Book 6 Chapter 25.6

Book 6 Chapter 25.6 - Lost Secrets

Within some ruins within the ghetto area, blinding seven-colored light suddenly erupted. Then, an intense explosion took place once more, crushed rock and earth flying everywhere, Cirvanas floating out from within the fiery light. The cloak that was originally around him had long turned to dust, his short hair already changing into a metallic silver color, several transparent spheres of lightning dancing around him. The skies lit up again, a thick beam of destructive light, under the accompaniment of several dozen other smaller scale beams, blasted towards those two exceptionally nimble bodies, and this time, it didn’t seem like they could evade anymore.

In that instant, Little Luo pressed Li’s body below, to the extent where it unfolded its body until it was flat, protecting Li to the greatest degree possible. The greatest destructive pillar of light was already evaded, but the fine light beams that accompanied it smashed straight at Little Luo. The flowing brilliance instantly filled Little Luo’s compound eyes!

Cirvanas’s hands moved together, two lightning spheres around him immediately moving over, quickly spinning around each other, drawing a blade-like streak of brilliance from the arc trajectory! The speed of this expanse of light was far greater than the destructive light beam’, instantly crossing a thousand meters of space, cutting through the destructive light beam that descended from the sky, and then a powerful explosion erupted, unexpectedly blasting it apart! Cirvanas was in a dangerous situation himself. Another enormous destructive pillar of light descended upon him, already too late for him to dodge! At the moment of crisis, Cirvanas aimed the other lightning sphere above his head, producing a half-spherical seven-colored defensive force field. As soon as the defensive force field was able to completely protect him, the torrent of light completely submerged him within.

Another great crater appeared on the ground, following that world-shaking explosion.  However, this time, no one died, because everything within a hundred meter radius had long been turned into ruins, no one surviving. As the air streams were released from the explosions Cirvanas was also flung out, the clothes covering his body in tatters, in a terrible state, the lightning sphere that was originally floating long disappearing after being exhausted. His body smashed heavily into a pile of crushed rock, but without the time to tend to the pain he felt from his entire body, he jumped out, quickly and nimbly flying into the distance under the support of gravitational fields.

More than ten fine destructive beams of light interweaved, viciously skewering the area he previously stood at.

Valhalla trembled slightly, the vibrating sounds of energy extremely slight, but it filled every corner of this ship. The lighting around the slender and streamlined ship body all distorted slightly. This was the reflection of the spatial furnace operating at full strength, the slight interference and distortion it produced in the space around it. This was partly an unavoidable phenomenon, but the irregular distortion of space was also a powerful protective measure. When Valhalla operated at full force, its surroundings would become a domain of death. The long and slender ship’s female images all opened their eyes, blue-purple dual colored radiance gathering in their eyes. After gathering power for a few seconds, streaks of destructive light descended on Steel Gate that was already smothered in raging flames. Meanwhile, the enormous female head at the bow of the ship would fire two streaks of exceptionally powerful beams of destruction after every set interval, the power several dozen times that of the other light beams, one aimed at Little Luo, the other pursuing Cirvanas.

Under the night sky, Valhalla which stuck close to the clouds of radiation was elegant and dignified, just like the legendary throne gods used to pass judgment on a world, releasing a beautiful and splendid destruction across mankind.

At the edge of Fitzdurks’ consciousness, a set of digits were jumping about, dropping down all the way to 14000 from the original 93000, and it was still declining. This was the current population of Steel Gate and the surrounding regions. Under Valhalla’s continuous bombardment, in just ten or so minutes, this city that could be considered prosperous in this entire era had already been completely wiped out. The entire main city had already become a sea of flames, the surging pillars of light even illuminating the clouds of radiation! With now less than ten thousand people remaining, the number of deaths finally started to slow down. This wasn’t because Valhalla lowered its frequency of attacks, but only because the people who survived were all scattered throughout Steel Gate’s outskirt cities, their density greatly thinning, thus finally making the casualty rate decrease.

At this time, a world-shaking explosion suddenly erupted in Steel Gate’s western region. Two dark giants roared across the night sky, scattering down large amounts of scorching liquid steel. This was the result of the steel mill being detonated by Valhalla’s main cannons. The two operating blast furnaces flew over a hundred feet into the air, liquid steel scattering over the ground. No life could continue existing!

Within the continuous and unending ferocious explosions, a half red steel beam roared as it flew through the sky, almost brushing the top of Li’s head as it flew past, scorching a large half of her short maroon hair. Right now, all she could see were intense raging flames, deafening explosion sounds filling her ears, nothing else audible. There were flames and burning red pieces of steel everywhere, with no place to use as cover, even the air she breathed was scorching hot. The night sky was already enveloped in fiery light, but not even the sky-reaching great flames could hide the dazzling rain of death descending from the sky.

Li was running crazily completely on instinct, while Little Luo accompanied her at her side the entire time. Valhalla’s main cannon continued to target Little Luo, but as all of the ability users died out, Li also became quite the striking target, four or five destructive beams of light fired from auxiliary cannons aiming at her each time. If Little Luo wasn’t at her side, there was no way Li could avoid that many destructive beams. Meanwhile, each time they entered a dire situation, there would always be an expanse of energy radiance fired from the distance, thus neutralizing the unavoidable destructive beams. Even if it was the light beam fired from the main cannon, it would still block it. Just like that, only then did Little Luo and Li manage to avoid situations of inevitable death time and time again. However, the situation was getting worse and worse, even with Cirvanas’ protection.

Cirvanas’ silver short hair was sticking to his forehead, his bright red lips already splitting, blood continuously pouring out, and then instantly evaporating. He clenched his teeth, extracting every drop of strength from his body. His brain was even more so operating at flying speed, currently processing far more things than it could handle. The nucleus was frantically beating, sending energy to various parts of his body. The energy it erupted with long exceeded what it could handle, and it also exceeded the limits of what Cirvanas’ current body could handle. Wherever each strand of energy passed, the surrounding tissues would all become badly mangled. However, as if sensing his powerful willpower and survival crisis, the nucleus still poured out power exceeding its limit.

Cirvanas could feel that the inside of his body was burning, to the extent where it was even hotter than the flames around him, so hot that his consciousness was even starting to become a bit blurry. Nevertheless, he still clenched his teeth, holding on, no idea how much longer he could hold on for. However, he already felt like he had reached his limit ten minutes ago, yet he still miraculously held on until now, and it seemed like he could still go on. This was already purely relying on willpower, not even he himself could say where the source of his strength came from. Was it Madeline? Or maybe it was Su?

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