Book 6 Chapter 27.4

Book 6 Chapter 27.4 - Seat of Emotions

Even though there was no sound that could be heard, nor was the slightest additional crack added to that incredibly tattered window, Lei still felt a wave of aggressiveness and killing intent pour over. She withdrew her frivolous expression, saying seriously, “He shouldn’t be able to sense that we are here, right?”

“He shouldn’t!” Bevulas said seriously, specially emphasizing the word shouldn’t. However, immediately afterwards, he added, “However, in this world, enough things that shouldn’t happen already have.”

Lei gave Bevulas a firm look, and then coldly said, “Bevulas! This is not a battle that can be settled by making jokes! We came on your beckoning, already prepared to give up our lives for you, you should understand this point clearly.”

Bevulas released a light chuckle, and then said, “Calm down a bit, Lei. If I didn’t prepare to face death myself, I wouldn’t have called you all either. Since we all have a chance of dying, then why not just calm down a bit? At the very least, if death truly arrived, we still spend our time in an easygoing manner.”

“You are always like this!” Lei shook her head, speaking a bit helplessly. She pointed at Su, and then said, “Open up the defensive force field, I need to personally examine him a bit, see if he really can bring us death. Don’t you feel like he is still a bit too young?”

Bevulas said with a smile, “You have never changed either, not willing to believe my words from beginning to end. I feel like this time, you might suffer a bit for it.” He made a simple waving motion, and then a crack was opened up in the home field protecting the entire castle.

Not even Lei could sense any energy fluctuations from Bevulas’ body. Her eyes were shining as she stared at Bevulas, saying, “I already can’t see through you, you… don’t tell me you used that?”

“Opening up a crack in the domain is an extremely dangerous matter, it is best if you do what you need to do quickly.” Bevulas urged.

Lei didn’t argue with him. Deep and cold radiance flickered through her eyes, her eyes landing on Su once again. This time, Su immediately sensed something, stopping all movements and looking over. The instant both parties’ eyes crossed, radiance erupted from Su’s eyes, as if two flames ignited, blazing within! In that instant, Su’s pupils expanded, unexpectedly producing a boundless and limitless cosmos in the innermost depths, moreover producing an extremely powerful suction force, seemingly about to drag Lei entirely into that space!

Lei suddenly released a mournful and miserable scream. A ring-shaped energy storm abruptly burst forth, engulfing the entire office! The ancient furniture, fine antique chinaware, and even the expensive precious books all exploded, destroyed in the energy storm, even the wall laid by giant rocks having ten centimeters eroded. Smoke and dust filled the office, all of the furniture instantly vanishing. The only thing that was unharmed was Bevulas, but even the teacup in his hands only had a handle left, the cup’s body long missing.

Lei’s eyes were tightly shut. She staggered a few steps back, almost falling on the ground. Two streaks of blood flowed along the corners of her lips, looking unspeakably horrifying. A hint of sullenness appeared between Bevulas brows. With a wave of his hand, the crack in the defensive force field was closed, severing Su’s perception.

“Lei, you are fine, right?” Bevulas asked.

“I’m perfectly fine! Was just a bit careless just now, not expecting him to actually understand how to start a spiritual battle. Next time, he wouldn’t have this chance.” Lei slowly opened her eyes, one able to see that her pupils were covered in fine wounds, droplets of blood continuously seeping out. She carefully reflected over what she felt during that instant of contact, and then said seriously and resolutely, “He is definitely not human! This type of feeling… this type of feeling… is extremely similar to the ultra life forms we killed during Blood Dusk… no, he is inherently much colder and more ruthless than the monsters from back then! Bevulas, why didn’t you kill him earlier?!”

Lei’s voice became more and more shrill, eventually, simply roaring while pointing at the tip of Bevulas’ nose, her face already somewhat distorted. It was clear that she was so agitated that she already couldn’t control herself.

Bevulas looked at Su, his expression complex. With a sigh, he said, “Only today did I finally confirm that he is an ultra life form. Before, it was only doubt. Sigh!

“Doubt? Doubt is already enough reason to kill him!” Lei screamed.

“Don’t forget, there is also Angelina…”

The Spider Empress' name immediately made Lei quiet down. However, what flickered between her eyes wasn’t fear, but rather silent rage. After an entire second had passed, only then did she say, “He is quite dangerous, perhaps even more dangerous than what you and I imagine. That fella Westwood has never been reliable. Me and my men will make our own preparations.”

After speaking, she started to walk towards the door. Before leaving, Lei suddenly stopped, saying, “Bevulas… this is goodbye.”

While looking at Lei’s departing figure, Bevulas’ face was covered in shock. He had a vague feeling that Lei, a comrade he fought beside, now a powerful individual with ten levels in both the Mysterious Fields and Perception Domain, seemed to have sensed something, but didn’t speak it out loud. A shadow silently shrouded the chairman’s eyes.

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