Book 6 Chapter 27.5

Book 6 Chapter 27.5 - Seat of Emotions

Su stopped his attacks, turning and walking with large steps towards the main building. Twenty meters of distance, for him, could be crossed with just a single step. However, Su didn’t seem to be in a hurry, displaying great strength and discipline as he walked towards the main entrance. An overcast and somewhat sticky voice sounded. “Are you finally tired of playing games?”

This was Westwood’s voice, each syllable seemingly flowing with viscous blood. When he heard the sneer, Su only released a light chuckle, saying indifferently, “Even a coward hiding in his nest dares to say these types of words?”

Westwood immediately became silent, no longer replying, but the atmosphere immediately became much heavier. Bevulas still didn’t let him leave the home field’s range, and the results of his last battle against Su made it so that Westwood couldn’t retort. Su who also had eleven levels of ability was, in theory a powerful individual on the same level as Westwood, but the combat prowess of the Perception Domain and Mental Domain couldn’t even be mentioned on equal terms, which was why Westwood found the last battle extremely difficult to accept. Now, Su publicly challenged the ancient castle, and he even tore down the ancient castle’s main entrance! Meanwhile, even though Su used names in his challenge, he didn’t mention Westwood’s name, this glorious eleventh level powerful individual who had the strength to threaten an entire great family in the Blood Parliament seemingly completely transparent before Su’s eyes. His silence didn’t represent cowardice, but rather extreme anger. Westwood seemed to have completely merged with the darkness, his existence unable to be detected anymore. When he reappeared, it would be time for him to vent his fury.

Waterfront Castle’s home field was endless. One of its most important features, was that it could inhibit the enemy’s perception, from this producing a unidirectional transparent battlefield. Against Su, this just happened to suppress his strongest point.

Su carried a faint smile, now already standing before the main building’s front door. Two large doors with copper floral designs rested there, their appearances simple and dignified, the surface wiped spotless. Just now, Su had sent at least a dozen boulders flying into this main entrance, but there wasn’t a single marking left behind on it, only the rubble everywhere proving everything that had just happened. Su grabbed the handle of the main entrance, the copper grip already polished until it was shining, every streak of luster representing the passage of time. The doors weren’t locked, with a light pull, they quietly slid open, the subtleness displaying the exquisite workmanship and meticulous maintenance.

After entering through the main entrance, what he first saw was a tall and far-reaching main hall. There were several chairs and teacups scattered about, hanging from the wall before them was the giant black and red dual-colored insignia of the parliament. At the center of the insignia was a vivid and lifelike spider diagram, fully illustrating the empress’ unmatched status in the Blood Parliament.

The few candle flames made up the bit of light there was in this place. A gloomy and sinister aura surrounded this place, preventing one from seeing things even just a bit further away. This wasn’t an illusion, but a true darkness. Under the pressure of the domain, all perception was suppressed; even if there was a giant spotlight here, it still wouldn’t make this place any brighter.

Su stood before the entrance to the hall. He inhaled, and then shouted once more with a voice that shook up the entire castle. “Bevulas! I am standing inside of your castle right now! Are you too scared to come out?!”

The voice resounded through the hall, the candle flames continuously swaying in the sound waves. However, after the giant dragon like roar rang through this place for a long time, it finally gradually disappeared into the deep castle’s darkness. 

There was no reply at all.

Su laughed. With a volume as if he was talking to someone face to face, he said, “Alright then, Bevulas, I’ll let you watch your men die one by one right in front of you.”

After speaking, Su walked into the hall step by step, following a wall towards a side door. He knew that regardless of whether the sound was great or small, Bevulas would definitely hear him. When he was about to reach the side door, Su suddenly stopped his footsteps, a mysterious smile appearing on his face. Without waiting for those people hidden in the darkness to react, his right hand suddenly reached out like lightning, completely entering the wall as if it was nothing! Su’s hand penetrated the half meter thick wall, already gripping the throat of a stout and strong male. This was an ability user with eight levels of power, the scars covering his body displaying his abundant combat experience, his large body guaranteeing great power. On the battlefield, he could definitely be considered a war god, but at this moment, his face was already full of horror. When he saw the arm that suddenly appeared before him, he momentarily forgot to even react. He only felt a slight stinging pain from his neck, and then it became a numbness, all feeling of his body severed. All of his power was there for nothing, only able to watch himself get slaughtered. However, he really was quiet and vicious, even though his body didn’t listen to his commands, he unexpectedly lowered his head to bite down on Su’s arm! This movement already exceeded the limit of what the human body composition should be able to achieve. With a crack sound, his neck bone already snapped, but he successfully bit down on Su’s arm.

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