Book 6 Chapter 27.13

Book 6 Chapter 27.13 - Seat of Emotions

The powerful explosions almost sent half of Waterfront Castle into the sky, the surging flames directly rising a hundred meters, this heaven-shocking pillar of flame clearly visible even from several dozen kilometers out! Those with slightly better sight could even see the roof tumbling about at the top of the pillar of flame.

At the center of the pillar of flame, Su stood there, raising his hands into the air, as if he was embracing the entire sky, endless energy continuously surging from his body, urging the pillar of flame to quickly rise, as if it would never go out. Su could feel every strand of energy that spilled out and erupted. He released the energy in his body freely, continuously pushing the pillar of flames higher, every part of the flame becoming a portion of himself, in that instant, Su seemed to have become a giant that reached the heavens while towering on the earth, each roar able to shake the world. This type of freedom, this type of unrestrained feeling, was something Su had never felt before in his short few decades of life. 

This was the first time, perhaps also the last time.

Su suddenly raised his head. A giant shadow surrounded his body that wasn’t all that large.

The raging flames suddenly revealed several points of dazzling electrical radiance, to the extent where they couldn’t even inhibit the glaring fiery light. Electrical light continuously linked up into lines, the center suddenly trembling, revealing an expanse of darkness. Whenever the flames made contact with this expanse of darkness, they would be devoured, as if sucked into a piece of different space.

A low groaning noise sounded from within the raging flames, following which Westwood fell out from the darkness. He was in an extremely sorry state, the clothes on his body already completely disappeared, while his skin was badly mangled, full of cuts of varying sizes, many of them deep to the point where bone could be seen. The darkness quickly disappeared, raging flames once again filling up all space. Only, whenever they got closer to Westwood, the flames would become crooked, as if there was some type of formless force field around him.

Void Stealth didn’t mean that he could truly separate from this space, he had to retain some connection with this world, or else he would truly be locked in another space. That meant that Westwood definitely kept some part of his body in this world through a certain method, just that he hid it extremely well. After learning from the last experience, not even Su could accurately detect his position. However, not being able to lock in on his position didn’t mean that there was no method of dealing with this ability. Su directly released energy, sending half of Waterfront Castle into the sky, crushing the castle’s domain in one move. The crazy energy flow shook up the composition of space, and the slightest instability, for Westwood who was hidden in space, would bring tremendous damage. Just like that, he was blasted out.

What truly injured Westwood, was still space itself.

Su stopped his release of energy. Flames devoured Waterfront Castle like a waterfall, slowly crashing down. Meanwhile, Su stood on the scorching ruins, quietly staring at Westwood who was still floating in midair. Westwood’s expression was still dignified; even though he was in a sorry state, he still went to great efforts to maintain his final dignity. His body was tottering, possibly falling on the ground at any moment, but he still exhausted the tiny bit of strength he had to float in midair. To do this type of meaningless thing at this time meant that he clearly only had just that bit of strength left.

“You… how did you accomplish this?” Westwood was gasping for breath, his words disjointed.

Su’s smile was forever that enchanting. “Even though my strength is inferior to yours, as long as I know about Void Stealth’s weakness, defeating you isn’t that difficult.”

“How could you possibly know about Void Stealth’s weakness?...” When Westwood said this, he suddenly thought of something. His expression changed, and then he muttered, “Omniscience and omnipotence! As expected, what the chairman said wasn’t wrong…”

This exhausted the last bit of Westwood’s strength. He fell decrepit to the ground, unable to stand up ever again. Su silently walked over, placed his hand on the nape of his neck, and with a bit of force, his fingertips already entered his neck, digging out a piece of vertebra, absorbing it into his body. Thus, Westwood’s genes and Void Stealth secrets would quickly be grasped by Su. The genes of a powerful individual at the same level would also bring Su large amounts of evolutionary points.

At this time, countless fine sounds were currently released from every corner of Su’s body, moreover gathering into a powerful current towards his consciousness. These sounds were continuously reminding Su that he had to immediately leave this place. This was the voice of his instincts, it sensed a powerful danger, currently reminding Su. Moreover, Su’s current condition was already terrible to the extreme, all of his energy reserves spent. Exaggerating a bit, a strike with slightly more weight behind it might even make Su’s body completely collapse.

For the current Su, body composition was already no longer important, what was important was energy, as well as the ability to transfer, absorb, and store energy. Su, who had lost all energy, would then become a tiger without claws, while he didn’t have to pay much attention to flesh wounds.

Was this where the path of evolution would take him? Was the physical body no longer important? These two questions had already lingered within the depths of Su’s body for a long time, yet they had no answers. Or, perhaps it could be said that Su wasn’t willing to face those answers.

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