Book 6 Chapter 27.1

Book 6 Chapter 27.1 - Seat of Emotions

The light of day gradually appeared from the horizon, lighting up the dusky world. The clouds of radiation were exceptionally thick and heavy, to the point where only at noon did the sky start to gradually brighten. However, everything was still extremely dark, as if it was dusk, difficult to see the scenery even a few dozen meters away. The color of the sea was so dark it was almost black, the surging waves still appearing not too hurried or too calm, but when they reached the perfectly straight cliffs, they erupted with tremendous power, the great waves stretching several dozen meters into the air, already no different from tsunamis. Only, it was unknown why the deep sea was so furious today.

At the very peak of the cliff, Waterfront Castle towered majestically, the rough stone walls already becoming close to black under the corrosion of time, the erosion of wind and seawater producing holes of varying sizes. Every single piece of stone told a story of their own.

The ancient castle was great and dignified, the tall pointed windows of the outer walls made in the style of the olden era’s middle ages, awe-inspiring and eerie.

While standing before Waterfront Castle, Su slowly raised his head an entire thirty degrees, and only then did his line of sight reach the highest point of the castle. A male was dragged behind him, the body of this soldier who originally had seven levels of ability now limp like a sack, allowing Su to drag him by the neck.

Su stood there quietly, the strong ocean wind blowing through his light blonde loose hair, making it flutter about like a flame.

The reason why he originally dragged this soldier from the chairman’s side over was because he wanted to verify Waterfront Castle’s location one last time, but when Su stood before the castle himself, the power that swept at him like hundred meters tall ocean waves already clearly made it known that this was precisely Waterfront Castle, there was no need for verification at all. It was imposing and lofty, only Dark Red Castle a bit greater than this place.

Su flung the soldier he carried far into the distance. The moment he left Su’s hand, he immediately recovered all of his fighting strength, his body flipping over and bouncing up. However, the eyes he looked at Su with were now full of fear and hesitation, the bravery to fight to the death nowhere to be seen. Before this blonde demon, he was no more than a child. Su turned his head slightly, his line of sight landing on his body. This male’s face instantly became pale, he turned around and ran.

Su didn’t have time to waste on this type of negligible small character. In his consciousness, a glaring number was currently continuously jumping: instincts assimilation rate, 35%... stopping only when it was close to 50%. When Su looked towards Waterfront Castle again, his eyes were pure green like jade, gentle, calm, but there was not a trace of fluctuation to be found, not like what a living creature ought to be like at all.

He took a deep breath. His chest cavity completely erupted, over a thousand degrees of blazing heat streams instantly shooting out from his throat, releasing a great voice that was no different from thunder.

“Bevulas, I have come. You should come out.”

Su’s voice was still gentle and pleasant to listen to, the deep and low charming voice captivating everyone. This sentence’s tone was also calm, as if he was asking a friend he was familiar with to come out and meet him. However, the volume of this voice was just too great, great to the point where it was comparable to summer’s thunder, to the extent where even the soldiers who were fleeing several dozen kilometers out were alarmed, their heads planting straight into the ground. Even if one saw it with their very eyes, it was still too hard to imagine how such a small human body could produce such a world-shaking voice.

That was why Su didn’t roar or berate out, only using incomparable sound volume to express the deep anger within him.

The sound waves of thunderous voice rippled through the sky, one could see that half of Waterfront Castle’s glass windows were instantly shattered. Waterfront Castle was extremely quiet, quiet to the point where it was as if there was no one inside. There was no way ordinary servants and maids could remain unaffected under the sudden thunderous noise. However, even if a thousand people were screaming, Su still couldn’t hear anything. In the Panoramic View, Waterfront Castle was completely shrouded in darkness, nothing visible, a type of mysterious and unknown power protecting it. However, the intense sound waves were actually able to shatter the castle’s windows, the situation seeming a bit abnormal.

Su stood there quietly, not in a hurry. Just now, this declaration was equivalent to giving Bevulas a slap straight to his face, so as long as the chairman still had a hint of dignity, there was no way he wouldn’t show any reaction. This was on top of the fact that Bevulas had no reason to fear him.

Behind a narrow and tall french window, Bevulas was currently adjusting his glasses, carefully examining Su. Because this was the direction that directly faced Su, this spacious room’s remaining glass windows were covered in cracks, only the glass in front of the chairman undamaged. He could see Su, while Su couldn’t see him.

This was a voice of judgment, one that was just as powerful and resonant rang through this world. “Su? Truly never thought you had this much courage. However, confidence that exceeds your own strength is no different from foolishness.”

This was Lagerfeld’s voice, and there was no way Su wouldn’t be able to tell. However, even though Lagerfeld’s voice was loud and clear, the volume was still a bit lower than Su’s, and it was lacking in depth, the serious injuries from last time clearly still haven’t healed, strength not fully recovered yet.

Su said indifferently, “Teacher Lagerfeld, the sentence you spoke carries quite the philosophic theory, however, when it is your distinguished self who speaks it, it seems a bit unsuitable.”

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