Book 6 Chapter 25.8

Book 6 Chapter 25.8 - Lost Secrets

Little Luo fled across the great earth with inconceivable speed, explosions continuously rumbling behind her. The powerful feeling of danger made her instincts even sharper, her body now rushing towards the northwestern mountain area. Its instincts told it that there might be a chance to escape there. Meanwhile, in the other direction, Cirvanas was already standing still, looking at the already distant Valhalla, a pensive look currently on his face. Sky-reaching fiery light still rose from time to time, he could still feel the power of the explosions through the ground underneath his feet. It was clear that between the two, Valhalla chose Little Luo.

Cirvanas frowned as he thought to himself. He felt an extremely strange feeling, why was it that when he was in a state where all information and auras were severed, the starship up above could still accurately lock onto him? This shouldn’t be an elemental property reason, because if it was because of this, then the starship would definitely lose track of its targets under the continuous and unending intense explosions. However, each time the starship’s main cannon released destructive light, it would accurately drop down on him without a mistake, so it definitely had other methods of tracking.

It wasn’t energy, it wasn’t his natural aura, then was it life characteristics? Cirvanas felt as if a streak of lightning ran through his heart. He immediately began to analyze himself from the other side’s perspective with all perception and detection methods he knew, trying to find the holes in his own stealth. He had already followed Su for a very long period of time, and Su’s most powerful aspect was his omnipotent perception ability. A moment later, Cirvanas already understood that with his present life detecting methods, there was no way to hide his own biological traces at all. However, even though he couldn’t hide, he could still pretend to be something else. A minute later, Cirvanas’ aura already completely changed. With a wave of his hand, a strand of mist surrounded his entire body, only a faint shadow could be seen under the cover of night, this figure quickly departing into the distance.

Fitzdurk released a cry of surprise, astonished as he watched an ultra life form signal he had locked onto suddenly change, becoming no different from an ordinary being. His expression immediately became ugly to the extreme. Ultra life forms were ultra life forms after all, this individual was actually able to find and neutralize Valhalla’s targeting method so quickly. With this, after missing today’s opportunity, if he wanted to find him again in the future, it would be extremely difficult, only possible if Serendela returned. However, this was just an ordinary ultra life form, compared to the predatory type ultra life form, it went without saying which one was more important. That was why Fitzdurk still moved Valhalla after Little Luo. For the sake of more precise attacks, he even dropped Valhalla down to a hundred meters from the ground. This was the limit of the fully activated Valhalla, if he went any lower, the spatial distortion would make contact with the ground, and the tremendous energy consumption might even cause the spatial furnace to explode. In addition, Fitzdurk now presented a trap for Little Luo, hoping for Little Luo to rush into Valhalla just like how Madeline did. However, Madeline could break Valhalla because of her exceptional destructive power, and also because she suddenly launched an attack from inside, moreover seriously injuring Fitzdurk in a single move, thus allowing her to seize such a glorious battle result during the comparatively long amount of time Valhalla was in a chaotic state.

Meanwhile, if Little Luo ascended Valhalla, Fitzdurk believed that even if it was allowed to attack as it pleased, it would still be hard for it to even break through Valhalla’s outer shell.

However, Fitzdurk also felt a faint uneasiness from deep within him. He couldn’t say for sure where this uneasiness came from. Perhaps it was an uneasiness that was felt because he was facing a predatory ultra life form for the first time? This explanation was passable. Even in the boundless cosmos, whenever a predatory type ultra life form was encountered, even if it was a young biological body, it was still not a trifling matter. However, this really was Fitzdurk’s first time encountering a predatory ultra life form. It wasn’t that he didn’t encounter any before, but for some reason, all memories he had of dealing with predatory life forms were sealed up, stored in that spinning symbol suspended in the eternal void. Perhaps when ten more void furnaces were created, Fitzdurk would have enough energy to activate that symbol and retrieve the lost memories.

However, that was something he would think about in the future. Right now, he still felt uneasy, and the uneasiness would quickly become reality.

Little Luo whose speed was as fast as lightning already rushed into the mountain region. It suddenly turned, its small body making its way into a hidden and winding cave. In just a few seconds, it already stood in the innermost depths of the cave, moreover digging out the belly of the mountain, heading straight towards the depths of the underground world. Fitzdurk’s face immediately changed, but the main cannons had a cooldown period in firing to replenish energy, so he could only watch helplessly as Little Luo’s biological signal grew more and more dim, eventually even disappearing.

Valhalla indeed possessed endless power, at the very least, it possessed the power to flatten a large city. However, completely blowing up a mountain range was still beyond its abilities.

Valhalla floated in the air for a very long time, and only then did it slowly turn around and fly towards Midnight City. The detection system already displayed Midnight City’s location, the gathering of tens of thousands of people extremely striking, unable to escape the scanning at all. The fact that two ultra life forms escaped from before his eyes one after the next made the furious Fitzdurk want to properly teach the human race who didn’t know the difference between life and death a proper lesson. Completely destroying Steel Gate was still not enough to quell his rage, but after Midnight City’s population of fifty thousand was wiped out, it then got a bit better. Even though Fitzdurk had the external appearance of a human male, at least some of their characteristics, no matter what angle one looked at him from, he was not human, and never did he think that the human race had the qualifications to compare to himself. The human race was indeed the indigenous people of this world, but that was all. Since the apostles have already appeared in this world, then they naturally became the rulers of this world. The human race would only be able to serve as one of this world’s subsidiary species.

As for those two ultra life forms, they were clearly extremely cunning, already being who he couldn’t treat as ignorant and naive fellas, nor could he only rely on Valhalla to kill them. If he wanted to wipe out these two hidden disasters, especially the predatory ultra life form, there might not be any shortcuts to take. He could only use the most traditional method, which was the only method whose effectiveness could be guaranteed after hundreds and thousands of generations, which was to use ultra life forms to hunt ultra life forms. Fitzdurk immediately took himself out of the equation, he had more important things to take care of. Meanwhile, Serendela and Madeline’s current states weren’t suitable for taking care of this task either. However, he still had one suitable candidate: Pandora.

Nevertheless, Fitzdurk still felt some hesitation. Pandora was still not an ultra life form yet. Even though Fitzdurk could change her into an ultra life form, this would mean that Pandora would become an existence on the same level as the apostles, biological forms that were equally noble. To promote a completely insignificant human to such a high level was something Fitzdurk felt hesitation over. Only, after weighing things over, even though Fitzdurk still felt that this wasn’t the best method, the problem was that this was the only method.

However, after Pandora was modified into a hunter, Fitzdurk still had one matter he had to finish, which was to teach the humans who lived in the Great Lakes Western Region a great lesson they would never forget.

Under the night sky, Valhalla gracefully changed directions, heading towards Midnight City, a streak of purple-blue dual colored flame of death dragged out behind it.

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