Book 6 Chapter 25.1

Book 6 Chapter 25.1 - Lost Secrets

Valhalla silently floated in the air, streaks of black radiance flowing along the sharp lines. There were still several giant openings on the ship’s body, ruining the starship’s sense of mysteriousness. When one saw those damaged areas that stretched several meters or even more than ten meters, it would make one have the misconception that Valhalla had just carried out a life and death battle of artillery against an equally matched opponent, and only then could this type of damage have been left behind. Most of the damaged areas were no longer releasing smoke and flames, only one place still occasionally spurting out bits of fiery light. Light blue-colored smoke was continuously released from the damaged area, but those were all produced by extremely small repair robots, moving about in the air through gravitational fields, and continuously fixing the defective areas. Piece after piece of half liquid metal stuck to the outer wall, moreover, under the effects of force fields, they merged together with the surrounding metal. Those giant areas of damage were currently closing at a visible rate, in just a few more hours, Valhalla would look completely new, at least from the surface. 

In the control hall, Fitzdurk still floated at the center, a giant sphere of light appearing around his body once more, countless streaks of light gathering data concerning the entire ship here, and then sending orders back out.

The short and intense battle continued for less than a minute, but the destruction it brought to Valhalla was undoubtedly great. Currently, several of Valhalla’s core nodes were destroyed, and even the spatial furnace was almost destroyed, its performance currently less than 40% of its peak. Even after an entire day of repairs, it could still only recover roughly 55% of its combat strength. For it to be completely restored, it had no choice but to return to the underground base. A complete recovery signified a tremendous amount of energy consumption, as well as many precious raw materials, as well the exhaustion of Naxu’s life force, even though there already wasn’t much of her life cycle left.

Meanwhile, Fitzdurk wasn’t that much better himself. His body was hacked into several dozen pieces, to the extent where even his brain received serious damage. The strength of the body that was reproduced couldn’t be compared to his original body at all, but the greatest loss was the damage to his consciousness. While breaking through the battleship, Madeline definitely didn’t hold back against Fitzdurk’s consciousness that was scattered throughout the entire ship. This was the true fatal area, making Fitzdurk’s degree of completeness drop an entire five percentage points. Even though once the apostle woke up, he could slowly recover as time continued, five percentage points was not something that could be recovered in just a year or two of time.

There was a sealed compartment underground, the inside filled with culture fluid. Madeline floated quietly at the bottom of this cabin, her hands crossed before her chest, as if she was sleeping. Her long hair slowly rose and fell along with the culture fluid’s movements, a fine string of bubbles occasionally even being released from her mouth. Her entire body was covered by the dark biological armor, the tall and round neck protecting armor giving off a powerful metal feeling. The remaining half of the warped heavy sword rested peacefully at her side, the sword’s damage silently telling the tale of the battle’s bitterness.

In Fitzdurk’s consciousness, the sealed compartment was like a black hole, currently endlessly absorbing energy, as if it would never be satiated. A larger half of the energy produced by the spatial furnace was currently being sucked towards that sealed compartment, and then finally passing through Madeline’s body into he Limitless Heart. This was energy needed for the recovery of Madeline’s body. She went too far with the transferring of the Limitless Heart’s power, almost completely burning everything inside her body into coal! If not for this, how could her incomplete body and unawoken consciousness almost strike down Valhalla with a heavy sword made of ordinary materials?

Fitzdurk’s consciousness passed through Madeline’s body, stopped for a moment, and then he released a quiet sigh before leaving. The sealed compartment had no light source, yet right now, gorgeous seven-colored lights were shining, the energy reaction produced by Fitzdurk’s consciousness. The light shone on the young lady’s face, adding a hint of elegance to her tranquil beauty.

Madeline was still endlessly absorbing energy, not even Fitzdurk knew when this would stop. Her body was currently being continuously modified at the smallest layer, this was the fourth transformation. The Limitless Heart quietly rested in her body, not beating, but still possessed unquestionable life force, with no intention of separating or dying. This was the proof of its continued acknowledgment of Madeline, as well as the sign of it investing into her its highest level of authority. That was why in Fitzdurk’s eyes, this was the most direct validation of Madeline being their sword of destruction.

Before Fitzdurk fully awoke, he had existed as a body of consciousness for several decades, so he understood the society of new era humans post-war quite well. However, most of his attention was placed on repairing his body, searching for others of his kind, and fully awakening, so his understanding towards the psychology of ordinary humans was rather limited. This also made sense, because in Fitzdurk’s eyes, the human race was only one of the many races with the most rudimentary level of intelligence, doing something whenever they thought of it, so how could they be worthy of his attention? From a human’s perspective, who would bother worrying about what ants thought?

Fitzdurk’s finite understanding towards the human race was limited to torture and fear, these two only for the sake of making them obey his command.

That was why even now, Fitzdurk couldn’t understand why Madeline would suddenly attack him. Since she already obtained the Limitless Heart’s absolute acceptance, how could she not recall the memories of eras past? Especially those parts that completely changed their destinies? If she still remembered those parts, then she would understand that all of the apostles were one body, no matter how many times they woke up, or what type of states they appeared in, their fates would be interconnected, completely inseparable.

Only, Fitzdurk’s own awakening wasn’t even complete, which was why he didn’t obtain all of his memories from the past eras either. He only knew that in the past, something extremely critical happened, something that changed the destinies of all of the apostles, forcing them to become linked together, jointly undertaking an unpredictable future. However, this matter needed an extremely high level of authority to unlock, and a sea of energy was even more so needed before he had a chance of reaching the symbol hidden in the deepest parts of the boundless parallel planes, thus acquiring his past memories. As for the scale of energy needed, even if this entire celestial body was destroyed, the amount of energy produced would only be enough to bring him to that symbol. However, not knowing what happened in the past wasn’t all that important, their instincts already informed them that they were inseparable.

Valhalla’s repair continued as planned, Fitzdurk began to think about some other manners. In this world, he was the apostle that woke the earliest, but from the moment he awoke, an unknown fear continuously lingered about his mind. Completely awakening, and constructing a body that conformed with the rules of this world were extremely difficult tasks, and there were no signs of companions he had previously fought with. Just like that, under the endless years, Fitzdurk finally understood and adapted to this world, controlling the Scorpions of Disaster and starting his resurrection.

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