Book 6 Chapter 27.2

Book 6 Chapter 27.2 - Seat of Emotions

When he heard this mockery that didn’t hold back the slightest bit of ridicule, after remaining silent for an entire second, the tremendous voice sounded once more from Waterfront Castle. “Since you came, then just come in.” The voice was cold and ruthless, releasing a berserkness that was difficult to describe. Su knew that it was already Westwood who was speaking.

“You are letting me in? Alright, I hope you all don’t regret this decision.” Su said with a smile. His smile was full of charm, completely a perfect display of human species beauty. However, his smile was too perfect, and there wasn’t the slightest change from start until now, accurate and precise like a photo. If one looked at it long enough, they would no longer feel that it was beautiful, but rather develop a strange feeling of chilliness.

Waterfront Castle was completely designed and built based on the olden era’s middle ages ancient castle style. It was built for war, the interior complex and meandering. Even though Westwood was injured, his ability to move through space would display tremendous power in this narrow and complex environment. Together with the home field domain’s advantage, his combat strength would also return to the level of his peak state. Meanwhile, fighting Su outside of this domain with Westwood’s current seriously wounded state wasn’t a good idea.

Su slowly moved his body. He reached out his hand, tearing off the clothes on his body, exposing a perfect human race male body. However, this perfect appearance was only on the outside, the inner composition of his body, regardless of whether it was his bones, muscles, or nervous system, was all completely different from a human race’s. His chest cavity was still completely empty, but the walls were already much thicker, the amount of tissues able to store energy already increased from one layer to three layers, all food here in this cavity would be almost completely broken down, the portions his body couldn’t use all completely ignited under flames reaching a thousand degrees, releasing all of their heat energy. Meanwhile, the heat would be absorbed and stored by his body, converted into high energy matter. Su’s ivory-like skin was gradually turning dark, extremely fine bone fragments emerging sheet after sheet, forming a set of strange style armor. Eight oval shaped energy crystals appeared below the armor, and then they lit up with blazing radiance, as if eight cold eyes had opened.

Meanwhile, Su himself spread his two arms, his hands that looked like they were embracing the sky starting to release a drizzle of splendor, and then numerous fine electrical sparks jumped about. This was a sign of an extreme amount of energy content, the energy starting to spill out. In the blink of an eye, Su’s entire body was surrounded by irregularly jumping long arcs of electricity.

Su began to take large steps forward, already reaching his greatest speed with just a few steps. His entire body drew out a streak of light flame in the air, a hundred meters crossed in an instant. When one just saw him move his feet, in the next instant, he was already in front of Waterfront Castle’s main entrance. His shoulders rammed fiercely into the two giant dark five-meter tall doors smelted from black steel.

The great earth shook fiercely, a noise resembling several dozen giant bells resounding through the sky. The two giant gates first became fully deformed, and then they finally separated from the hinges, flying inside. Meanwhile, the massive gateway arch was smashed apart, square meter sized chunks of rocks flew in all directions, the stone walls connected to it also collapsing bit by bit. The giant doors that were more than ten tons in weight flew out a dozen or so meters before crashing down heavily, completely smashing apart the garden fountain at the center of the reception courtyard. Smoke and dust rushed in all directions, energy streams rising up, as if a great explosion had taken place. There were originally four hidden ability users behind the door, but the great changes happened too suddenly, no room for them to react at all before the giant flying doors smashed straight into them. The terrifying impact was not something human bodies could handle; when they fell onto the ground, their bodies were clearly twisted and crooked.

Su slowly walked out from the smoke and ruins. Apart from his head, his entire body was covered in armor, the eight blazing crystals making Su look like a demon from hell. The ability users on the ground looked at Su with eyes full of despair and horror, unable to understand how a small body like his could erupt with such astonishing power. Even if the gates were smashed with the greatest horsepower main battle tanks, there was still no way this type of result could be achieved.

The moment he set foot into ancient castle, Su felt an ever-present energy. Compared to other so-called home fields, Waterfront Castle’s was hundreds to over a thousand times greater. This energy spilled out from every visible and invisible corner, moving through an incredibly complex pattern, winding about, obstructing, attacking, and suppressing Su, moreover expelling all energy that didn’t belong to this place. Su only felt as if a layer of grease covered his body, the stickiness indescribably uncomfortable. Every movement became much shakier and sluggish, all of his perception organs also shrouded. Meanwhile, his Panoramic View was compressed until it didn’t reach past a hundred meters of distance. Moreover, with each step he took, the pressure’s effects would become even greater.

A home field this powerful left even Su shocked. He paused slightly, starting to carefully sense the laws of the home field’s energy flow. Under the Panoramic View, even the slightest energy stream couldn’t escape its monitoring. Within a range of a hundred meters, the energy domain moved with different patterns that numbered in the several tens of thousands, while the number of regulations behind them that they represented even more so rose by more than a single order of magnitude. Su separated a third of his thought centers to decipher these rules, however, he discovered that the energy field was one whole entity; even if he unraveled one portion of it, the energy flow would automatically fix and complete the damaged portion. If one was only comparing the volume of energy, Waterfront Castle’s domain was inferior to even Land of Rest’s glory, but the entire design itself was much more brilliant.

A faint smile appeared at the corners of Su's lips. He already found a way.

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