Book 6 Chapter 27.15

Book 6 Chapter 27.15 - Seat of Emotions

Bevulas used his right arm that had sharp blades growing from it to adjust his glasses, even though there were no glasses to begin with. He slowly said, “Power needs a medium, and great power needs sufficient volume to support it, this is general knowledge. Also, even if it was the present me, I only know this reason, unable to decipher all of the mysteries behind it. My current body does not originate from myself, but rather the result of inheriting some type of ancient and mysterious outer space civilization’s product. During these years of research, I deduced that those ultra life forms with endless power are divided into at least three evolutionary stages, the first stage all have massive and incomparable size to support their unimaginable power, for example that large fella currently hidden in the depths of the northern sea. Perhaps in the depths of the cosmos, there are individuals who are comparable to planets in size. The second stage are those whose power no longer needs to rely on the size of a medium, they might only be around the same size as us, yet still have the power to destroy a planet. Meanwhile, the third stage is when life and power no longer need to rely on a medium to exist at all, perhaps, that is the so-called energy life form.”

After pausing for a moment, Bevulas looked towards Su, his expression extremely complex as he said, “You leave me quite surprised, before I fully understood the secrets of the first stage, you’ve already entered the second stage of ultra life forms. Even though your present power isn’t all that great, for some reason, the amount of danger you pose is undoubtable. On this planet, this celestial body, there are already too many human calamities. The life here is already brittle enough, unable to hold ultra life forms. That is why I must kill you.”

Su said, “Are you not an ultra life form? Could it be that this isn’t self-contradictory?”

“It is not contradictory.” Bevulas said. He already didn’t wish to explain further. His massive body released light blue mysterious symbols, unexpectedly similar to the Bisindle language!

The instant he saw these symbols, a loud noise erupted in Su’s brain, as if a nuclear warhead exploded, his entire consciousness scattering to bits and pieces. However, before he understood what was happening, his instincts already assumed control over his body in this short instant. Before his consciousness could figure out what was going on, five red energy crystals appeared from Su’s chest, the central one more than ten centimeters long, extremely eye-grabbing. Before the five crystals completely emerged from the flesh, they exploded violently, many beams of light made purely of crazy energy firing in all directions. Due to Bevulas’ body being too large, moreover currently directly facing Su, most of the energy beams directly blasted at him.

Bevulas didn’t seem to mind this much, only using the side of the blades to protect his face, his left arm not even being raised, allowing these crazy beams of energy that could warp steel to bombard his body. Under the energy attacks, the surface of his massive body continuously rose and fell, large areas scorched black, the flesh of a few areas even cut apart, but that was all. However, Su’s manner of offense was extremely grand, to the extent where he didn’t hesitate to mutilate himself, but the damage he inflicted on Bevulas was negligible.

When he realized that the energy that blasted his body wasn’t as frightening as he had imagined, Bevulas lowered the blades and watched Su with narrowed eyes. Even though Su’s power was far inferior to his own, and he felt like most of the energy within Su had been consumed, Bevulas still knew that no amount of carefulness was excessive when dealing with ultra life forms.

However, when Bevulas opened his eyes, what he saw was only an expanse of ruins. Where did Su go? He was shocked, just now, he could still clearly sense Su’s existence, so why did he suddenly disappear now?

Bevulas suddenly sensed something, and as such, raised his head. However, he only saw a small black speck close to a hundred kilometers out in the horizon, moreover fleeing with inconceivable speed. In that instant, Su already broke free from Bevulas’ perception range of a hundred and fifty kilometers!

Bevulas was momentarily stunned, and only then did he react. He released a crazy roar, and then with a jump, his body moved out several dozen meters. He took another great step, moving fifty meters out! He took several large strides, and then suddenly stopped, a bitter smile on his face as he looked into the direction Su ran towards. Turns out that in the time it took Bevulas to chase several kilometers, Su already fled several dozen kilometers, completely breaking free from his perception. Only a faint charred smell pointed out the direction Su fled towards.

However, Bevulas understood well that even if he could lock onto Su the entire time, there was no way he could catch up. This was the side effect of having a massive body. Its speed, especially instantaneous speed, was far inferior to Su who was much smaller, yet possessed comparable power. The two were both experts in the Perception Domain, which meant that they both excelled in hiding. Now that Su ran, how could he possibly find him?

Bevulas clearly sensed Su’s surging battle intent and resolution to fight to the death, and that was why he never thought Su would actually run. How could Su run?! In that instant before battle, Bevulas sensed what was within Su’s consciousness with an even high level of perception, the scene of Madeline being ravaged by his only son. Madeline’s calm and peaceful expression was incredibly clear. When he saw this scene, Bevulas already understood Su’s resolution to fight to the death.

However, he suddenly ran? Could it be that Madeline wasn’t important in his heart? Bevulas knew that this was definitely not the case. In that scene, he could completely feel the pain within the depths of Su’s heart, the pain so great it was hard to breathe.

This was precisely the reason why Bevulas found it even harder to understand Su’s reasoning for running. However, there were too many things in this world that couldn’t be understood. Bevulas thought for a bit, and then gave up. In reality, with his Perception Domain ability, just a bit of thinking was already equivalent to large scale computers working for several days.

Bevulas didn’t pursue this further, instead standing in place, quietly thinking about something. He didn’t really care about the reason why Su left, but was rather carefully experiencing the pain Su felt within the depth of his heart.

This type of feeling was like deja vu.

In a past he had already forgotten who knew how long ago, he had previously experienced this type of pain, so grieved he wished he was dead. That was too long ago, to the point where his memories were even starting to blur. Bevulas almost couldn’t recall what exactly he suffered so much over. In reality, it wasn’t that long ago, no more than a few decades. An event that happened a few decades ago was something even an ordinary person with a sound mind could remember, yet Bevulas’ memories were blurry.

It wasn’t that Bevulas couldn’t remember it, but rather that he wasn’t willing to recall those dust-covered events.

Sensing this deepest suffering from the depths of Su’s heart was an exception, but it made Bevulas recall many many things that he had deliberately forgotten, and this also changed some of his original thoughts. At this time, he decided to do something he originally definitely wouldn’t do.

As for Su, that was already no longer his responsibility. Even though Bevulas’ authority spanned over a period of time, his abilities were still limited. There was no way he could pursue every matter to its end.

“Moreover, perhaps things might not be that terrible.” Bevulas thought, repeatedly tasting the suffering he felt from Su.

This type of pain was extremely familiar. When the pain was deep enough, it became a type of habit. Without it, sometimes, one would instead feel hollow.

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