Book 6 Chapter 25.2

Book 6 Chapter 25.2 - Lost Secrets

While in a muddle-headed state, after who knew how much time passed, only then did Fitzdurk sense the resurrection fluctuations of the Eyes of Insight and Limitless Heart. However, these fluctuations were extremely difficult to understand, and they were only sometimes present, sometimes not, as if they were hidden behind some type of protective screen. Moreover, as the incarnation of the Eyes of Insight, Serendela unexpectedly futilely attempted to absorb the Limitless Heart, and as a result was instantly melted down into a half-energy, half-tangible state by the power it instantly erupted with. Her own consciousness was almost completely wiped out because of this, thus having no choice but to enter a prolonged state of dormancy once more until her consciousness revived. At that time,...

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