Book 6 Chapter 25.6

Book 6 Chapter 25.6 - Lost Secrets

Within some ruins within the ghetto area, blinding seven-colored light suddenly erupted. Then, an intense explosion took place once more, crushed rock and earth flying everywhere, Cirvanas floating out from within the fiery light. The cloak that was originally around him had long turned to dust, his short hair already changing into a metallic silver color, several transparent spheres of lightning dancing around him. The skies lit up again, a thick beam of destructive light, under the accompaniment of several dozen other smaller scale beams, blasted towards those two exceptionally nimble bodies, and this time, it didn’t seem like they could evade anymore.

In that instant, Little Luo pressed Li’s body below, to the extent where it unfolded its body until it was flat, protecting Li to the greatest...

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