Book 6 Chapter 25.5

Book 6 Chapter 25.5 - Lost Secrets

Hundreds of pillars of light silently tore through the night sky, descending onto Steel Gate. They released brilliant light, their speeds despite being fast, it didn’t truly reach the speed of light. The streaks of light seemed to carry substance, pouring down like a waterfall. Regardless of whether it was the normal houses or the large frame concrete structures, they all silently collapsed under these pillars of light. Every streak of light was aimed at a powerful ability user or hidden powerful mutated creature. When faced with this destructive light made entirely of energy, they were weak to the point where before they couldn’t even release a cry of alarm before their deaths, they were already blasted into ashes in the radiance. Two especially thick pillars of light struck down, one striking the heart of the command center, the other blasting the poor residential district. At first, it was just a small beam of energy, but when it silently passed through the roof of the command building, it was already a several meters thick pillar of light! The blue and purple dual-colored light instantly made everyone’s expressions pale!

The light of destruction stretched a thousand meters in length. When it completely finished its flight, most of the command district had already disappeared, what remained was only a dozen or so meter deep giant hole. Meanwhile, at the bottom of the giant crater, large amounts of blue and purple-colored energy still hadn’t dispersed, rippling like water.

Li fell heavily on the street. Even though she fell from a height of several dozen meters, Little Luo moved her body underneath first, absorbing the tremendous impact.

The enormous crater that suddenly appeared before them was less than three meters away from Li and Little Luo! If not for Little Luo’s movements being fast enough, Li would have long vanished under that pillar of destruction. At this time, Little Luo no longer maintained the sweet face of a human girl, a human body greatly restricting her power. If it were not for the sake of making Li feel more comfortable, she definitely wouldn’t have changed into a human appearance. Right now, each eye separated into four, several openings appearing on her forehead as well, revealing several compound eyes beneath. As the total of sixteen compound eyes returned, Little Luo’s face also became extremely terrifying. However, she only gave that giant crater a look, and then immediately jumped out, grabbing Li with lightning fast speed, and then rushed behind an abandoned building. Immediately afterwards, the energy radiance surging in the giant pit suddenly stopped, what followed was a world-shaking great explosion, to the extent where even a mushroom cloud slowly rose!

When one looked down from above, all of Steel Gate was enveloped in fiery light, violent explosions rising and falling. Large amounts of biological lights instantly grew dim. Meanwhile, the two most intense explosions directly razed everything within a hundred meter radius to the ground. After continuous explosions sounded, raging flames covered Steel Gate. Even from a thousand meters in the air, one could still see the two wound-like giant empty areas.

An area of ruins made of piled rubble was suddenly dug up. Little Luo who had just recovered her combat strength made her way out, on the surface of her body’s smooth and sturdy surface were traces of blood left from having the skin covering her torn off. The newly produced blades she just produced were short and curved, solid and thick, moreover divided into several segments, every piece able to move to a limited degree. Meanwhile, her joints also correspondingly divided into many sections, the final segments having a multi-purpose reverse hook added to them. Her body was still sleek and slender, but her physique was almost an entire size larger than Snow who was born from the same father. Luo’s blades and joints shook at an inconceivable frequency, steel reinforced bars and concrete weak like heated butter. In under half a second, Luo dug out Li from the flying earth and stone. Li straightened her body up, the sense of danger completely eliminating all feeling of intoxication from her body, her many years of combat experience allowing her to instantly gather her strength. Her body that had already reached six levels directly jumped out from the hole Luo dug out. She didn’t take the time to think too much, directly following Luo towards another alley.

A dazzling rain of light shone in the skies once more. A second later, flowing destructive pillars of light poured down again, several hundred streaks of brilliance lit up Steel Gate, and then turned into powerful explosions! Great flames raged, moreover continuously spreading. After the back to back attacks, the ability users in the city were almost completely wiped out. Meanwhile, Kane resided in a small villa, so he was blasted through by the very first explosion, and then already wiped out by the following explosion.

At that time, Kane still hadn’t slept, fully concentrated on condensing a small piece of alloy, preparing to use it to repair Li’s damaged long blade. It was to the extent where he didn’t even have the time to raise his head before he was smothered in blue-purple light.

Li sprinted like she was mad, never feeling the feeling of death so close. Explosions erupted around her one after the next, the flying concrete and steel all becoming fatal weapons. A small half of Steel Gate already became a land of flames, there were two times where Li had to directly pass through the raging flames in order to avoid the incoming light of destruction. Luo followed her like a shadow, occasionally lending her a hand during imminent danger. Li’s talent in battle was unquestionable, able to select the only path of life from situations of extreme chaos. Even Luo who completely relied on her innate intuition wasn’t much stronger than Li in this field.

When looking down from above, one would see that right now, most of Steel Gate was already enveloped in a sea of flames, the light of explosions rising and falling, the line of flames slowly creeping southward. The city had long erupted into chaos, but not many panicked people could be seen. From the moment the first wave of destructive light landed until now, only a few minutes had passed. Many people had just woken up from their dreams, still not knowing what was happening. In all of Steel Gate, the ability users who were still alive didn’t exceed ten, while half of the city’s near hundred thousand population had already lost their lives.

At the center of Valhalla, Fitzdurk frowned ever so slightly. He didn’t have an interest in slaughtering ordinary people, but he definitely wouldn’t feel grief over their deaths. What left him vexed was that after six whole bombardments, not only were the two ultra life forms still perfectly fine, there was actually one ability user who was still alive. If it wasn’t for the devastating damage Madeline inflicted on Valhalla, causing the Starship’s destructive cannons’ speed to slow by two-thirds, the power correspondingly reduced by half, how could those two ultra life forms that didn’t complete their growth survive until now? Moreover, another element that Fitzdurk didn’t consider previously was that he also suffered serious damage, so the speed at which he aimed the destructive cannons also became considerably slower.

However, the two ultra life forms, especially the predatory type ultra life form, had already been completely locked onto by Valhalla. No matter how far they ran, as long as they were still on this celestial body, they couldn’t escape Valhalla’s pursuit. Under the starship’s relentless pursuit, not even a predatory ultra life form had the leisure for evolution.

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