Book 6 Chapter 24.4

Book 6 Chapter 24.4 - The Night Before

The strange feeling passed in a flash, disappearing in the blink of an eye. However, Cirvanas didn’t feel at ease at all, instead discovering that a new wave of pressure swept over, making it hard for him to even breathe. It was as if there were a pair of formless eyes currently peering through layers of space, gazing over.

This type of pressure was everywhere. Cirvanas only felt as if the entire world was watching him, aiming its hostility at him. When he involuntarily opened his mouth to breathe, Madeline suddenly patted his head. When her ice-cold hand made contact with his forehead, the pressure Cirvanas was facing suddenly became lighter, becoming clear-headed again.

“Big sis, this is…” Cirvanas revealed a face of shock. Apart from when facing Su and Madeline, he had never experienced such a terrifying pressure before.

Madeline had a serious expression on her face. After giving the east a look, the corners of her lips moved up, and with a faint smile, she said, “Cirvanas, it seems like we have a new enemy!”

Cirvanas’ entire body trembled. “What?”

“Go look for Li and stay at her side, protect her and also that weird looking little thing. You should have met it before.” Madeline ordered.

“That little thing? Actually, I always wanted to ask, why… um, why do I always feel an extremely familiar aura from its body? I am confident that I never met it before, nor did I ever see anything similar.” Cirvanas asked.

Madeline’s eyes drifted over to him, and then she said in a deemphasized manner, “That’s your master’s child, so of course you’ll feel like it’s familiar!”

“Master’s… child?!” Cirvanas opened his eyes wide in shock, his scarlet eyes full of disbelief. However, when he carefully thought back, he indeed felt a strong sense of Su’s aura from that little fella’s body.

As soon as he associated it with something Su and Li produced, Cirvanas’ mind immediately felt the most conflicted than it had ever been, immediately blurting out without thinking, “What? You want me to protect that woman and her child? No, I won’t go! Who does she even think she is? Even if she has a child, it should still be older sis and master who are together! Ah…

Cirvanas immediately knew that something wasn’t right as soon as he spoke those words, his small face instantly turning miserably pale. He could almost imagine his following end; in that past, Cirvanas had already abundantly experienced Madeline’s methods, and he believed that Madeline definitely had even more methods she didn’t use yet. However, the methods that were displayed were already enough to leave him with an extremely deep impression.

He hung his head, quietly waiting for his punishment, to the extent where he didn’t even dare think of what kind of punishments there were.

However, none of the punishment he had expected arrived. In the silence and peacefulness, he secretly lifted his head, sneaking a look, but he only saw Madeline’s rear figure. She gazed into the distant darkness, her long gray hair dancing about even though there was no wind. Within the bits of stellar radiance they released, it was unknown just how many thoughts were weighing down on her mind.

“Older sis?” After waiting for a long time, Cirvanas still couldn’t help but cry out.

Madeline didn’t turn around. With a calm and emotionless voice, she said, “Listen to me, go look for Li, protect her. After all, she is your master’s woman. Even though there is no way I can like her, this doesn’t mean I will allow others to harm her. In particular, that little thing is also Su’s child, so it even more so can’t receive harm, even though I am not sure if Su will personally kill it when he finds it”

Cirvanas wanted to say something, but he didn’t in the end, only silently nodding. Even though Madeline had her back to him this entire time, he believed that she could still sense his response.

Only, why didn’t she turn around all this time?

“Older sis!” He then cried out, asking, “Then what are you going to do?”

“What level is your magic now?” Madeline didn’t reply, instead suddenly asking this question.

“Seven six level abilities, everything below six levels complete. What’s wrong, isn’t this something you knew already?” Cirvanas was a bit confused, not knowing why Madeline would ask this question. He had a nucleus that was separated from Su’s body, while Madeline also had a nucleus, as well as being the owner of the Heart of Darkness, so Madeline could be said to know his body’s situation like the back of her hand. However, this type of familiarity was uni-directional, he couldn’t sense anything from Madeline’s body.

Madeline’s face tilted upwards. Only after remaining silent for a long time did she turn around. She walked over to Cirvanas, tore open the clothing covering his chest, exposing his chest that was fine like jade, and then her right hand reached out, already deeply inserted into his chest!

Cirvanas watched this entire process play out before his eyes, yet was completely powerless to resist. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to resist, but rather that even though Madeline’s movements were clear to see, they were just too fast, fast to the point where he couldn’t resist at all, only able to watch as her hand entered his chest and then grabbed his nucleus.

Cirvanas’ control over his body and perception was also extremely sharp. He could clearly sense countless wisps of flesh extend out from Madeline’s fingertips, penetrate into his nucleus, and then merge into it. Then, roiling hot blood continuously entered the nucleus! Apart from the surging heat that made him want to scream out, there was also energy that was massive to an unbelievable level!

Cirvanas’ nucleus throbbed crazily, his blood flow suddenly increasing several dozen times, abundant energy rushing at every corner of his body along his bloodstream, not only cleansing his flesh, but also greatly changing his genetic composition. Cirvanas’ body suddenly trembled violently. He opened his mouth, yet nothing came out. The expression in his eyes was already starting to fade, yet his lips were still shockingly red.

Madeline’s face was pale. She observed Cirvanas’ changes, and then finally withdrew her hand. Cirvanas immediately couldn’t support himself, falling headfirst. The injury on his chest already released a fountain of blood, but when the blood shot into midair, it actually strangely withdrew, returning to that injury, moreover sealing the injury. Then, a flush of color returned to Cirvanas’ body, his injury closing at a visible rate. In less than ten minutes, the terrifying injuries already disappeared without a trace. However, the cleansing through energy and genetic changes continued, temporarily preventing him from standing up. However, Cirvanas could already sense that energy was currently changing into evolutionary points, moreover continuously melting, becoming Magic Domain abilities one after another. This process continued for quite some time, the amount of energy absolutely incredible, the energy consumption continuing all the way until it reached the ninth level Magic Domain before being completely consumed.

At the very least, right now, Cirvanas still couldn’t feel a limit in his abilities’ potential, showing that he might very likely be able to produce an eleventh level Magic Domain ability. Strictly speaking, with the nucleus, he couldn’t really be considered a human anymore. After producing a ninth level ability, the ability advancement process stopped. The large amount of evolutionary points were stored, not being used any further.

Madeline entered a half kneeling position by his side, placed her hand over his chest, and after sensing the state of the nucleus, said, “Don’t produce more ninth level abilities, use the remaining evolutionary points to directly produce a tenth level, or even eleventh level ability. This is all I can do for you. You should go, return to Steel Gate.”

“Big sis, what about you?” Cirvanas barely managed to support his upper body, clingingly asking.

“Me? I have things I need to do.” Madeline stood up. She lifted the damaged heavy sword, and then walked north in the darkness, her figure vanishing in the blink of an eye.

Cirvanas wanted to chase after her, but he couldn’t crawl up, only able to watch as Madeline walked into the distance.

In the darkness, the young lady silently headed north. That heart in her chest was currently beating more and more powerfully.

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