Book 6 Chapter 26.5

Book 6 Chapter 26.5 - Doomsday

Gunshots sounded continuously, streaks of flames accurately chasing down the enemies that were blasted into the sky; there really weren’t that many who could reach this level with a multi-barreled machine cannon. However, what was even more deadly were the several blasts of blue light. Soon afterwards, a streak of fiery light almost instantly covered several hundred meters of distance, blasting the bodies flying in the air into the sky-covering flames; this was an electromagnetic sniper rifle, even more lightweight and portable than the one Su used before, the power greater, firing speed also higher. Moreover, it looked like it could already be mass-produced to some extent, at the very least, it could be offered to ability users who specialized in high levels of weapon mastery. The long distance firepower barrage was only there for assistance, the true force came from those figures that suddenly jumped in. From the energy produced...

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