Book 6 Chapter 26.5

Book 6 Chapter 26.5 - Doomsday

Gunshots sounded continuously, streaks of flames accurately chasing down the enemies that were blasted into the sky; there really weren’t that many who could reach this level with a multi-barreled machine cannon. However, what was even more deadly were the several blasts of blue light. Soon afterwards, a streak of fiery light almost instantly covered several hundred meters of distance, blasting the bodies flying in the air into the sky-covering flames; this was an electromagnetic sniper rifle, even more lightweight and portable than the one Su used before, the power greater, firing speed also higher. Moreover, it looked like it could already be mass-produced to some extent, at the very least, it could be offered to ability users who specialized in high levels of weapon mastery. The long distance firepower barrage was only there for assistance, the true force came from those figures that suddenly jumped in. From the energy produced by their leaping motions, Su could tell that they were at least sixth level ability users. Their numbers were greater to begin with, the explosion trap even more so wounding more than half of the enemy, so victory was already without any suspense.

This was already no longer a small scale battle. The number of ability users was great, their levels also high, this group definitely the elites of elites. Even though this was the chairman’s side, they would definitely feel their hearts become sore from the losses this time. However, in Su’s limited memories, it should be the chairman who has the absolute advantage in the Blood Parliament’s civil war, so why did it now look like the empress’ side had the edge? Su actually didn’t care that much about who won or who lost, he just wanted to personally throw Bevulas into eternal darkness.

In reality, if he threw aside his relationship with Madeline, along the way here, everything Su heard and saw made it seem like Bevulas’ army’s conducts and deeds had some bottom line, while the empress’ side was completely unrestrained. In reality, now that the war had already continued for this long, both sides already suffered severe losses, already on the edge of collapse. The quantity of ability users sharply declined, only two or three able to survive out of every ten. The intense battles to the death made the strength of ability users who survived shoot straight up, all types of powerful combat abilities appearing one after the other. As ability users fought without any control, it also turned wide expanses of the land into scorched earth again and again.

Su stood in the darkness. Even though he was at the heart of the battlefield, not a single person from either side noticed him. That black clad woman’s figure continued to linger in his brain, and as a result, even though he knew what he was about to do was completely meaningless, Su still took a few steps forward, appearing behind an ability user that was about to charge forward, casually giving his shoulder a tap. This ability user that already reached seven levels released a muffled groan, and then fell. After falling, he was still able to struggle a few times, but he fainted soon afterwards. The paralyzing poison Su could now produce was extremely powerful, not even those with nine levels of defense able to resist it, let alone this ability user with only seven levels.

Su appeared behind another ability user who suddenly rushed in, similarly reaching out a hand to tap his shoulder. He didn’t release a single sound, directly falling. From when Su tapped the first person, this ability user only moved forward two meters. Su was already like a ghost, every movement unhurried and calm, but he was actually inconceivably fast, instantly dropping the eight soldiers from the empress’ side that charged forward. Then, his figure flashed out, with a single Extreme Assault, he already appearing by the sniper holding the electromagnetic energy rifle. He reached out his hand, removing the massive sniper rifle, and then reached out his hand to tap his chest. Before the expression of horror on the sniper’s face even had time to change, he already fell on his back. Su’s speed was already fast to the point where it exceeded the reaction speed limit of ability users.

In the blink of an eye, the battlefield suddenly became strangely quiet, all of the multi-barreled machine cannons and electromagnetic energy sniper rifles becoming silent at almost the same time. Meanwhile, those high level ability users who rushed in like death gods instantly vanished from the battlefield. Just as the soldiers from the chairman’s side who survived by the skin of their teeth were in shock, Su already silently passed by their bodies.

The blastwaves of the explosions finally scattered, the battlefield now completely tranquil. An intense battle started abruptly, but it instantly concluded, moreover ending in an extremely strange manner.

