Book 6 Chapter 26.4

Book 6 Chapter 26.4 - Doomsday

At this time, at the edge of his Panoramic View, more than ten ability users with extremely vigorous life auras appeared. Their pace was relaxed, a strange rhythm in their walking, moreover proficient in concealment, appearing a bit faint even in the Panoramic View. If he still only had the eighth level Panoramic View, then he would only have a chance of detecting them once he was around a hundred meters away from them. These ability users were all different, but they were well-coordinated, clearly well matched elites. They arrived at a preset destination, scattered out, and then seemed to be searching for something. Their search was quite meticulous, the team even having two members who were clearly proficient in perception. Waves of spiritual fluctuations rippled outwards, to the extent where they sometimes even passed by Su’s body. These were ability users with at least seven levels in the Perception Domain. Meanwhile, Su stood within the shadow of an area of ruins less than a hundred meters out, yet no one noticed him.

A woman dressed entirely in a skintight black suit sniffed while walking, ultimately arriving before an area of scorched earth. She knelt down, grabbing a handful of earth with her hands, carefully examining it. She crushed the earth finely between her fingers, fully concentrated as she tried to sense something. She was so concentrated that she didn’t notice Su who was standing right behind her, his body leaned forward, also staring at the scorched earth in her hands. The distance between the two didn’t even reach a meter.

After examining it for a long time, she didn’t seem to find what she wanted, and as such, with a disappointed expression, she tossed away the soil, and then walked in a different direction. This troop continuously busied about, but they maintained silence the whole times, only communicating with their expressions and gestures when needed. They moved about the ruins, examining this place, yet none of them noticed that their troop had one extra person. Sometimes, Su stood right next to them, sometimes behind them, sometimes watching them busy about while seated on a broken cliff a few meters away.

No one was able to detect Su’s aura. Even when their eyes swept over his figure, he would be in an overlooked area in their line of sight and attention, only treating Su like a part of the night scenery. To conceal oneself like this, not only did one need to reach near perfection in hiding skills, one also needed abundant combat experience and instantaneous processing capability. After all, he wasn’t dealing with just a single person, nor was it one seventh level ability user, but rather more than ten fifth to seventh level ability users. Su needed to process a tremendous amount of data every second, and only then could he travel back and forth like a ghost between this troop of high level ability users.

However, it was to the extent where Su didn’t even deliberately try to think of anything. He was just curious, wondering what these people were trying to find in this completely barren place. His Panoramic View could already seep around fifty meters through the ground, and even in the ground beneath this battlefield, there was no life to be found aside from two skeletons. Su already scanned over this entire battlefield several times, but didn’t find anything of value. Right now, his Panoramic View already covered an area close to five kilometers in diameter, able to reach fifty meters underground, the range of cover extremely great. Completely examining this region once, this task that large scale intelligent systems needed an hour to complete, only took Su a few seconds. His ninety second class intelligence centers already completely replaced the original first class intelligence centers, their processing ability already equivalent to nine hundred first class intelligent centers, yet the amount of space they took up in his skull wasn’t even as much as before.

Su wasn’t in a hurry either, he was long aware that these ability users were all elite troops under Chairman Bevulas, never planning to let them return alive to begin with. Right now, this was just a game of cat and mouse. If he allowed a well-coordinated elite troop like this who had already worked together for a long time to live, then it was unknown just how many people would die under their hands. Su’s mind suddenly moved, when he realized that they might be searching for those two skeletal remains, a low cheer sounded, the location precisely above the skeletons.

“Found Wellan and Larfa’s corpses!” The black clad woman released a cry of pleasant surprise, and without worrying about anything else, began to dig at the earth with her two hands. The surrounding individuals moved over, several individuals immediately helping her dig at the ground, momentarily forgetting to even remain alert to their surroundings. It seemed like these two were extremely important for them, if they weren’t partners, then they were comrades. Only, for them to be so important that this group even dropped their vigilance, it still made one a bit speechless.

At the edge of the Panoramic View, several soldiers were already quietly closing in, occupying favorable positions, surrounding this troop of soldiers. There was no need to ask, these were definitely soldiers on the Spider Empress’ side.

The two skeletons were carefully dug out, but when they saw the two silver metal chunks stuck to their skulls, everyone immediately became stunned!

The two silver pieces first released a powerful signal, and then they exploded! Even though this silver bomb that condensed the Blood Parliament’s highest level of technology until now was not that large, the power it erupted with was comparable to that of a nuclear warhead. In that instant, the blast waves of the explosion covered everything within a range of a hundred meters! Interweaving red and black flames gradually rose into the sky, forming a miniature mushroom cloud. The individuals surrounding the corpses were all sent flying one after another, those that were the furthest barely able to find shelter the moment the explosion erupted, but there was no way they could avoid suffering damage.

Only, in that instant, of the fifteen members this troop originally had, five auras forever vanished in Su’s perception. Even though they disappeared at almost the same instant, Su could still distinguish that the one who disappeared the first was the woman in the skintight black suit, because the moment she saw those two silver metal bombs, she not only didn’t move back to evade them, she instead threw herself over, tightly hugging one of the skeletal remains!

Of the eight individuals who were standing at the edge of the encirclement, seven did their best to protect themselves, which was why three of them lived. Meanwhile, the woman whose individual strength was ranked within the top three of this troop left this world without any suspense.

Su was standing precisely less than ten meters from the heart of the explosion, the blast waves blowing apart the entire building behind him, yet couldn’t move him in the slightest. Meanwhile, when the high temperature streams hit him head on, they separated before his body, flowed past him at his sides, and then merged once more behind him, thus continuing to roil into the distance. There were special heavy metal particles in the scorching streams; once one was burned, it would be extremely difficult to fully heal from. Meanwhile, the areas that were infected by these heavy metal particles would become regions of death. When he saw this heat stream, Su thus also understood the cause of this scorched earth.

The two skeletons were a trap, an extremely brilliant trap, fully exploiting human emotions and the environment, almost impossible to stop. However, it really didn’t make one feel much happiness.

Su silently sighed. All that was needed to change one’s mood or battle situation, perhaps might only be an extremely small thing.

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