Book 6 Chapter 26.2

Book 6 Chapter 26.2 - Doomsday

Within the deepest darkness, an inhabited area in the south already began to develop. Next to the orderly shantytown, there was there was already a beginning stage filtering pond, as well as several manual workshops. In places that were slightly further out, a factory that was of considerable scale was already starting to take form, the base already in place, the perfectly straight pillars forming the framework of the factory. This was the synthetic food factory that was being built, as well as the first cornerstone for changing the fate of the entire wilderness. Right now, Sally was already up, currently borrowing the faint lamplight to inspect these steel beams one by one to avoid there being any mistake. This was the first true factory of the inhabited area, as well as her most important design. Once the factory was fully operational, then based on the distribution of the resources in the inhabited area’s surroundings, it would provide enough food for over ten thousand people to continue living. This meant that the inhabited area’s scale could become five times larger, or it could allow eight thousand foreigners to live. Meanwhile, originally, this region didn’t even seem to be capable of supporting a hundred people.

The people of the inhabited area similarly attached great importance to this factory; in this area, everyone knew the significance of food. That was why even though it was nighttime, there were still patrolling soldiers spontaneously organized to walk around the factory’s surroundings.

After completing her inspection of a steel beam, Sally suddenly stood still, her entire body going rigid! Several meters in front of her, a wolf-like creature was currently looking at her, compound eyes flickering with faint radiance, but it became incomparably bright in the darkness!

Sally wasn’t a weak girl. Even though she didn’t have any talent in combat, after undergoing the Dark Dragonriders’ training, she could completely subdue two or three robust men. Ordinary mutated vicious beasts couldn’t threaten her either, but for some reason, this giant wolf that was unusually large made her feel a mix of fear and despair. Fear made her give up all thoughts of struggle and resistance, and in reality, it would be impossible even if she wanted to struggle, her ice-cold body unable to budge even an inch. Right at this time, a voice suddenly sounded from beside her. “Miss Sally, what’s wrong? You alright?”

The one who spoke was a robust male, his strong physique displaying clear Combat Domain ability characteristics. In fact, he who had four levels of abilities was the strongest male in this entire inhabited area. He volunteered to guard the factory during the dangerous night, partly because he understood the factory’s importance, partly because of his great admiration for Sally.

Sally opened her mouth, wishing to cry out for him to hurry and run, but when she opened her mouth, her throat that was controlled by fear couldn’t release any sound! This type of fear was already unrelated to willpower, a fear that originated from her instincts. The assault rifle on the male’s back sliding forward. He only felt everything before his eyes blur, and then it was as if a giant rock weighing tons smashed into him, and then he fell on the ground with a muffled groan. While in complete shock, he wanted to scream out, but he discovered that several extremely sharp claws were hovering over his face and throat. The claws were only barely touching his skin, yet he could already feel blood silently trickling out.

His battle instincts told him that these several dozen centimeters long sharp claws might very well be comparable to the most outstanding alloy blades, tearing his brains into pieces definitely wouldn’t be much harder than slicing up bread. In that instant, his entire body went rigid, not daring to display the slightest movement. Fortunately, the giant wolf who held its giant claws over his face temporarily didn’t seem to have any intention of going any further, instead turning its head towards Sally and releasing a low growl.

“You are… telling me to come over?” Sally found it hard to believe that she could actually understand this giant wolf’s intentions. She had no other choice, and then slowly walked over to the giant wolf, trying her best not to make any movements that would provoke it. The giant wolf possessed extraordinary intelligence, but this wasn’t all that shocking. However, a fourth level soldier, before it, was as weak as a child, instantly knocked down. Forget about retaliating, he couldn’t even move out of the way. That was why Sally knew that she definitely shouldn’t do something as stupid as provoking it. Even if it wanted to eat her, she still had to let it eat her. Running was impossible, fighting was also useless. This giant wolf displayed extraordinary combat strength, completely enough to wipe out this entire inhabited area!

She stood in front of the giant wolf, staring blankly as the giant wolf head moved over, gave her body a strong sniff, and then a hint of curiosity unexpectedly flashed past its compound eyes. It slowly raised its front claw, letting the suppressed soldier go. The male crawled up with a roll, and then stood at Sally’s side, but intelligently chose not to touch the assault rifle behind him. It was clear that if he dared display any other thoughts, it was likely that before his hand even made contact with the assault rifle, his head would already be ripped apart by the giant wolf before him. Right now, a low and damp breath spread from the other party. He slowly turned his head, but saw that another giant wolf had unknowingly when appeared, currently crouching in the darkness, quietly watching him. The male suddenly broke out in cold sweat, his body immediately becoming so weak his legs almost gave out. In that split second, he actually danced that close to death.

The first giant wolf who appeared released a low growl towards Sally, Sally mysteriously able to understand its meaning once again. “You want us to stay here without moving right? But… can you please not harm the people in the inhabited area? Also, if possible, please don’t destroy our factory, it is where all of our hopes lie…”

Sally did have much hope that the giant wolf would agree or even respond to her request, but the giant wolf actually nodded. Precisely during her shock and speechlessness, waves of strange rustling sounds could be heard from the darkness. Similarly giant wolves silently emerged from the darkness, countless pairs of compound eyes flickering with dim radiance currently aimed at Sally and the male, sharp and ice-cold. Sally continued to bravely stand there, but with a bang sound, the male who was far stronger than Sally couldn’t suppress the fear within him anymore, sitting down on the ground. His clear movement immediately created disorder among the giant wolves, one giant wolf opening its large mouth and walking over, but was stopped by the first wolf that appeared. The two giant wolves’ compound eyes met, and then after lights flickered a few times, a silent interaction was completed. The giant wolf took a few steps back, and then stood up like a human. The radiance in its compound eyes became brilliant, rapidly flickering a few times like signal lights. Under the shroud of night, this type of signal could travel a few kilometers.

Suddenly, there was wind.

When Sally’s long hair was raised by the wind that abruptly appeared, she was still trying to find the source of the wind in confusion. Then, she immediately knew where the wind came from. Under the darkness of night, giant wolves galloped like powerful horses, pouring out from several meters out. Even though their running was almost completely without any traces, the roiling cold aura was enough to make creatures that were a bit more cowardly directly faint. This was the suppression a high level life forn had over a low level life form down to the instinctive level. Meanwhile, on this celestial body, even though they were only the lowest level biological weapon, the Herkula could still look down on most creatures. The scene of over a thousand Herkula galloping past was definitely majestic, the strong winds raised even making Sally’s body become a bit unsteady! When the Herkula passed by, waves of overcast buzzing wing fluttering noises sounded. Tens of thousands of Leigna passed by close to the ground like a black cloud. The enormous biological weapon army used up several minutes before they completely moved past, and only then, at this time, did the first giant wolf that appeared nod in Sally’s direction, turn around, and then enter the darkness, following its comrades north.

A gust of night wind blew past. Sally suddenly felt as if her entire body went cold, and only then did she realize cold sweat had unknowingly when already completely soaked through the clothes on her body.

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