Book 6 Chapter 25.8

Book 6 Chapter 25.8 - Lost Secrets

Little Luo fled across the great earth with inconceivable speed, explosions continuously rumbling behind her. The powerful feeling of danger made her instincts even sharper, her body now rushing towards the northwestern mountain area. Its instincts told it that there might be a chance to escape there. Meanwhile, in the other direction, Cirvanas was already standing still, looking at the already distant Valhalla, a pensive look currently on his face. Sky-reaching fiery light still rose from time to time, he could still feel the power of the explosions through the ground underneath his feet. It was clear that between the two, Valhalla chose Little Luo.

Cirvanas frowned as he thought to himself. He felt an extremely strange feeling, why was it that when he was in a state where all information and auras were severed, the starship...

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