Book 6 Chapter 26.3

Book 6 Chapter 26.3 - Doomsday

The inhabited area a kilometer out was still extremely quiet, most people still deep asleep, completely unaware of their brief encounter with death.

Sally quietly stood there for a moment, and then clenched her teeth, pulling up the male who was still powerlessly sitting on the ground, mutually supporting each other as they headed towards the inhabited area. Only a few places in the inhabited area had lights lit, the priest’s small house one of them. After calming down the man who had been frightened badly, Sally dragged her own exhausted body towards the priest’s room. When she entered, she already quelled her own fear, only looking a bit tired. 

The priest had his own homemade grass tea, drinking it could help ease the mind, replenish one’s stamina, precisely what Sally currently urgently needed. Moreover, while feeling extremely panic-stricken, listening to the priest explain Revelation was also a good way to calm down. Sally had a faint feeling that the terror of what she saw today was far from being as simple as just a beast stampede. When she saw the giant wolves’ eyes that were full of wisdom, for some reason, she just couldn’t help but shiver inwardly.

Did she… witness a sign of an impending doomsday?

After entering through the door, the priest customarily gestured for her to sit down, and then continued to write with a fountain pen on a piece of paper in concentration. Sally poured a cup of tea for herself, drank it, and then a moment later, her frantically beating heart finally began to calm down somewhat. As a result, she lifted her head, looked towards the priest, and then asked, “Father, did you distinguished self see or hear anything just now?”

“See or hear anything?” The priest lifted his head in a somewhat stunned manner, clearly not understanding what Sally was saying.

“It’s nothing, I just… felt a bit restless.” Sally said with a forced smile. She understood deep down that it was still best to keep that terrifying beast tide a secret. Her eyes landed on the table in front of the priest soon after, on it quite a few sheets of paper. However, what was written on them weren’t the insights and understandings that she usually saw, but rather things that were like individual drawings. Sally moved over rather curiously, picked up a few sheets and looked at them, discovering that these sheets of paper really did have drawings on them. These were all diagrams drawn with a fountain pen, the technique and skill not especially outstanding or anything, but somehow, every single drawing seemed to carry its own charm. When Sally looked at them, she felt as if the scenery within these diagrams already emerged before her eyes.

Within those drawings, there were floods, earthquakes, plagues, and the most shocking thing was that there was a scene of galloping beasts! The scene within the drawing was unexpectedly a bit similar to what she had just experienced!

Sally’s voice even began to shake as she asked, “Father, these drawings… what are they?”

The priest smiled amiably and said, “These things… I just happened to be reading the chapters in Revelation regarding the last days’ judgment, but I felt like the normal methods I use to add annotations couldn’t portray what I felt inside, so I drew them out.”

“Are these all of the last days?” Sally asked.

“It should be said that they are possible judgment days. As for what doomsday truly is like, I fear that it is something we will only know when it truly arrives.”


When walking in the Blood Parliament’s territory, Su felt as if he was currently walking in the final days. This place was a battlefield, the great earth scorched black, great explosions and flames wiping out almost all life, only half collapsed walls remaining after the ruins were burned. Even the steel parts were warped from the heat. The ground had long stopped releasing smoke, but the traces of war had already deeply permeated the soil. This land was originally a lush green fertile land, but it first experienced the ravaging of nuclear war, and then it was devastated once more by the flames of war. Nothing would grow here for a few years, not even the plants with the most tenacious vitality.

As he walked through this place, Su even felt waves of heat rising from the soil beneath his feet, as if the remnant flames of battle had yet to fade. Meanwhile, this still wasn’t enough to make his mind tremble; what left him startled was that within his entire Panoramic View’s range, there was almost no life that could be sensed! Even the bacterium hidden within the soil were extremely sparse.

What kind of battle was it that created this type of land of death? The excessively violent energy that was released seemed to destroy all organic matter, thus producing this environment so devoid of life. Moreover, the effects of a battle to the death between ability users were far more intense and long-lasting than what it looked like on the surface. The destructive energy that scattered out might only fully disappear after many years, and as long as it existed, for the smaller life forms, it was an environment of death. When his abilities were still weak, Su didn’t sense this, but now after his rebirth, his various abilities advanced by leaps and bounds, so he automatically sensed many subtleties he previously never knew about. Moreover, the earth was full of various deadly metal particles, turning this into an environment not friendly towards any life. 

As if he had struggled free from shackles, all of the abilities Su had suppressed came to the surface, crazily fighting for space to exist. However, even now, the tremendous and crazy power still brought Su fear, he didn’t know where this power would bring himself. In the innermost depths of his consciousness, in an unknown space, symbols currently floated one after another. As long as he could meet the requirements, Su could unravel the information stored within these symbols. Meanwhile, every symbol represented the tremendous knowledge of an entire academic discipline. Until now, the symbol Su had deciphered the most of was the one related to biological weapon production. Just the lowest level biological weapons that could adapt to all types of environments, like the Herkula and Leigna, he already understood several hundred thousand types of them. Meanwhile, who knew how many types there were of those Su still hadn’t analyzed completely yet.

These symbols were the foundation of the Bisindle language, every single symbol could be viewed as a word, a word that could be endlessly expanded. Su himself didn’t know what would happen if he grasped a bit more of the Bisindle language. However, it definitely didn’t seem to be as simple as just becoming stronger. In addition, as an ultra life form created in a human race laboratory, why would he come into contact with Bisindle, this type of language that was originally locked in the very depths of hell?

However, even if he became stronger, what was it for? When he looked at this earth beneath his feet devoid of life, Su was completely silent as he thought to himself. Could it be that this was the result of great power?

War. In the history of the human race, war was something that would never disappear.

Meanwhile, along with the advancement of power, the destruction war brought would grow greater and greater. The scorched earth beneath him was a perfect example; when war reached its peak, it would be the end of life.

War, life, nature, universe, these were difficult issues not even the most wise and farsighted individuals could explain, Su obviously wouldn’t bother thinking too much about it either. All he could do, was only release a sigh. His thinking had never been that complex, even now, never had he considered using his own abilities that almost reached the peak of the human race to establish a dynasty. Right now, all Su wanted to do was to remove the source of what threatened Persephone, Madeline, and all other people he was connected to: Chairman Bevulas. Whether he could accomplish this or not, this was actually something he was also uncertain about.

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