Book 6 Chapter 25.7

Book 6 Chapter 25.7 - Lost Secrets

Cirvanas carefully maintained a set distance between himself and Li. If they were too close, the range of power of the two main cannons would be amplified. He was still okay, but Li definitely couldn’t endure that type of violent explosion. Three balls of lightning still spun around him, already the third time he activated his tenth level Magic Domain ability, Elemental Spheres. Even with the nucleus’ support, this already far exceeded his limits. Cirvanas had no choice, only hoping that Valhalla’s attacks would stop before he collapsed. However, the ship of death floating above attacked for an entire half hour, completely turning Steel Gate into hell on earth, yet still didn’t show any signs of energy deficiency. Towards this starship that floated a thousand meters in the air, Cirvanas was completely helpless. Even...

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