Book 6 Chapter 25.9

Book 6 Chapter 25.9 - Lost Secrets

It was still not dawn yet.

Within Midnight City, most people were still sound asleep. Even those who drowned themselves in crazy fun, at this time, would choose to rest. Meanwhile, there were an extremely small few who already got up, and they needed to work from now all the way until midnight, and only then could they make enough money to exchange for food for themselves and their children’s survival. This was the reality, as well as a blessing. Being able to allow one’s family to continue living through work, in this era, was already a happiness that was difficult to come by. Of the few upper level individuals, as well as those with authority and ability users, there were still some who didn’t sleep yet. They were either still crazily partying or currently planning for something. There were some high level ability users who didn’t really need sleep, sleeping two to three hours every few days was already enough.

However, as the blue-purple dual colored specks of light suddenly illuminated half the night sky, all people, both those who were blessed and those who were unlucky, reached the end of their lives at this moment.

The rain of death descended once more. When the first ball of fire rose, hundreds of low shacks were instantly destroyed. When a certain shed was overturned by the heat streams, a mother who carried a child in her arms was screaming as she flew into the sky from the shattered wooden pieces. Even while under extreme fear, she still tightly hugged the child, subconsciously using her body and arms to protect him. However, immediately afterwards, a light beam of destruction perfectly poured down from above her head, instantly devouring both her and her child. Then, it shot through the ground, starting a new round of explosions.

Before judgment day’s rain of fire, a single person was completely insignificant. Even when thousands and tens of thousands of these insignificant people gathered together, they were still insignificant.

Without the interference of ultra life forms, the psychological blow that was meant to be delivered to Midnight City became purely slaughter. Several hundred beams of destruction immediately wiped out over half of the ability users in the city, and then the second wave of fire completely killed all ability users above three levels. The third round of fire formed a wall of raging flames and explosions around the city, preventing anyone inside from escaping. Then, the bombardment gradually converged at the center from the outer walls, the volley of light beams and an enormous mushroom cloud forming the signal of completion of this massacre.

When Valhalla became silent, the number that was displayed on the biological detector was fixed at zero.

After ascertaining this result once more, only then did Fitzdurk withdraw from his control state. Under the support of gravitational force beams of light, he slowly floated over to his own seat, and then sat down. Continuously firing at such a great output made even the spatial furnace develop some signs of instability. This wasn’t because of a lack of technology, but because the materials weren’t of a high enough level. Moreover, after some key areas were destroyed by Madeline, with only temporary repairs made, some more damage now appeared.

It was time to return to the base for repairs, and also time to raise Pandora to an ultra life form. Fitzdurk leaned into the back of his chair, several light bands of data extending out from the seat, linking up with his brain. Upgrading a new ultra life form, even for an apostle, was an extremely complex project, needing a considerable amount of time for processing.

“If only the brain was here, then it would be perfect…” When faced with this sea of data, Fitzdurk couldn’t help but think this. A workload that would take him several days to process was something the brain only needed a few minutes for.

Valhalla started up its automatic procedures, starting to fly slowly. It already surveyed and evaluated all of the large-scale inhabited points within several hundred kilometers, and then planned the most optimal path to eliminate all of these inhabited points, while still able to continue the interior repair process. This job would take approximately five days of time, and once it was completed, at least a third of the Great Lakes Western Regions’ close to three million population would be wiped out. Like this, it should teach this region’s humans an extremely deep lesson, teaching them not to randomly try to try to associate themselves with ultra life forms, especially the ultra life forms the apostle wished to destroy. This was despite the fact that Fitzdurk knew that these humans didn’t know what happened at all, only treating this like a disaster that arose abruptly. However, he definitely wouldn’t waste time explaining this, nor would he mind whether they truly understood or not. What Fitzdurk wanted, was just to vent a bit of anger. Meanwhile, Fitzdurk also needed at least five days of time to organize what was needed for Pandora’s modification procedure. 

Valhalla moved slowly and quietly, firing several times every half hour, erasing the inhabited lands from the map one after another.

In the distant east, a small fleet hobbled about as it returned to Scorpion Nest. Diaster jumped down from the command vehicle, completely stupefied as he stared at Scorpion Nest that was changed beyond recognition. Scorpion Nest already disappeared, completely becoming an enormous giant crater, at the bottom of the pit, the top of the underground base was exposed. Apart from the nuclear power plants that were still perfectly preserved, the other factories had completely disappeared. The top of the underground base was already opened, several dozen large scale autonomous sets of engineering machinery currently operating on the walls of the crater, cleaning and recycling all remains of value, as well as laying paths one after another that led towards the surface. Why did Scorpion Nest become like this in less than a month of time?

Valhalla’s completion and takeoff were both important matters in Fitzdurk’s eyes, so he obviously wouldn’t inform Diaster who was no different from an ant. When Madeline and Cirvanas annihilated all of the most elite troops under him in one move, Diaster already knew that he had no way of reporting back. However, by fleeing back to Scorpion Nest, he could still live a bit longer, still better than dying under Madeline’s hands. However, when he saw Scorpion Nest’s state, a gleam of hope emerged in Diaster’s mind. The mother base was even in ruins, so the complete wipeout of the troops under his command didn’t seem to be that unforgivable anymore.

Right at this time, Pandora’s ice-cold voice sounded from Diaster’s portable communications device. “Marshal Diaster, please immediately enter the underground first base to carry out a mutated tissues inspection.”

“Mutated tissues inspection? What kind of stupid joke is this?! That’s something used for treating concocted human slaves! I am but a marshal!” Diaster roared towards the communications device. Carrying out a mutated tissues inspection was standard procedure in the Scorpions of Disaster, but that was only the case for lower and mid level concocted humans. As the Scorpions of Disaster’s highest commanding officer, at least nominally, Diaster had never went through something like this. Of course, he also never stepped foot in the underground base’s first floor.

“Marshal Diaster, please immediately enter the underground first base to carry out a mutated tissues inspection.” Pandora repeated without a single word of discrepancy.

Diaster immediately became quiet. He gave the road that had been half built along the crater’s wall a look, and then in the end still chose to jump and climb towards the underground base. When Pandora repeated herself, that meant that there was no room for discussion; this was an order that had to be completed.

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