Book 6 Chapter 25.10

Book 6 Chapter 25.10 - Lost Secrets

After entering the underground base, a floating autonomous robot arrived before Diaster, guiding him to inspection room number one.

Inspection room number one had ten enormous scanning instruments arranged side by side. Meanwhile, behind the ground-reaching glass curtain wall, the black-haired Pandora was currently standing perfectly straight, quietly watching Diaster who was currently preparing to undergo the inspection. The underground base’s inspection was far more strict than Scorpion Nest’s. Diaster had to remove all of his clothes, have a special type of paint sprayed on him, and then undergo an inspection process from within a breeding tank. Meanwhile, the inspections for concocted humans was just a laboratory test of one vial of blood.

Diaster suppressed his rane, but his face was still completely red. He looked at Pandora...

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