Book 6 Chapter 25.4

Book 6 Chapter 25.4 - Lost Secrets

Ultra life forms were still living beings, all having their own corresponding behavior and special criterion, moreover having some type of restrictions and limitations. For example, Fitzdurk’s talent was in the Mental Domain, so when he entered his complete state, he would have the talent for twelve levels of abilities. Before entering his complete state, the apostle was equivalent to being in an adolescent stage, needing large amounts of goods and energy to grow, but once he completely matured, the amount of goods and energy would substantially decrease, while room for further growth would also be somewhat restricted. Predatory ultra life forms were different, their growth space might be much higher than normal ultra life forms, but the amount of goods and energy they needed during their growth process was also far higher. They needed to eat and acquire energy endlessly to support their own growth. Meanwhile, this process, for the world they resided in, was a complete disaster. In the depths of the cosmos, there was no lack of dead celestial bodies that had been completely swept through by predatory ultra life forms. Meanwhile, the other area of danger was that no one knew where the end point of predatory ultra life forms laid. In most situations, their growth limits were actually much lower than ordinary ultra life forms, and they seemed more like stellar beasts who moved based on instinct. However, occasionally, predatory ultra life forms with shockingly high final evolution points would appear, and at that time, it would be calamity for the entire stellar domain.

Fitzdurk originally only wanted to locate Su’s whereabouts, not expecting to discover two ultra life forms in this city, one of them even a predatory type ultra life form. He wasn’t in a hurry to take action, but instead used close to half a minute of time to analyze their properties and data. Even though the data that was received wasn’t all that clear, it was already enough to reach a conclusion. That predatory type ultra life form unexpectedly shared many similarities with Su! Meanwhile, even though the other ultra life form wasn’t a predatory type, to a certain degree, it also had many common areas with Su, to the extent where it shared genetic fragments with Su.

Fitzdurk no longer hesitated. The sound of energy being transferred rumbled within Valhalla, all of the weapon systems starting to fully activate. No matter what angle he looked at it from, he couldn’t permit the predatory life form to continue existing in his territory.

Within Steel Gate below, a larger half of the city was already enveloped in silence, only the steel mill and thermoelectric power plant constantly operating. Most people were still in a land of dreams, completely oblivious to the Valhalla above them. When the detection ring descended, ordinary people only suddenly experienced nightmares. However, in the city, a small scale disturbance was already stirring, the powerful feeling of danger waking up some of the more sensitive ability users from their sleep, these individuals immediately arming themselves. Meanwhile, in Steel Gate’s command district, this place was already cheerless and much colder. This had always been the highest point of command in the Great Lakes Western Region, from Su, then Li, Li Gaolei, and Kane, they all used this place as the command district. Only, ever since Su suddenly left, Li and Li Gaolei were constantly fighting outside, so only Kane remained to watch over the command district. The age of turmoil was an age that respected strength. Li was beautiful, her nature like wind and flames, excelling in both individual strength and military command. This was especially the case when she changed to using a long blade, her bloody battles against the Scorpions of Disaster’s troops again and again even more so fitting the definition of a powerful person. That was why even though the amount of time Li spent in Steel Gate was pitifully few, everyone in the Great Lakes Western Region still viewed her as their highest leader. As for Li Gaolei and Kane, they were completely covered by Li’s brilliance.

Only, now, Li sat in the spacious command room alone, the expression in her eyes a bit lifeless. The sharp long blade was casually flung to her side, the office table at her side full of empty bottles. The strong stench of alcohol continuously spread from her body, the alcohol making her mind a bit sluggish, but it couldn’t calm the pain she felt deep inside. In that place, Li Gaolei was still alive, a faint and somewhat dispirited smile hanging on his face, the stubble on his face forever remaining a bit messy, yet it gave her a bit of wild and masculine feeling. He always smoked only the cheapest cigarettes, while each time, only when the last bit of tobacco was smoked would he throw away the cigarette butt. After all these years, he never changed. Li Gaolei’s will to survive was extremely weak, many times, Li even almost forgetting his existence, but was already used to him being at her side. Only, when Li Gaolei left her forever, only then did Li feel the giant, unfillable emptiness beside her.

The feelings she and Li Gaolei shared were without a doubt incredibly deep, able to explain any affection aside from love between a man and woman. However, Li was sure that she gave all of her love to Su, that was a powerful and completely unrestrained love, no reason behind it, and there was no need for anything in return. She was still young, and her nature was fiery. Even though she knew that Su didn’t belong to her world, she was still willing to set herself aflame, and then throw herself into his world.

However, the pain of losing Li Gaolei still exceeded Li’s expectations. That was why during these past few days, she locked herself up in the command district, chasing everyone out, continuously borrowing alcohol to suppress the grief within her. However, she didn’t completely numb herself, but was instead reflecting, rethinking everything that happened in her own twenty years of life. For the first time, she discovered how headstrong she was, how self-centered. After offering up her completely ignited passion, she felt like she could do whatever she wanted without restraint. All of her actions were done for her own sake, doing things she felt were important, never properly thinking from the perspective of another. Su indeed left, moreover extremely suddenly, to the extent where he didn’t even leave her with a proper goodbye. However, before Su left, he already left her with an enormous territory, this place not only having a complete industry and biochemical drug system, there were over three million people, as well as twenty thousand fully armed soldiers. With this type of foundation, there was a promising future ahead. Even if they didn’t aggressively expand their territory, they could still defend their position, moreover gradually establish a prosperous country. As long as they were diligent, in this country that was relatively peaceful, moreover having a complete set of industries, science and technology, as well as biological systems, with just a few years of time, they could establish an economic system that could provide for tens of millions of people. Even though Su didn’t clearly state it himself, Li, Li Gaolei, and Kane who had followed him for a long time knew that being able to allow more ordinary people to live had always been a dream hidden within the depths of his heart.

Su was a contradicting existence, this was true for his attitude towards life as well. When possible, he was always willing to allow more people to live, but to achieve a certain objective, he might very well become cold-hearted towards some people, especially ability users.

Thinking back, Li had always lived her way, never realizing how much trouble she brought those at her side. At the very least, if she didn’t insist on attacking the Scorpions of Disaster troops alone, Li Gaolei wouldn’t have died.

Only at this moment did she realize she couldn’t be headstrong anymore, and that she had to continue living earnestly, at the very least, do some things for those at her side. Right at this moment, the office table was smashed open with a bang sound, Little Luo who turned into a human race little girl once more directly rushing over! Her expression was full of alarm and panic, and in spite of Li’s expression of shock, she leapt up, directly smashed into Li’s body, dragging her along as she smashed through the window, flying into the dark night.

At this moment, a speck of dazzling radiance shone under the dark curtain of night, soon after becoming a large rain of light that scattered down.

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