Book 6 Chapter 27.3

Book 6 Chapter 27.3 - Seat of Emotions

Su leaned over, picking up a boulder, weighed it in his hand, and then suddenly flung it at the ancient castle’s main building! The several ton boulder was like an artillery shell that left a cannon barrel, stirring up an evil wind as it smashed at the castle! After leaving his hand, the boulder’s surroundings erupted with brilliant flames, becoming like a meteorite that fell through the atmosphere, the power that was attached to its surface also rapidly depleting. This was the result of the home field’s rejection force. When the boulder smashed into the main building, the area that it was going to strike against even produced a faint layer of energy radiance, weakening a large half of the impact force. However, in the end, the kinetic energy that remained still sent the boulder smashing fiercely into the building’s outer wall. The moment it exploded, it still left behind a few cracks on the wall that was also made of stone.

In Su’s perception, this impact only made the castle’s energy field fluctuate slightly, everything becoming normal again immediately afterwards. However, this was only the beginning.

He didn’t charge into the dark and sinister castle, instead walking up to the side where a wall was half collapsed. The wall was similarly built from giant rock, every rock close to a ton in weight. However, for Su whose strength was already equivalent to ten levels, it was completely negligible. He reached out his foot, and with a flick, a giant boulder left the ground. He then grabbed the rock, made a full turn, and then flung it at the main building.

Energy radiance rose and fell, great rumbling noises continuous and uninterrupted. When the giant rocks exploded one after another on the castle’s main building, it would make even the imposing ancient castle tremble slightly! With each passing second, two to three boulders would smash out, as if it doomsday had descended. However, when throwing the boulders, Su was also exhausting energy, both sides equivalent to competing in energy consumption. However, Su was one person, how could he contend against all of Waterfront Castle?

Su didn’t seem to realize that he was carrying out a battle with no chance of success, still chucking rocks at the outer wall, sending boulders smashing one after another at the castle’s main building. The towering and imposing outer wall continuously collapsed under the explosive blows. In the eyes of outsiders, the impact of every single boulder was like a heavy slap to Bevulas’ face! Even though right now, aside from Su, there wasn’t a third party here, regardless of how things ended, the ability users in the castle will naturally remember this battle, and so Bevulas’ dignity would also suffer damage. In the future, this battle’s truth would be spread, and from this become a stain on Bevulas’ reputation, this was the case even if he killed Su. Even though no one knew when that day would come, the truth will definitely spread out, the mouths of humans had never been all that reliable.

Right now, the meaning of Su’s sentence was already quite clear. Since none of you dare come out, instead inviting me into your home field, then I will tear it down bit by bit for all of you to see.

In the higher floors of the castle, Bevulas stood behind the french window, his line of sight passing through the cracked glass, full of interest as he looked at Su. “Seems like he is quite focused on this matter of striking my face.”

The area behind Bevulas was originally completely empty, but at this moment, there was suddenly a ripple, and then a tall and slender female figure appeared. She was a head taller than Bevulas, and despite being extremely beautiful, her skin was morbidly white, her scarlet red lips extremely striking, the dark black bags under her eyes looking like the product of an entire night of crazy partying. She had short hair, the light yellow color similarly extremely unnatural. The woman’s entire body was wrapped in silver skintight clothes, the combat suit tight like a layer of skin, perfectly revealing every detail of her body. White standing a step behind Bevulas, she said, “Has your distinguished self never minded having your face struck?”

The woman’s voice was ice-cold, rough, and carried a type of metal grinding sound, as if it was an electronic voice, not like that of a human’s at all.

Bevulas laughed. He reached out a hand, pointing at the coffee table, and then the woman immediately brought over a cup of drinking water into his hands. After taking a sip, only then did Bevulas slowly say, “Lei, you know that I don’t care how others will view me after today, how they will talk about me. All I need to do is do things based on my own ideal and beliefs, that’s already enough. This young man named Su is quite an excellent fella. However, towards my ideal, he is a variable, moreover a variable that has already reached the point of potentially destroying our ideal and future. It truly is a pity, fate has doomed him to stand against me.”

The woman named Lei took a step forward, and then looked down at Su, saying with a frown, “Does he not understand how pointless of a thing he is currently doing?”

“Pointless? I do not feel this way. Even though I do not know what exactly Su wishes to do, he would never do something pointless.” Bevulas said, shrugging his shoulders.

“You speak like you understand him extremely well.” Lei said rather impolitely.

“I do understand him quite well, perhaps even better than most people in this world, just like how there is no way anyone in this world who understands the Spider Empress better than me. Su is, apart from Angelina, my greatest enemy. That is why I understand him.”

Right at this time, Su suddenly raised his head, giving Bevulas and Lei’s direction a look. Then, he released a profound chuckle, and then grabbed a boulder, throwing it at them with all of his strength! The instant the boulder left his hand, it already smashed at Bevulas, crashing into the invisible force field, exploding fiercely!

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