Book 6 Chapter 27.11

Book 6 Chapter 27.11 - Seat of Emotions

The wound on Su’s chest quickly closed, stopping the continuous stream of heat. His complexion instantly became pale, the blood that flowed out unexpectedly changing from a red color to almost transparent. The damage this amount of energy loss brought him might be even more severe than the cuts on his body. The web of death similarly covered Su’s body, his body that was covered in armor erupted into large amounts of electrical flames, currently frantically resisting the cutting of energy threads. Meanwhile, Su’s face that was exposed was instantly covered in several dozen criss-crossed red lines, every single red line an extremely fine cut! Those energy threads cut all the way down to the bones, and only then did they encounter their first obstacle. However, once the energy threats encountered Su’s eyes, they quietly disappeared, as if they never appeared.

The entire web of death covered Su’ body, the energy threads frantically closing in, cutting and grinding against Su’s skull and armor, releasing pi pi pa pazhi ca ge la sounds. All types of energy explosion sounds rang out, several hundred to over a thousand explosions sounding within a single second, making Su’s body tremble even more uncontrollably. In this moment, strangely, Westwood’s face appeared before Su’s eyes, currently frantically restricting the energy threads, trying to send Su into the afterworld just like Lei. Due to excessive exertion and expectation, Westwood’s face was already completely distorted, yet he had no idea of it.

This was merely the scene Su was imagining, but he knew that reality was bound to be like this as well.

Was this the end? After being cut into several hundred to over a thousand pieces, Su would also be heavily injured, the possibility of his next revival unknown. He was even more unsure if he would even be able to preserve his own consciousness.

The insides of Su’s body suddenly wriggled intensely, countless fragments of energy crystals spat out from various storage organs. As the various blood vessel channels gathered by his throat, then mixed together, following a spray of scorching air steam, a blast of brilliant light mist flickering with endless stellar light formed before Su. Another blast of extremely high temperature heat steam was released from Su’s mouth, spraying over the mist of light produced by countless shattered crystals. The high temperature instantly exploded some of the crystals, the terrifying energy stored within the crystals thus erupting with power ten to a hundred times its usual amount, instantly igniting all of the energy crystals!

A blast of extremely splendid radiance took form before Su. It instantly filled the entire room, walls, ceiling, floor, everything silently melting away. Waterfront Castle trembled, or to be more precise, it jumped. Then, it was as if several hundred powerful searchlights were turned on behind several dozen windows, so bright that it was impossible to stare straight at. Afterwards, flames that flourished beyond imagination erupted from these windows. A large piece of the castle’s roof was sent high into the air, supporting it was a blast of several dozen meter tall flames. This was an explosion that rocked and almost sent Waterfront Castle flying. Perhaps it wasn’t that exaggerated, but it at least penetrated it!

While standing in the office that had already turned to ruins, the wall before Bevulas had already disappeared, raging flames like the inferno of hell, erupting less than two meters from where he stood, everything the flames licked melting away and being swallowed up. Just the roiling heat that poured over already burned everything that could be burned, to the extent where even metal items were softening. Before Bevulas’ very eyes, Waterfront Castle became a burning hell, only Bevulas’ surroundings the final pure land. Everything within a meter of him remained the same temperature, the streams of heat unable to pass through no matter how fierce they were. While quietly standing in front of the surging sea of flames, Bevulas stood there unmovingly, as if endless time had passed. In reality, however, only an instant that was so short that it couldn’t be measured passed.

He sighed, and then turned around, walking to an unremarkable door beside him. He opened it, revealing a spiral staircase that wound downwards. There was no light inside, but a faint radiance of unknown origin illuminated these stairs. There was no dampness or other smell, but it still gave one a type of ancient and profound feeling, moreover full of a type of powerful and unrestrained aura. This spiral staircase was like the passage to the nest of a giant dragon.

Bevulas entered the staircase, properly closing the door behind him. Raging flames then devoured what remained of the office, yet they couldn’t inflict the slightest bit of damage on the walls or this door. Bevulas continued downwards. After who knew how much time had passed, only then did the end of these stairs appear before him. This was a small entrance hall with two copper-gilded redwood doors, the copper decorations and handle full of mottled rust, hard to say just how much time had already passed since they were last touched.

Bevulas descended the final flight of stairs, entering the entrance hall. There was a small room beside this hall, the candle flame flickering about within adding a bit of dusky light to the room. The room was extremely small, only having a bed, a chair, and an ancient wooden cupboard, everything full of an elderly feel. It was because there really was an old man sitting in this small room, an incredibly old man. The few strands of hair on his head already weren’t white, but rather a mottled brown. Sagging skin hung from his face and body layer after layer resembling an old wrinkled newspaper. His stature was small, thin to the point where only bones remained, yet he had a round and bulging stomach. It seemed like he would take his last breath at any time, but his eyes were bright and pure like that of an infant’s. At his side was an old book that was read two-thirds of the way, as well as an old-fashioned water cup, inside of it unknown if it was water or something else.

When Bevulas walked in, this elder’s eyes finally moved, his line of sight landing on Bevulas. After taking several seconds to differentiate who this was, only then did he say, “Bevulas, aren’t you here a bit early, oh, early by more than ten years? I originally thought that you wouldn’t come.”

Bevulas laughed bitterly, saying, “Indeed, it is too early. I was hoping to not have to come here as well, but because of a few unexpected things, I had no choice.”

Something was mumbled within the depths of the old man’s throat, but he didn’t speak it out loud. He gave Bevulas a deep look, and then asked with a weak voice, “Then what about little Angelina, how is she? Are you two still the same as before?”

Bevulas’ smile became even more bitter. He continuously coughed, saying, “About her… how could she change? Everything is just like back then, no one else within her heart, only… that matter. During these years, she decided to just hole up in Dark Red Castle, not worrying about any external matters, not coming out again.”

“What? Angelina stayed in Dark Red Castle all this time? Don’t tell me that the one outside isn’t her?” The elder was extremely surprised, his voice also becoming much louder. Only, he was just too old, his voice like a leaking windbox, difficult to hear clearly.

“If it isn’t Angelina, then how could there be anyone who could force you to this extent? In this world, is there really that powerful of an existence?” The elder muttered to himself, his eyes remaining fixated on Bevulas the entire time. When he saw Bevulas’ expression that was becoming more and more calm, the elder finally released a heavy sigh. His hands moved to the armrest, slowly supporting his aged body.

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