Book 6 Chapter 25.3

Book 6 Chapter 25.3 - Lost Secrets

Fitzdurk didn’t find what he wanted in this region, and as such, Valhalla silently started up, gracefully and quietly moving, its enormous body fading in and out of existence as it moved within the clouds of radiation. After just a few minutes, it already appeared several hundred kilometers out, making its way out of the clouds of radiation, the light purple probing energy rippling outwards once more.

While looking at the biological energy reaction before him, Fitzdurk’s mind shook slightly. He gave the clouds of radiation above him a look. Right now, his consciousness was already scattered completely throughout Valhalla, could be said that the entire starship served as his body and eyes. Meanwhile, just a dozen or so meters above him in the roiling clouds of radiation, it didn’t seem to be that simple any longer. As soon as the detection energy ring entered the clouds of radiation, it would quickly weaken, the energy ring that could easily travel several hundred kilometers was now unexpectedly restricted to less than ten kilometers. It seemed like the clouds of radiation weren’t as simple as they looked, pretty much able to block and isolate all waves, domains, and energy methods, to the extent where even energy that was transmitted through space was greatly affected.

Fitzdurk originally only treated the clouds of radiation as a product of the nuclear war the human race started back then, not paying them too much attention, only a bit confused as to why it existed for so many years. However, even if the clouds of radiation existed for a few more decades, it was still normal, because the natural system of a celestial body was extremely complex, especially one that produced a large scale of intelligent life. This type of data was complex to the extent where not even Fitzdurk under his complete state would be willing to come into contact with, only that ‘brain’ among his companions whose whereabouts were unknown capable of processing data from several stellar systems. 

However, after having the energy detection ring obstructed twice, Fitzdurk finally noticed the peculiarity of these clouds filled with radiation. Its obstruction and weakening effects were extraordinarily powerful, not only did the olden era humans’ radar, communications, airplanes, and satellite type equipment completely lose effectiveness, even ultra life forms or energy technology era’s many communications and detection methods were affected, something that was definitely abnormal. Then, why did this type of radiation cloud layer exist? Fitzdurk entered a deep contemplation.

The radiation cloud layer that surrounded the entire celestial body not only prevented the creatures who resided here from seeing the starry sky, it also to a great degree prevented life in the endless cosmos from detecting its existence. This, might very well be the true significance of this radiation cloud layer’s existence. If this was true, didn’t it mean that the will of this world already noticed something that made it scared, thus frantically trying to hide itself?

Fitzdurk thought to himself while moving Valhalla southwest. In that area, the human density was clearly much higher, and it was quite orderly. It seemed like a large scale power should exist there. Meanwhile, from Diaster’s war report, the Scorpions of Disaster’s concocted human army suffered defeat on this front again and again, already fully proving how powerful the other party was. However, before Starship Valhalla’s epoch-marking strength, apart from the colossus that was the Blood Parliament, all other human race powers were unbearably weak.

A minute later, Valhalla’s graceful and gigantic ship body already floated above Steel Gate’s skies.

The inspection energy ring spread once more, and as a result, Fitzdurk saw the jumping figures of many startled ability users. Fitzdurk felt a bit helpless towards this as well. If it was Serendela who activated the inspection energy, the area it could cover would be ten times greater, and the degree of inspection would be several hundred times finer than what Fitzdurk currently received.

Every apostle’s talents were different, moreover corresponding with different ability domains. That was why after understanding how the human race divided up ability domains, Fitzdurk had previously been deeply shocked as well. Ignoring the details, just the five great ability domains’ division was completely identical to the ability domain classification he grasped! Perhaps this thing called luck really did exist, or else there was no way of explaining this type of coincidence. In addition, the human race’s speed of development in the ability domains was becoming faster and faster, high level ability users emerging continuously. The extremely few ability users who stood at the peak of the human species already had power comparable to the Black Flame Seal. This type of power far exceeded the conventional pattern of life forms, to the extent where some abilities even threatened the incomplete apostle. However, no matter how powerful their abilities were, they still weren’t ultra life forms. Even if their strength could temporarily overwhelm the apostle, they would still never be ultra life forms’ opponent. In addition, every single apostle had incomparable talent in the ability domain they excelled in. After awakening, their abilities would quickly rise, and it wouldn’t necessarily be like the humans who had to obtain evolutionary points first.

The purple energy inspection ring silently covered close to a thousand square meters of area once more, biological lights of varying sizes lighting up one after another. Fitzdurk casually swept his eyes over it, about to move Valhalla in another direction, but something unexpectedly caught his attention.

It was something flickering with red radiance. Even though it wasn’t all that brilliant, the light was abnormally steady, and with red as the main color, it had a large faint halo around it. It was red like slowly flowing blood, within it a gloomy coldness and killing intent that made even Fitzdurk feel a bit uncomfortable. Meanwhile, not too far out, there was a seven-colored sphere of light that was mainly sapphire blue. It wasn’t that bright, even a bit faint, moreover flickering between light and dark, from the intensity at most about the same as a fifth or sixth level ability user, not all that prominent among the numerous light specks. However, what was unusual was that there was a faint halo in its surroundings as well. Even though it wasn’t as large as the red-colored radiance, it wasn’t that far off.

There were actually two ultra life forms! Even though they still weren’t extremely powerful, these were still true ultra life forms equipped with complete characteristics! One of them clearly had some type of concealment ability, able to hide its true power. However, even though he could escape the detection of most human race ability users, Valhalla’s detection system direction targeted the biological characteristics, and as such immediately revealed him.

Meanwhile, that red-colored ultra life form was clearly still a child, but its growth was already extremely impressive. What made Fitzdurk feel more apprehensive was that ice-cold and blood-thirsty nature its body carried. It was actually a predatory type ultra life form!

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