Book 6 Chapter 26.1

Book 6 Chapter 26.1 - Doomsday

When Scorpion Nest’s mushroom cloud gradually rose, the ship body of Valhalla which just wiped out an inhabited area trembled, stopping in midair. Fitzdurk opened his eyes, his eyes full of shock and violent rage. He calmed himself down slightly, and then released several bands of data light, producing a holographic image before him. This was the wilderness; a black-haired young lady was currently walking into the distance, appearing lonesome and desolate. The long dress covering her body was extremely tattered, her two feet exposed, her snow-white skin and the boundless dark wilderness forming a clear contrast. Behind her, one could see a shocking pillar of flame gradually become black, turning into a roiling mushroom cloud that rose into the sky.

“Pandora! What is going on? Also, you dare leave the underground base without permission?” Fitzdurk berated viciously.

The Pandora in the scene raised her head, then looked towards Fitzdurk from afar, not concealing the raging fury within her eyes at all! Her lips opened slightly, really wanting to let out a few curses, yet she suddenly found she couldn’t find any curses that were vile enough.

In the end, Pandora only shook her head, and then didn’t pay the roaring apostle any attention, continuing to walk into the distance. Pandora only released a thought, and then a miniature biological computer chip within her brain was destroyed by a force field.

With a pa sound, the image before Fitzdurk warped, and then it exploded, only leaving behind a completely ashen-faced apostle.

Before the sudden change, Pandora was only an olden era little girl who was completely immersed in a world of fairy tales. After the sudden change, she remained within that space of consciousness with absolutely nothing other than that beam of light year after year. She had absolutely no contact with the outside world, so where would she learn to curse? Moreover, her current self’s mind was lonesome and numb, long lacking the interest in pointlessly venting her feelings. Her father and mother had already reunited with her through a certain method, becoming a part of her power, as well as becoming another type of heavy burden.

Diaster had previously displayed many strange and sinister thoughts towards her, but Pandora knew that that was because of hatred, as well as a pain that he just couldn’t let go. Before the apostle’s appearance, Diaster was a good father, husband, and leader. Not only did he have eight levels of ability, he himself was a genius in the engineering and machinery. He single-handedly founded the Blue Scorpions, as well as established the first Scorpion Nest atop ruins. The reason why it was called Scorpion Nest was because based on the olden era astrology, Pandora was a Scorpio, and her favorite color was the blue that was rumored to belong to the skies and seas. 

The Diaster of the past was tall, handsome, full of charisma, and had great power. He previously had a dream, which was to rebuild his homeland on the ravaged earth, to reconstruct the federation era’s glory. Meanwhile, the establishment of Scorpion Nest already seemed to be the first cornerstone placed for this grand ideal. However, just at this time, the apostle’s voice sounded in Pandora’s consciousness, and then everything changed.

Wind brushed at Pandora’s black hair, blowing against her exposed skin, bringing her bits of chilly feeling. After destroying the biological computer chip, she was completely free from the apostle’s control, but what was she to do now? Most of her life had been spent in that completely empty consciousness prison. Pandora raised her right hand, a rock sucked into the palm of her hand. Her will moved, and then a black flame rose from her fine hand, immediately making that rock silently break apart, quickly turning into a small pile of gray ashes that was blown away by the wind. Power this great already reached the peak of this body’s intended evolution, to the extent where it even exceeded the original plan’s expectations.

The current her, was already ‘Black Flame’.

She had freedom, had power, but lost all of her loved ones; for the first time, Pandora was truly alone. She walked towards the depths of the wilderness. Revenge was her sole purpose for survival, but now still wasn’t the time. Even if it was the Black Flame that possessed endless power and potential for evolution, she still wasn’t a match for the apostle with the Starship Valhalla. Pandora who had accompanied the apostle for many years couldn’t be more clear on how terrifying Fitzdurk was.

She needed time, needed to familiarize herself with the Black Flame, and also needed to continuously raise her own strength, all the way until the day came when she could crush Fitzdurk.

On Starship Valhalla, Fitzdurk gradually quelled his rage, starting to recall the scene he saw just now. Pandora gave him a strange feeling, suddenly making him think of a possibility, leaving him so shocked that he stood up from the chair! Even though there was no one in the control room, Fitzdurk still sensed that he forgot himself, and then with a snort, he slowly sat back down.

He controlled his mood, starting to analyze the information that hologram transmitted back. A few minutes later, with a pa sound, the furious Fitzdurk actually twisted and broke off the alloy cast armrest, chucking the ruined metal piece at the wall in front of him! In that area, Naxu’s beautiful and gentle face was sketched with lasers. However, the Naxu here didn’t actually have its own consciousness, just an imitated image. The metal piece passed through her face, smashing fiercely into the wall, unexpectedly embedding itself deepky into the similarly sturdy alloy cast wall.

The data stream that was currently entering and exiting was interfered with, making Naxu’s head image flicker indistinctly a few times, but then the autocorrect mechanism automatically displayed its use, making her clear once more. However, this face Fitzdurk was previously quite fond of now made him feel incomparable hatred and fury.

“Actually already became the ultra life form ‘Black Flame? Even I need five days of calculation, how could that little girl who doesn’t know anything possibly understand the Black Flame’s evolution method? It is definitely you! Naxu, it’s definitely you! Even you betrayed me? I originally prepared to bestow you the right to be with me, let you stand at the end of all biological evolution chains, an unsurpassed glory! However, how could you filthy and stupid creatures not understand this type of glory?! You dare betray me, Naxu, I will definitely…”

When he roared up to here, Fitzdurk suddenly recalled that the underground base was already blown up, so Naxu who only had a giant brain left was naturally destroyed as well. His so-called revenge and torment completely lost all meaning.

This only made him even more mad.

The extremely angry Fitzdurk instead calmed down, starting to think about his next plan of action. Ultra life forms were indeed powerful, but for him, they were merely some manageable problems. Before the merged Valhalla and Fitzdurk, the current Black Flame couldn’t even be considered a problem. The only element that couldn’t be controlled, was that not even he knew where the evolution limit of the Black Flame Naxu remodeled was, or what type of ultra life form it was. Meanwhile, Pandora’s departure into the distance was clearly to buy some time, familiarizing and raising the Black Flame’s combat strength.

A cold smile slowly emerged on the corners of Fitzdurk’s lips. “Pandora, did you think you could get revenge just because you have the Black Flame? I am waiting for you to come find me! This will make the game much more interesting.”

The Starship Valhalla turned around in the air, heading north. In that direction, there was energy and resources Fitzdurk needed. WIth these things, he could rebuild Scorpion Nest in the shortest amount of time. As the mental domain’s Great Earth Lightning Apostle, the destruction of the underground base was far from as severe as it looked, perhaps for Fitzdurk, the true loss were only Naxu and Black Flame.

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