’ clearly already ended here.

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