Book 6 Chapter 24.6

Book 6 Chapter 24.6 - The Night Before

Several streaks of light drifted down from Valhalla, winding about Madeline’s body, gently lifting her up. A moment later, the young lady already stood on Valhalla’s deck.

While standing on Valhalla’s forward deck, Madeline felt as small as a little flower on a prairie. Only, the style of the armor around her body was extremely similar to Valhalla’s, both possessing a futuristic style of aesthetics. While staring at the flower petal like structure at the top of Valhalla, Madeline knelt down, reaching out a hand to touch Valhalla’s deck surface. Valhalla’s external appearance was extremely glossy and smooth, completely one entity without the slightest chink. An architectural project of this scale was not something the present human race’s level of science and technology could achieve at all.

Madeline said, “You aren’t going to let me inside?”

Fitzdurk remained silent for a bit, and then said, “Since you already obtained the Limitless Heart’s acknowledgement, how could you not know how to enter Valhalla? Oh, I almost forgot, after that instance, the Limitless Heart suffered damage, so perhaps the information inside is no longer complete.”

Several bands of light floated over from Valhalla’s flower petals, condensing into a light gate in front of Madeline.

The instant she saw the gate of light, Madeline was immediately startled, naturally knowing that it was some type of spatial transport system. She didn’t hesitate, directly walking into the gate of light.

In that instant, the young lady felt as if her body was surrounded by energy, and then she broke through space, instantly shooting out from the other end. As soon as the transport ended, Madeline opened her eyes, what she saw were completely blurred and floating bands of light. Blazing energy flames still continuously surged from her body, and the instant they made contact with the surrounding energy, they exploded into the most dazzling rain of sparks.

“Welcome to Valhalla! My…”

Before Fitzdurk finished his sentence, Madeline’s entire body bent down, both hands holding the sword. Indescribable raging flames instantly erupted from her entire body like a dragon of flames, with an attitude of no return, she brazenly threw herself at Fitzdurk!

“What are you doing? Madeline!” Fitzdurk never expected her to actually act out, and her attack was so abrupt that the transport formation didn’t even have time to completely disappear yet! She floated into the air, meanwhile, through countless streaks of light, her consciousness was already scattered over all of Valhalla. Controlling Valhalla signified an exchange of data exceeding the limits of the human race’s imaginations, so in his current incomplete state, it was actually already taking quite the toll on Fitzdurk. That was why when he saw Madeline throw herself at his body, he didn’t even have time to return to his body, and thus had no way of dodging.

The half of the heavy sword wrapped in colorless flames silently cut through space, slicing Fitzdurk in half right at the middle! Madeline couldn’t see it with her own eyes yet, but her inconceivable battle instincts made her blind slash terrifyingly accurate. Madeline didn’t stop for a moment, the heavy sword shifting from a vertical to horizontal stance, instantly drawing out several dozen continuous and uninterrupted streaks of light, passing straight through Fitzdurk’s body! Fitzdurk’s body was extremely tough and durable, the ultra high temperature flames unable to add more damage. However, Madeline’s absolute strength was also inconceivable great, completely beyond what Fitzdurk could stop, thus, in the blink of an eye, Fitzdurk’s body was already hacked into several pieces!

Fitzdurk released a world-shaking roar, “Madeline! Did you go crazy?! Have you already forgotten the past?!”

Tremendous energy began to gather, about to converge into an attack that was terrifying to the extreme. Meanwhile, at this time, Fitzdurk’s body was chopped up into to the point where it wouldn’t inflict any more damage if it was cut up any finer. Madeline clenched her teeth, energy surging endlessly from the Limitless Heart. She endured the extreme pain, changing to a half kneeling position in midair. Her body quickly descended, both hands gripping the heavy sword’s hilt in reverse, entire body burning like a shooting star as she smashed directly into the control room’s floor!

A ripple of white energy light appeared in a ring-like manner, spreading in all directions from Madeline, most of the energy sent downwards. Under the energy radiance, Valhalla’s extremely sturdy ship composition melted like ice, immediately producing a giant hole. The deep hole passed through countless components, continuously eating downwards, extending several dozen meters in the blink of an eye. What suffered even more than the damage of the machinery were the countless bands of light made of data; these were not only made of data, but were also a part of Fitzdurk’s own consciousness. Madeline’s attacks were direct and extremely vicious, not leaving open the slightest bit of leeway, grasping Fitzdurk’s essence in an instant, not only dicing up his body, but also heavily damaging his consciousness while breaking free from Valhalla.