When a survivor from the chairman side’s woke up in a daze, he discovered that he was laying on the ground, around him surviving companions, their bodies all carrying injuries. This middle-aged male who had a sturdy physique immediately stood up, but his body was unexpectedly weak, with a thunk sound falling back on the ground. After trying a few times in succession, he finally discovered that his body mysteriously lacked strength, even sitting upright difficult. Even though there was nothing binding him, his current state was much worse than being tied down by several layers of restrictions.

He no longer struggled, instead starting to examine his surroundings. The first thing he saw when he raised his head, was Su.

Su calmly sat on a rock, less than three meters separating the two of them. When he saw the electromagnetic energy rifles and many multi-barreled machine cannons by Su’s legs, the male’s pupils involuntarily rapidly contracted, and only then did he raise his head, sizing up Su once more. Su was extremely handsome, handsome beyond his imaginations. However, for some reason, when facing Su, the male felt a powerful uneasiness that was greater than anything he had ever felt before, the degree of uneasiness even greater than when he faced Lagerfeld! He immediately understood that this handsome individual was a light blonde haired demon.

“Now, tell me where Bevulas is hiding. It is best if you speak the truth.” Su said with a smile.

The middle-aged male’s expression became a bit strange. After hesitating for a moment, only then did he ask probingly, “You want to find the great chairman? May I ask what you intend to do?”

“Stalling for time is not a good choice.” Su continued to smile. The survivors from the chairman’s side were waking up one after another. They still didn’t really understand the situation, so when they heard Su’s words, they immediately became furious, wishing to throw themselves at Su, but as soon as they stood up, they all fell again. Su already knew this would be the result, so he didn’t pay them any attention. Only, the tip of his toes moved, bringing one of the electromagnetic energy rifles into his hands. He activated the power switch, and then the gun immediately lit up, displaying that it was full of energy. That dark blue color immediately made those furious soldiers calm down. They all directly experienced the power of these new model electromagnetic energy rifles, if they were directly blasted at from this type of distance, all ability users under nine levels would directly explode. Even though they didn’t fear death, none of them were willing to give up their lives for no reason.

Su aimed the muzzle of the electromagnetic energy rifle at the youngest one among them, and then said to the middle-aged man, “You may continue. If you cannot give me a satisfactory answer, then I might just not be able to control my hand.”

This time, not only the middle-aged man’s, but even those companions of his’ expressions became a bit strange. After a bit of hesitation, the middle-aged male finally decided to cooperate, seriously saying, “The great chairman has always remained on the island’s Waterfront Castle.”

“This is something everyone in the parliament knows.” Su said, his finger slightly applying pressure to the trigger. “What I wish to know is where the chairman is right now, or if any of you know about his present residence or whereabouts.”

The middle-aged man took a deep breath, and then he slowly said, “The chairman is precisely in the Waterfront Castle, always remaining there. After the war erupted, he never changed his place of dwelling. Only, he would occasionally go out, his itinerary also made public, never purposely hidden. That is why if you go to the Waterfront Castle right now, you will definitely know where he is.”

A pensive look appeared on Su’s face. “Then that means Bevulas is waiting for someone to assassinate him?”

“Correct.” The middle-aged male proudly replied. “The chairman has never hidden his whereabouts, but from when the war began until now, there hasn’t been anyone who dared head towards the Waterfront Castle to stir up trouble.”

“Then it seems like I am the first.” Su said with a smile. He waved his hand, and then a few bone spurs shot out, each soldier struck by one.

As he watched these soldiers go unconscious, Su slowly stood up, and then began to walk in the Waterfront Castle’s direction.

All those with some status in the Blood Parliament knew where Waterfront Castle was located, just like how everyone knew where Dark Red Castle was. The Spider Empress never changed her dwelling, and now, Bevulas was the same.

Waterfront Castle and Dark Red Castle weren’t that far, the two giants facing each other from the distance. However, until now, no third party dared to directly interfere.

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