Book 6 Chapter 25.2

Book 6 Chapter 25.2 - Lost Secrets

While in a muddle-headed state, after who knew how much time passed, only then did Fitzdurk sense the resurrection fluctuations of the Eyes of Insight and Limitless Heart. However, these fluctuations were extremely difficult to understand, and they were only sometimes present, sometimes not, as if they were hidden behind some type of protective screen. Moreover, as the incarnation of the Eyes of Insight, Serendela unexpectedly futilely attempted to absorb the Limitless Heart, and as a result was instantly melted down into a half-energy, half-tangible state by the power it instantly erupted with. Her own consciousness was almost completely wiped out because of this, thus having no choice but to enter a prolonged state of dormancy once more until her consciousness revived. At that time, Fitzdurk was still completely a body of consciousness, powerless to stop Serendela’s foolish actions.

Hand of Thunder, Eyes of Insight, and Limitless Heart, these were all the nuclei of apostles. As long as they existed, apostles would be attached to them, thus being reborn. Serendela’s actions of trying to absorb the Limitless heart were equivalent to trying to become one with the sword of destruction, completely an unrealistic idea. It was because hidden within the very depths of these three nuclei was a secret even the apostles were powerless to resist. At the very least, the energy the nuclei contained could easily completely wipe out any apostles they did not acknowledge.

There was a period of time when even Fitzdurk himself was doubting if he was the one controlling the nucleus, or if he was merely a puppet attached to it. However, doubts were only doubts in the end, he still continued to awaken according to the preset procedures: reconstruct his body, build the starship, and search for his companions, both those who had awoken and those who did not yet. When his strength gradually recovered, his memories that were lost would naturally be restored.

The inherent fear he felt urged Fitzdurk to speed up the entire process, not even he himself knowing where this fear originated from. The fear was weak to the point where it was almost undetectable, yet it always weighed down on Fitzdurk’s mind, almost driving him crazy. Perhaps only when he completely woke up and retrieved the mysteries hidden in the depths of the cosmos would he understand what exactly he was scared of.

However, there were still many things before him that he had to do. Su’s figure appeared once more before Fitzdurk, beside that perfect body that appeared somewhat lonely an endless amount of data and analysis. Su was a man-made ultra life form, and there was an imprint made on the genetic level that doomed him to be the enemy of other ultra life forms. Meanwhile, in this world, aside from the mutated creatures like Pridekla who were also ultra life forms, only the apostles were left.

Fitzdurk was aware that the human race had their own ultra life form project quite some time ago. However, he never paid too much attention to it, because what could a group of ants possibly produce? The first time he obtained Su’s genes, Fitzdurk still had this type of thinking, only, Su’s genes unexpectedly brought him a whole percentage point of completion, leaving him somewhat surprised. However, in Fitzdurk’s eyes, at that time, even though Su had some characteristics of an ultra life form, he was still a weak creature that wasn’t worth any attention. His entire consciousness was focused on his own awakening and his unknown fear. After obtaining the Scorpions of Disaster army, as well as using Pandora’s body to create the biological weapon Black Flame Seal, even while still a body of consciousness, Fitzdurk could do many things.

However now, Su was already completely different. His speed of evolution and strengthening completely reached the standard of ultra life forms, to the extent where it was a bit more than this. In Land of Rest, Su and Serendela’s battle was more or less sensed by Fitzdurk, leaving him shocked at Su’s abrupt growth, more importantly, the current Su now had a type of aura of danger even Fitzdurk felt. Perhaps these low level humans really did unknowingly create something formidable.

Even though Serendela completely destroyed Su through energy attacks, Fitzdurk didn’t believe Su was definitely dead. Ultra life forms weren’t that easy to kill, and under many circumstances, as long as a certain core part still existed, they could still regenerate.

Fitzdurk spent a long time thinking to himself. At this moment, Valhalla’s repairs had already been completed. Fitzdurk immediately started up the inspection procedures. Valhalla was like a dolphin, gracefully flying towards the sky, only stopping when it was right below the clouds of radiation. Then, the sharp purple outlines all lit up, and then a purple ripple that could be seen with the naked eye spread through the great earth below.

Under the shroud of darkness, the sleeping world felt a faint shiver, those who were especially sharp even waking up from their dreaming. They discovered that their entire bodies were soaked in sweat, their chests heavy as if there were rocks weighing down on them. In addition, they felt extremely cold, as if they had just experienced the most terrifying nightmare, but they couldn’t recall the contents at all.

Meanwhile, in the darkness, more than ten powerful and sensitive creatures raised their heads at almost the same time, looking fearfully towards the little speck of light that seemed to almost be sticking to the clouds of radiation high up in the air. Even though they were far away, for them, Valhalla was still an irresistible source of fear. That was why everyone immediately chose to flee in the direction opposite of Valhalla, to the extent where they didn’t even bother trying to hide themselves, among them including mutated creatures, as well as human race ability users. The purple ring of light was extremely fast, covering everything it could reach in just a second of time. These powerful life forms’ bodies all produced a purple glow ordinary people couldn’t see.

A few seconds later, on this several thousand square kilometers land, reactions of varying brightness lit up one after another, all of them appearing before Fitzdurk’s eyes. The degree of lighting from these biological reactions was something Fitzdurk paid close attention to. Even though there were a few fellas whose strength already had some characteristics of ultra life forms, for those who had one trait or several traits to completely evolve into ultra life forms, it wasn’t uncommon for it to take several million or even tens to a hundred times longer in the history of the cosmos. However, the density of biological lights still left Fitzdurk somewhat surprised. When he was still a body of consciousness, he had previously arrived in this region, but the number of life forms who awakened some abilities was several times that of before. This rate of evolution was something that was quite fast even from Fitzdurk’s viewpoint. When one considered this world’s environment, then the speed was already inconceivably fast.

The environment changed intensely, all life forms’ growth and evolutionary periods shortened to fractions of what they used to be, genes uncontrollably and frantically mutating. Every day, large amounts of creatures passed away due to an inability to adapt to their environments, while at the same time, more and more creatures were being born. Even in the human race, some women who were exposed to the wilderness had their pregnancy periods shorted to just four months, and the rate of producing one child each time was substantially increased. Large amounts of births, large amounts of deaths, mutating frantically, all of the life forms in this world were going crazy, participating in a death race for the sake of survival and evolution. Those who fell behind would inevitably become nutrients for the forerunners.

In these few decades, the entire celestial body erupted with activity!

However, in the eyes of Fitzdurk, all of this carried another meaning.

“The will of the world?” Fitzdurk laughed coldly inside, and thought to himself, “It obviously isn’t aware of this, but all of this is the same as digging its own grave!”

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