Fitzdurk’s roar of pain resounded through all of Valhalla, giant energy storms continuously sounding within the starship, to the extent where Valhalla’s degree of sturdiness also began to continuously suffer damage in the storm. These energy storms were already not the ones produced by Madeline, but rather caused by Fitzdurk himself after losing control over certain parts from extreme pain. 

Madeline still didn’t see anything, before her eyes only endless darkness. Her blue eyes were still flickering about, but the insides were already completely destroyed by the berserk energy. However, purely based on feeling, her heavy sword continuously brandished about, opening up paths one after another through Valhalla’s interior to return. The young lady crazily destroyed everything around her, her thoughts currently becoming more and more sluggish, but every bit of feeling the edge of her sword sent back made her continue persevering. Valhalla already far exceeded the era of humans, all Madeline wished to do was break it a bit more. This wasn’t for Su, Su was already gone forever, this was for Su’s women and children. She understood clearly, that even in the Blood Parliament, there might not necessarily be a war tool comparable to Valhalla. Meanwhile, the Great Lakes Western Region, could only become ruins before Valhalla.

Li, and Little Luo definitely wouldn’t escape Fitzdurk’s pursuit. Since he could target Su, he could target Su’s women and children.

Madeline suddenly laughed, she didn’t understand what kind of meaning her current actions had, just that she wanted to do this. At this time, the radiance on the heavy sword already began to grow dim, not because the energy supply from the Limitless Heart was insufficient, but rather because the inside of her body had already almost been completely burned into ashes by the crazy energy. Madeline struggled to brandish her sword, removing another piece from the ship in front of her. Powerful wind suddenly blew against her body, causing her mind to shake as well, and only then did she realize she had cut through Valhalla’s body. She frantically used the last of her power to jump out of the opening, and then dropped down towards the dark world below.

In a daze, Fitzdurk’s roar of unwillingness seemed to have rang by her ears. She suddenly felt that she really seemed to have forgot something extremely important, moreover, she seemed to have done something wrong. At the very least, things weren’t as simple as she originally thought.

However, she then absentmindedly thought back to nine years ago, when Su led her by the hand, heading towards the inhabited land of humans, as well as towards a boundless and unknown future. The warmth she felt from her hand, all the way until today, was still clearly engraved in her heart. As long as she still remembered this, nothing else was that important.

The Valhalla in the air seemed like it was drunk, swaying about, blasts of flames shooting out from many parts of the ship from time to time. However, the woman on the warship seemed to have already opened her eyes, the purple eyes releasing dazzling radiance. Soon afterwards, two streaks of purple-colored high energy light beams gathered together, instantly blasting at the falling Madeline’s body!

Under the blazing energy radiance that was even greater than the surface of the sun, Madeline’s entire body shook, a mouthful of blood suddenly spurting out, but the instant it left her mouth, the blood already dried up into nothingness. Her body suddenly flew out diagonally from the energy beam, smashing heavily into the ground. She laid there with her back against the ground, eyes gazing into the endless night sky, unknown where her line of sight was currently aiming at. Her chest rose and fell, exhaling blazing energy flames and light.

The heavy sword carried a low whistling noise as it spiraled to the ground, stabbing into the ground at her body’s side, lasting all the way until there was no shaft to be seen. The young lady already couldn’t see anything, but when she heard the heavy sword land, she still reached her right hand out, barely grabbing the sword hilt, only, she didn’t even have the strength to pull out the heavy sword.

She laid there peacefully, the radiance in her blue pupils gradually fading. However, her hand still never left the heavy sword’s hilt.

A moment later, Fitzdurk stood by Madeline’s side, completely silent. After a long time passed, only then did he slowly squat down, prying open her fingers one by one from the sword hilt, lowering her right arm. Then, he released a sigh, lifting the young lady’s body horizontally. Several bands of light reached out from behind him, pulling out the heavy sword from the ground as well.

The Valhalla in the sky already quieted down, but from time to time, blasts of flames would still be released from the damaged parts of the ship. Large amounts of gentle radiance were released from Fitzdurk’s surroundings. His body gradually rose, flying towards Valhalla.

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