Book 6 Chapter 27.10

Book 6 Chapter 27.10 - Seat of Emotions

“No need, it was just something I had to do.” Lei coldly spoke words untrue to her thoughts. If she had a choice, she would much rather smash apart Su’s inner organs or other vital areas, but her stamina that was quickly drying up told her that this was already an impossible dream, which was why after she was given the chance, she smashed her fist into Su’s face in a half venting manner. Lei also knew that this bit of injury completely didn’t affect Su’s fighting strength.

Su had terrifying recoverative ability, even the injuries left behind by Westwood starting to slowly recover. As long as he was willing, he could recover from all of the injuries on his face in under a minute. However, Su didn’t worry about the injuries on his face at all, walking towards Lei just like that, his hand like a sword, stabbing at her heart. When she saw Su’s right hand pierce over, Lei’s eyes were full of a solemn and respectful expression, actually not dodging, instead turning her hand, aiming at Su’s chest with a similar stance!

In terms of close combat arts, Lei even exceeded Madeline, but the difference between her and Su wasn’t all that great. Lei was still human, and because she was human, she would be injured, the time would come when her strength reached its limit. The current Lei had already reached the limit of her human capabilities, which was why she no longer hesitated, immediately aiming for mutual destruction when she took action.

Su naturally knew what was happening, he already saw through Lei’s intentions. He didn’t withdraw his hand, instead following Lei’s way of thinking to the end, at the same time sticking out his chest to face Lei’s hand. When she saw those the two eyes that were pure like jadeite, Lei suddenly shivered from the bottom of her heart. She felt that Su was currently waiting, or was perhaps looking forward to something.

Lei already didn’t have any time to think further, her fingertips already made contact with the armor in front of Su’s chest, her short and sharp fingernails entering a wound on the breastplate that had yet to heal. Lei was going to use this as the breakthrough point, and then force her way into Su’s chest in one move. Meanwhile, on the other end, Su’s fingertips already broke through Lei’s silver skintight suit, exposing her bare and sturdy skin, already ready to pierce through.

Time seemed to have frozen still at this moment. Several strands of dark black threads appeared on Su’s back, blossoming, extending, in that instant already forming a great web of hundreds to thousands of strands of black silk, covering Su beneath, even trapping Lei within!

This was Westwood. After hiding all this time, he finally found a chance, a chance to wipe out Su in one move, even though this meant sacrificing Lei. Lei’s expression remained unchanged, her entire body’s power gathered on her right hand, increasing the speed at which it stabbed towards Su’s chest, turning a blind eye to the web of death that suddenly unfolded before her. No, her expression wasn’t completely unchanged. When the web of death enlarged, Lei’s expression became as clear as her mind, as well as contained an undisguised contempt. However, in the end, she still chose to calmly accept the embrace of death, all for the sake of dragging Su, this enemy she was powerless against, with her to hell.

“I finally managed to wait until this time…” Su smiled and said. The laws of time were twisted at this moment, his words not fast, but it was also extremely calm, moreover everyone able to hear him clearly. However, until he finished saying this, Lei’s right hand didn’t seem to move forward, and the destructive energy web of death only moved an insignificant distance.

“... waited until the moment when you all took the initiative to abandon your dignity and pride as humans.” Su said.

Abandon the dignity and pride as humans? Lei and Westwood who was hiding in the darkness didn’t have to think through the meaning behind this sentence, because the flow of time returned to normal. 

Lei’s hand already deeply penetrated Su’s chest, her fingertips that were like drill bits making contact with an extremely tough barrier, tough to the the point where it was not something a human ought to have, to the extent where even the pieces of prototype armors Lei had personally tore apart were not more than this. At the same time, Su’s hand already stabbed deeply into her chest, the five fingers that unfolded already touching her heart! Lei suddenly released a roar of energy, energy pouring out like a tide from every corner of her body, the final bit of strength squeezed out by her unmatched willpower, the surging energy pushing her right hand through the obstruction before her, piercing deeply into Su’s chest!

However, the first feeling, was instead emptiness. After breaking through the obstruction, Lei didn’t touch a heart, there was none of the organs she was waiting for. In reality, she didn’t touch anything. Su’s chest was actually empty? How could this be possible?

As soon as confusion and fear appeared, a second feeling attacked at her mind. That was pain, a scorching pain. The pain flooded like raging waves, instantly reaching the extreme, and then what followed was a complete numbness. However, as a first rate powerful being of the human race, as a survivor of Blood Dusk full of combat experience, Lei already differentiated from her instantaneous perception that the pain originated from high temperature, moreover a temperature close to two thousand degrees! It was as if her hand was directly inserted into a boiling furnace of liquid steel! However, how could there be this type of high temperature inside of Su’s body? How could such a high temperature appear inside a biological body? This already toppled the common sense of this world.

Not even ten levels of defense could resist close to two thousand degrees of temperature. Lei screamed, withdrawing her right hand, but everything from her forearm down had already completely disappeared, only a completely crystallized wound remaining. Meanwhile, her scream was a mixture of shock, unwillingness, and suffering from having her heart crushed. A cup sized injury was opened up before Su’s body, but the depths was completely dark, not a bit of light could be seen, as if there was a miniature black hole hidden within his chest cavity. Before the wound closed, the heat streams that made Lei’s right hand completely disappear poured out from the wound, the blazing heat stream turning into an almost white-colored flame, blasting Lei’s face and body ruthlessly, instantly setting her aflame! The extremely high temperature and tremendous energy burned half of Lei’s body into ashes in under a second of time. Lei slowly fell backwards, what was left of her body starting to burn fiercely. Meanwhile, the web of death that was restricting them wrapped around her body, her body that had lost the ability to defend herself completely unable to stop these spatial attribute energy cutting lines, so it was diced up into several hundred chunks, and then these chunks were ignited by the flowing heat that filled this place. In that instant, it was as if there was a meteor shower, several hundred pieces of fine burning meteors fell onto the ground, producing a sea of blossoming flames.

It was unknown what kind of glory and battle accomplishments she previously had from Blood Dusk, but every person who survived from that war were legends. However, Lei’s death really was splendid and magnificent.

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