Book 6 Chapter 25.7

Book 6 Chapter 25.7 - Lost Secrets

Cirvanas carefully maintained a set distance between himself and Li. If they were too close, the range of power of the two main cannons would be amplified. He was still okay, but Li definitely couldn’t endure that type of violent explosion. Three balls of lightning still spun around him, already the third time he activated his tenth level Magic Domain ability, Elemental Spheres. Even with the nucleus’ support, this already far exceeded his limits. Cirvanas had no choice, only hoping that Valhalla’s attacks would stop before he collapsed. However, the ship of death floating above attacked for an entire half hour, completely turning Steel Gate into hell on earth, yet still didn’t show any signs of energy deficiency. Towards this starship that floated a thousand meters in the air, Cirvanas was completely helpless. Even if he could fly that high, he had no abilities that could damage the thousand meter long Valhalla.

This was equivalent to trying to compare the nucleus and starship’s void furnaces, so the result was obviously complete defeat.

Another wave of death rain poured down, this time concentrated and accurate. Cirvanas’ expression immediately changed, about to take action and intercept it, but a malicious current suddenly swept over from behind him. Before he even reacted, a sphere of lightning already activated a defensive force field, and then a giant steel plate smashed viciously into it! A mouthful of blood sprayed out from Cirvanas’ mouth, his body involuntarily flying out to the side. He extended his hand futilely towards the distance, but the elemental sphere had already completely exhausted its energy, and he had no other abilities that could display their effects a thousand meters away. He could only watch helplessly as those destructive light beams gathered towards Li’s location.

Little Luo jumped out, placing its body between Li and the light beams of destruction! Part of the destructive light beams’ power was reflected by its tough and glossy body surface, but the aftereffects still blasted open the surface of its body. While continuously corroding its flesh, its body’s interior was also blasted until it was a bloody mess!

Little Luo was blasted flying, but its jointed limbs were still grabbing Li tightly, bringing them more than ten meters through the air, smashing into a pile of ruins together. Its injured back just happened to be the area that landed on the ground, the pain immediately making it cry out. Pain originally didn’t affect Little Luo, this powerful pain was actually its body’s signal of danger, indicating that the damage it suffered just now already possessed life-threatening danger.

Even in the deafening sounds of explosion, Li still heard its groaning cry. She didn’t know where the power came from either, but she suddenly pushed aside a several ton rock pillar that was crushing down on her, looking towards the direction of the noise.

Little Luo’s originally powerful body was already badly mangled, half buried in the ruins. It breathed heavily, faint purple smoke continuously released from its mouth and nose. Li could tell from a single look that this was the color of its blood.

In that instant, the night sky suddenly became peaceful, Li already completely unable to hear anything. She instinctively raised her head, just in time to see the last streak of light descend from above. In that instant, Li’s senses truly didn’t pick up any sounds!

The entire world became extremely slow, gradually coming to a standstill. Even Little Luo who was struggling to crawl out from the ruins and the distant panicking bewitching young man seemed to have frozen still, unable to complete a single motion for a long time. Li was extremely clear-headed, but her consciousness was moving extremely, extremely slowly, this clear disparity making her feel uncomfortable to the extreme. She knew what she was currently doing, but the excessively slow stream of consciousness prevented her from clearly sensing her current motions.

That was why Li watched as the giant concrete block shattered beneath her own feet, feeling the tremendous impact push her body out towards Little Luo who still couldn’t struggle free from the ruins, and then cover it beneath her own body. Then, the destructive pillar of light descended from the sky, completely submerging Li within.

Li and Little Luo were almost within reach. She grabbed it tightly, using her body to protect her child. This was the first time she hugged it so closely after Little Luo was born. Li could clearly see the radiance within Little Luo’s dozen or so compound eyes. The light was no longer flickering, nor did it sent out any information. Right now, Little Luo’s consciousness was already completely blank, not thinking anything at all, nor did she make any movements.

The flowing light of destruction poured down, eroding and igniting Li’s body, purple and blue light becoming the colors of death.

In her final moments, that smile that made Li feel heartaches, made her go crazy, appeared before her eyes again. She was also smiling, only, she cursed from deep down ‘you fucking bastard!’, and then everything was filled in by the blue and purple brilliance of destruction.

Following the ferocious explosion, the one who was tossed out by the energy streams was Little Luo. Li had already completely disappeared.

Little Luo’s injuries became even more serious, but a single beam of destruction was still not enough to deliver fatal damage.

Cirvanas’ body flew through the sky, reaching out his hands to grab Little Luo. Then, his figure flashed a few times, quickly rushing a thousand meters out, avoiding the next round of the two main cannons. Meanwhile, even if he couldn’t avoid the destructive light of the auxiliary cannons, his elemental spheres would still be enough to neutralize them. What Cirvanas wanted to do was just to give Little Luo a bit of time, while what Little Luo needed, was precisely this bit.

Half a minute later, the injuries on the surface of Little Luo’s body already closed, new tough material skin currently rapidly forming. Meanwhile, her body also became smaller. With her current fighting strength, her original form really was too large. Having a larger body had its benefits, but one had to have the energy to match it. Perhaps in the future, Little Luo would grow to be a massive being who stretched several dozen kilometers in width, but that was something that would only happen in the far distant future. Meanwhile, now, as her body size shrunk to that of a medium-sized dog, its true strength actually shot up in a straight line. A smaller body meant more optimal defense and faster speed, the sacrifice being the amount of energy she could store. However, for an ultra life form like her, even if she ate earth or mud, it would be enough to acquire sufficient nutrients, so at the very least, energy reserves were still not an issue.

The only reason why Little Luo was originally so large was only for the sake of matching the size of a human race young girl.

When he saw Little Luo complete its body’s transformation, Cirvanas said ‘flee separately’, and then moved his hand, throwing her out. Little Luo flipped in midair, and then her body strangely changed directions. Her speed suddenly increased, instantly disappearing into the darkness. Meanwhile, Cirvanas flew in another direction.

The rain of death continued to descend from the sky, but the angle of deviation of the two main cannons became larger and larger. If it didn’t have any other methods, then Valhalla would have no choice but to give up on one target. Only a direct strike from the main cannon or many strikes from auxiliary cannons at the same time could bring down Cirvanas or Little Luo; if it was just a single auxiliary cannon’s beam, they could still endure it. That was why Li’s action of blocking in front of Little Luo didn’t actually serve any purpose, not decreasing the energy by that much at all. Even if that beam of light hit Little Luo directly, it still wouldn’t kill it.

However, Cirvanas who had just watched that entire scene understood that Li knew that if she was still alive, then Luo definitely wouldn’t abandon her and flee on her own. She only wished for Luo to run without any worry, that was all. Cirvanas also knew that Little Luo also understood this.

In the distance, Su suddenly felt a mysterious pain deep within. He raised his head towards the night sky, but felt extremely confused. His intuition that was originally sharp and quick now seemed to be covered in layers of dust, not understanding what happened at all.

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