Book 6 Chapter 24.5

Book 6 Chapter 24.5 - The Night Before

The female image on Valhalla’s bow still had her eyes closed, but one could see her eyeballs moving about underneath, the focal point already landing on Madeline’s body. In that instant, the giant ship seemed to have become transparent; Madeline’s line of sight already collided with Fitzdurk’s.

Valhalla moved ten meters down, before the several dozen meter giant female face, Madeline could be said to be completely insignificant. However, before this unprecedented pressure, her sword holding figure was as steady as a mountain.

After staring at Madeline for an entire minute, only then did the giant female face open her mouth. “What should I call you, user of the Limitless Heart?”


“Quite the special name, and also extremely beautiful.” The voice that sounded from the giant mouth was Fitzdurk’s, but his voice was extremely feminine, not all that harsh.

Raging flames blazed about, burning to the point where Madeline’s mind was even slightly affected, as if everything she saw and heard wasn’t real. Past events couldn’t help but emerge in her mind, making her heart that had been sealed forever start to collapse, tears involuntarily spilling out, but they were instantly burned away by the blazing heat. She seemed almost completely unaware of this, only feeling that her eyes seemed to have become a bit blurry.

“Madeline!” Fitzdurk shouted.

En?” She responded.

In a daze, she felt that Fitzdurk’s voice was extremely familiar, as if they had known each other for more than a millenia. Meanwhile, due to this familiar feeling, the hostility she felt inside quietly decreased by quite a bit. It was as if the one she faced wasn’t a natural enemy she had set her resolution to kill, but rather a friend that had fought by her side for many years. This type of feeling came extremely abruptly, yet it was extremely natural, at the very least, Madeline didn’t sense her will receiving any external skills’ effects.

Fitzdurk didn’t seem to have shown any hostility from the very beginning, at the very least, his voice always extremely gentle. “Madeline, holder of the Limitless Heart, it seems like you haven’t completely awakened yet, yet you’ve already activated so much of the Limitless Heart’s authority, this isn’t necessarily a good thing for you. However, being able to obtain the Limitless Heart’s acknowledgment like this means that it is more suitable for you than for Serendela. I already told her a long time ago that the Limitless Heart doesn’t belong to her, but that greedy woman just didn’t want to listen, and as a result was almost completely destroyed by the warp’s energy storms. Meanwhile, I was also affected, or else I wouldn’t have laid dormant for so long.”

“Serendela?” This name gave Madeline an extremely strange feeling, as if there was some part of her that was stirring uneasily because of it. Meanwhile, in front of her appeared a sleeping, beautiful and stunning female image, energy radiance swirling all around her. Madeline never met Serendela, yet she knew who she was. Serendela, this was the woman residing in the deepest parts of the Land of Rest, also an apostle apart from Fitzdurk. It was precisely her flesh’s genes Su removed to repair Madeline’s damage, moreover giving the Limitless Heart that was originally his to her. 

“Correct, Serendela, she is our companion. We had previously fought wars side by side for countless eras. She is our all-seeing eyes, in charge of discovering our enemies and finding their weaknesses. Meanwhile, I, hand of thunder, am in charge of providing transporting tools and weapons, someone specialized in wiping out civilizations based around machinery. This Valhalla is our ship. After all these years, it has never changed.” Fitzdurk said.

“Then what about me?” Madeline asked.

The female face on the ship’s bow smiled, behind it actually Fitzdurk’s smile. “As the user of the Limitless Heart, you have unlimited energy, and thus also possess unlimited power. Based on the saying of this world, you are our sword of destruction, in charge of wiping out all enemies in our way.”

“However, I am only eighteen years of age, how could I have possibly fought with you all for countless eras?”

Fitzdurk explained extremely patiently, “Neither age, body, nor race are problems for us. As long as one could obtain the acknowledgement of Limitless Heart, anyone can become the sword of destruction. This is not only true for you, it is the same for us. Me and Serendela only begun to have our own forms not long ago either. Even now, Serendela hasn’t completely awakened, only able to occasionally contact me. Of course, this is the result of her greed towards the Limitless Heart. If she was completely awake, knowing about our past and division of roles, she wouldn’t have done such a stupid thing.”

“Is that so, then who else is there among us?” Madeline adjusted her long hair, casually asking.

This question surprisingly made Fitzdurk become silent. The female image’s brows locked together tightly, doing its best to concentrate. After a long time had passed, only then did she say in a disjointed manner, “I do not know. We definitely had other companions, only, I cannot recall how many there were. Was it five, or was it seven? Apart from knowing that we should have a brain, I do not know who else they were. However, as long as the brain is found, these issues would no longer trouble us.”

Madeline took a deep breath, and then calmly asked. “I roughly understand the situation. However, what do we need to do right now?”

This sentence freed Firtzdurk from his thoughts that were doomed to be fruitless, and with a smile, he said, “I have already discovered the enemy we need to eliminate. Here, look, this is him. He is the ant this celestial body’s people created, a weapon specially created to deal with us. I really have to say, these ants have some fellas who are exceptionally smart, actually able to create this kind of weapon, even making me feel shock. If they are given a bit more time, perhaps they really might bring us trouble.”

As he spoke, an image appeared before Madeline, a male who walked out from the depths of the wilderness. Forget about his calm and somewhat lonesome beauty, just the light blonde drifting short hair already left one with a deep impression. The moment before the image appeared, Madeline already sensed what she was going to see. Now, when she saw that gradually approaching figure, her eyes then began to become blurry again. The young lady blinked her eyes forcefully, but her field of view only slightly lit up before stubbornly becoming blurry once more.

The Limitless Heart began to pulse quickly, pouring an almost unendurable amount of berserk energy into every part of Madeline’s body, the pain so great she bit down on her lower lip. The flames produced by the energy were even stronger than raging flames, continuously spraying out from the surface of her body, instantly burning all of the clothes covering her body to ashes. Then, under those clothes, a set of armor full of strange beauty had unknowingly when covered the young lady’s body, every single piece using black as its base color. Light golden patterns drew out sharp edges, quite the Black Dragonrider style. The heavy sword in her hands also became corroded because of the intense flames, unexpectedly slowly changing color, turning red and becoming soft. After several instances of refinement, it became dark black again. The energy flames were unexpectedly unable to melt it any further, the sword’s material clearly undergoing a fundamental change.

Madeline raised her head to look at Valhalla, her pair of blue eyes bright with excitement as she said, “Is it called Valhalla? It’s quite pretty, may I go up?”

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