Book 6 Chapter 27.12

Book 6 Chapter 27.12 - Seat of Emotions

He shifted his heavy steps while saying slowly, “In the blink of an eye, you’ve become old as well, time truly goes by fast. Even now, if I just close my eyes, I can still picture the appearances of you two when you were young. Sigh, back then, I just knew that this day would come when you two would face each other to the death. It is because you two are both too smart, too straightforward. As long as it is something either one of you decided to do, then it will definitely be done, moreover definitely done to its end, neither side willing to budge for the other in the slightest. I originally thought that those things that drew your attention wouldn’t come for at least a decade. I thought that I wouldn’t live until that day, so I wouldn’t have to see this end between the two of you. However, I never expected you to come down now, and the one who arrived isn’t even her.”

“Regardless of who it is, isn’t it all the same? The result won’t change. In reality, a bit earlier, a bit later, it will still be this result. If it isn’t Angelina, then this result is quite good as well. At the very least, we don’t have to directly face her.” Bevulas laughed, calmly saying.

“Alright then, I will open the door for you.” The elder trudged along with great difficulty, moreover producing an ancient key covered in green rust, wishing to walk over from the gatehouse.

However, Bevulas stood at the doorway, no intention of moving out of the way, his eyes also calm and peaceful.

“Your distinguished self has forgotten one thing.” Bevulas said with a smile.

The elder’s facial organs all wrinkled, looking like he was both crying and laughing, every wrinkle becoming a bit deeper. He opened his turbid eyes, looking into Bevulas’ eyes, as if ascertaining his resolution. A few seconds later, the elder finally withdrew his eyes in defeat, and with a deep sigh, said, “I only wanted to give you a proposal, at the very least, this time, there is no need to consider that thing. It is because after this, there is still a chance that you will face Angelina.”

Bevulas shook his head, and then said with a smile, “If I do that, then what is the difference between me and her? If I cannot even persevere with my own ideals, then there is no perseverance to talk about at all. How can I convince her then?”

“The dead cannot convince others.” The elder said.

“Death is the most powerful persuasion in itself.”

In the end, the elder could only release a deep sigh. He turned towards the only unbearably rotten wooden cupboard, opened it, and then removed a small wooden chest filled with dust from within. After unlocking the chest’s old-fashioned lock with the key, he then produced a syringe wrapped in thick velvet. The syringe wasn’t large, the serial number on it proving how ancient it was. However, after experiencing more than ten years of time, it was still brand new, clearly maintained with the utmost care. The syringe was half-filled with a blood-like liquid. The elder held the syringe with his wrinkled hands, handing it over to Bevulas. The closer it got to Bevulas, the more powerfully the liquid in the syringe moved about, eventually simply boiling! This was the mysterious liquid boiling on its own, not a result produced by the elder’s trembling hands.

After giving Bevulas the syringe, the elder returned to the room, closed the door and window, and then blew out the candle’s flame.

Bevulas’ hand that received the syringe was steady. He didn’t hesitate, instead raising his left arm’s sleeve, stabbing the head of the syringe into that arm, and then pressed that boiling mysterious liquid into his muscles. When the first drop of blood-colored liquid was injected, Bevulas’ face involuntarily twitched, a hint of pain also appearing between his brows. Perhaps others might feel a bit of shock when they saw this scene, as pain endurance was something all high level ability users were equipped with, and someone who was at Bevulas’ level could be said to be able to endure pain on the cellular level, which was why no matter what degree of pain it was, Bevulas could receive it without batting an eyelid. However, only those who understood him extremely well knew that Bevulas was someone who upheld the natural, showing pain when hurt, smiling when happy.

At the end of the entrance hall was a pair of unremarkable wooden doors, similarly seeming a bit rotten due to the long amount of time that passed and the damp environment, the lock on the door only carrying symbolic meaning. However, when Bevulas gently caressed that lock, his expression seemed solemn and respectful. He produced a dark gold key from his inner pocket. The key was extremely heavy, wiped until it was shiny, a spider diagram embedded into the handle. It was pieced together with black and gold colored gemstones, the workmanship exquisite and lifelike to the extreme, as if that spider was currently crawling about.

Click clack sounds rang out. The key made a half circle turn in the lock, and only then did the lock unwillingly open. Behind the door was an exceptionally quiet and wide space, the ceiling more than ten meters tall, the surface area several thousand square meters, completely a vast palace! The palace was exceptionally cold, frost hanging from the walls. At the center of the main hall was a crude stone platform, inside of it displayed a sealed glass dish that stored a shallow layer of blood-like liquid. A fine line of characters were carved on the glass dish:

After he drank the divine blood, the fate of god immediately weighed down on his back, left without a choice.

Bevulas raised the glass dish, a profound smile appearing on his face. Then, he tore off the seal on the glass dish, opening it. The instant the glass dish was opened, the blood-like liquid suddenly seemed to have its own life and spiritual nature, actually jumping out from within, stabbing towards Bevulas’ chest like a streak of lightning!

The blood was exceptionally sharp, instantly tearing through Bevulas’ chest, stabbing inside deeply. In that instant, Bevulas’ chest seemed to be entirely opened, to the extent where even his throbbing heart could be seen! However, after the blood entered his chest cavity, several dozen bloody wisps unexpectedly divided out behind it, at the end of every bloody wisp something like a small claw, moreover, at the center of each claw a small eye! Several dozen small claws grabbed the edges of his open chest, unexpectedly forcibly closing it. Then, a layer of white bubbles appeared on the wound, holding it together.

Bevulas was first stunned, and then he lowered his head to look at the injury on his own chest. He laughed, as if he suddenly understood something, and then he fell down on his back.

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