Book 6 Chapter 27.14

Book 6 Chapter 27.14 - Seat of Emotions

Westwood’s flesh was broken down and dissolved within Su’s body, strands of complete gene sequence being analyzed. There was a formless power moving them, absorbing them into special cells. Whenever a strand of genes was absorbed, an identical strand of genes would take form in Su’s brain. Then, a thought center would take control of its deciphering on its own, this process continuing until half of his thought centers had tasks assigned to them.

Evolution seemed to be his instincts’ number one choice. Even when his energy was on the verge of exhaustion, a portion of attention would still be diverted to the deciphering of powerful beings’ genes.

Su surveyed his surroundings. The smaller half of Waterfront Castle that remained was in a sorry state, but the damaged border areas were exceptionally smooth like a huge cake that had a slice cut out from it. Around the edges of the ruins, several scorched black corpses could be seen. Even though they only had parts of their bodies left, one could still see their charging stances. After Su released the raging flames, these people rushed into the raging flames with no thought of personal safety, only wishing to injure Su’s body at the center of the raging fiery storm. However, the extreme temperature flames could melt even concrete, so how could they be something the human body could resist? Even those who didn’t enter the flames’ range were turned into charred coke from the high temperature radiation. When he looked at these ability users who didn’t value their own lives, a bit of curiosity quietly rose from the depths of Su’s heart. What kind of person was Bevulas exactly, to be able to make these ability users who should greatly cherish their own lives face death so fearlessly?

Right when this thought had just emerged in his mind, a forceful and heavy voice sounded from deep within, “It isn’t that they don’t cherish their lives, but rather that they approve of my ideal, moreover willing to sacrifice themselves for this ideal.”

Su’s expression changed, shivering inwardly. To be able to perceive his thoughts, moreover directly release sound into the depths of his consciousness, this was something only a powerful individual with at least eleven levels of the Perception Domain could do. There was no sign of the enemy within his Panoramic View, but this wasn’t strange. When one also reached eleven levels in the Perception Domain, there would naturally be ways to avoid the Panoramic View’s detection.

Up ahead, the magma that had just solidified was still releasing heat. In addition, before it completely cooled off, it suddenly shattered, and then burst, flying into the air. On those broken surfaces, one could still see large amounts of dark red fiery light. Within the flying melted rock, a square meter sized giant palm reached out. It clung to the surface, and then with a forceful push, a giant head that was already somewhat balding emerged from underground. Another giant palm also reached out from underground, working together to pull that massive body from underground.

Half a minute later, Su’s eyes were slightly narrowed, raising his head to look at the over ten meter tall giant standing before him. The giant had near perfect body proportions, at the end of its right arm a giant blade, its left several dozen tentacles brandishing about like an octopus. The surface of its body flickered with a metallic luster, while the lower body was like that of an insect’s, the massive body supported by four multi-jointed legs. In the position where its abdomen should be as well as on each leg was a strange organ that released faint radiance, a gentle force field released from within them, counteracting the gravitational force of this world. Together with these organs, the weight that was displayed by this giant was perhaps less than ten tons.

Only after carefully examining every part of the giant’s body, did Su raise his head to look at the giant’s face. On this body that was clearly not human, there was a human head, just that it was several dozen times larger than that of a normal human head. That face was one Su was extremely familiar with, precisely the Blood Parliament’s Chairman Bevulas, even the somewhat sparse hair’s position and length unchanged.

Su was looking at Bevulas and Bevulas was also looking down at Su. His eyes were still a bit turbid, his gaze also calm and gentle, as if they weren’t all that penetrating. However, reality was definitely not like this. Being able to sense Su’s thoughts, moreover transmit his own voice directly into Su’s consciousness, this type of ability seemed to be a good amount higher than Su’s abilities! From Bevulas’ eyes, what Su saw wasn’t killing intent, but rather a mixture of curiosity, appreciation, hatred, regret, and a hint of grief.

“I truly never thought that your true form would be like this. If it was a different time, different circumstances, perhaps we would have become companions who explored the world together.” Bevulas said.

“I never expected your true form to be like this either. As for your latter sentence, there is no need for a response. I believe you also know that this is completely impossible.” Su replied, but the smile at the corners of his lips had already disappeared.

Bevulas chuckled, and then said, “Truly never expected you to actually understand me that well. Indeed, that type of situation is impossible.” He paused for a moment, and then suddenly changed the subject, asking Su, “What do you think of my current appearance?”

Su sized up Bevulas seriously once more, saying, “From the perspective of life and this world’s environment, this form is full of power and adaptive force towards the environment. If power and immortality are beauty, then your current form is extremely beautiful.”

Bevulas was stunned, his expression somewhat sluggish for a moment. Then, a bitter smile appeared on his face, slowly saying, “Your evaluation is the exact same as hers… it seems like you two are truly the same species.”

“Her?” Su was a bit surprised.

“Angelina Von Lanaxis, a name you should be extremely familiar with.”

“Spider Empress? Could it be that she is also…” Su’s brows furrowed slightly. His impression of the Spider Empress still stopped in that afternoon in the small town back then. At that time, he felt both shock and fear. It was difficult for him to imagine what such a beautiful and cold woman full of charisma would look like after she became an ultra life form.

Bevulas shook his head, saying, “I do not know how she is now, nor do I want to know. Also, now, I fear that there is no chance of me knowing either. Sigh, perhaps you all feel that this type of state is full of beauty, after all, only a large body can hold more power. However, I do not feel this way. Perhaps it is because I’ve aged, becoming more stubborn. I still like my appearance as a human, and am willing to forever maintain my status as a human, even though a balding old man isn’t all that pleasant to look at.”

Su frowned slightly. Bevulas’ viewpoint wasn’t something he completely agreed with. “Gigantify? This isn’t absolutely essential, at the very least, it isn’t the end goal. The power of energy doesn’t directly correlate with the size of one’s body.”

This was what Su learned from the mysterious symbol, but he never expected this sentence to make Bevulas’ expression change greatly.

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