Book 6 Chapter 24.6

Book 6 Chapter 24.6 - The Night Before

Several streaks of light drifted down from Valhalla, winding about Madeline’s body, gently lifting her up. A moment later, the young lady already stood on Valhalla’s deck.

While standing on Valhalla’s forward deck, Madeline felt as small as a little flower on a prairie. Only, the style of the armor around her body was extremely similar to Valhalla’s, both possessing a futuristic style of aesthetics. While staring at the flower petal like structure at the top of Valhalla, Madeline knelt down, reaching out a hand to touch Valhalla’s deck surface. Valhalla’s external appearance was extremely glossy and smooth, completely one entity without the slightest chink. An architectural project of this scale was not something the present human race’s level of science and technology could achieve at all.

Madeline said, “You aren’t going to let me inside?”

Fitzdurk remained silent for a bit, and then said, “Since you already obtained the Limitless Heart’s acknowledgement, how could you not know...

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