Book 6 Chapter 26.2

Book 6 Chapter 26.2 - Doomsday

Within the deepest darkness, an inhabited area in the south already began to develop. Next to the orderly shantytown, there was there was already a beginning stage filtering pond, as well as several manual workshops. In places that were slightly further out, a factory that was of considerable scale was already starting to take form, the base already in place, the perfectly straight pillars forming the framework of the factory. This was the synthetic food factory that was being built, as well as the first cornerstone for changing the fate of the entire wilderness. Right now, Sally was already up, currently borrowing the faint lamplight to inspect these steel beams one by one to avoid there being any mistake. This was the first true factory of the inhabited area, as well as her most important design. Once the factory was fully operational, then based on...

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