Book 6 Chapter 24.3

Book 6 Chapter 24.3 - The Night Before

Su moved through the darkness like a specter, currently calculating when he would reunite with his biological army. On his flight here, his Panoramic View swept through all of the surrounding environment, creatures, and human populations on his journey here, so Su could completely calculate what kind of situation his biological army would encounter after ascending the northern continent, as well as roughly when they will reach certain positions. In short, as long as there was enough data and sufficiently powerful processing capability, Su could completely simulate the entire celestial body’s operation circumstances, the details down to when a certain fish would swim to a certain place. From a certain perspective, this could already be viewed as grasping the entire world in his hands, and this type of control only needed a thousand second class thought centers. 

The more than a hundred first class thought centers and over ten second class thought centers only occupied a corner of his forehead cavity. Meanwhile, a thousand second class thought centers would only perfectly fill up this forehead cavity. A second class thought center’s processing capability was ten times greater than that of the first class, and its size was only slightly larger. When his Perception Domain broke through into eleven levels, Su’s perception towards the Bisindle language went another step deeper, from this producing second class thought centers from the foundations of the first class thought centers. Powerful processing ability was a sharp weapon, but most of the time, it seemed a bit unnecessary. For example, right now, the only reason why Su was thinking about when he would reunite with his biological army was because too many thought centers were left unused.

Su wasn’t a very diligent person, nor was he someone who would use any means fair or foul to get stronger. On the contrary, even when he was in the wilderness, many times, he would much rather hug that crude sniper rifle, lean against rock or ruins, and gaze at the rare night sky, sometimes only simply staring in a daze, wondering how Madeline was doing.

Strength brought many benefits, but it would also shatter the tranquility of life. Su didn’t care much about these benefits, he only liked peace. If it wasn’t because he still remembered the little girl with blue eyes, he almost wouldn’t even know his own purpose and worth of existence.

Just as he was walking in an unhurried manner, his entire body suddenly shook, an extremely dangerous aura suddenly arising, instantly pouring over his consciousness! Su raised his head in puzzlement, yet didn’t notice anything, no idea where this danger came from. There were no peculiarities in the Panoramic View either, a small troop on the chairman’s side was currently withdrawn within ruins, most of them sleeping, the only sentinel also snoozing off, his stance not changing in the slightest this entire time. The spatial faults were extremely stable, no abnormalities detected in the parallel planes either, Multivariate Calculation also telling him that everything was normal. However, Su knew that something was currently happening, yet he couldn’t say what it was.

This wasn’t the first time this type of situation happened, but tonight’s feeling of danger was especially great. However, just like the past, the source of danger couldn’t be found at all. The world Su saw right now seemed to be shrouded in a thin layer of mist, nothing could be seen clearly.

Su composed himself, knowing that he had to remain even more calm at this type of time, panicking won’t solve any problems. He decided that he might as well stop and review all of his possible enemies: one, apostles, Bevulas, Darklight Scale Mitchels, many others. He then listed out everyone he was willing to take risks for, including Persephone, Madeline… and others. Lastly, he matched and compared the enemies with those he had to take care of, using this to find the source of danger.

After doing all of this, Su discovered with disappointment that he still ended up with nothing. However, when one’s abilities, especially Perception Domain abilities, already reached the eleventh level, Su knew that every intuition he felt, every urge, were not without reason, without justification. There had to be some type of cause.

After sitting still for a whole half hour, Su still decided to continue forward in the end. At the very least, Bevulas was an extremely terrifying enemy. Moreover, both him and Madeline’s grudge with the chairman was already at a point where it couldn’t be dissolved. He didn’t hope to solve everything in one go this time, but rather while Westwood was seriously injured, seize this moment to deal a heavy blow to the chairman’s army. Haydn died, Westwood couldn’t recover in a short period of time, so the chairman’s publicly known experts had already lost their strength. This was the best opportunity! Westwood was extremely strong, if he was in his perfect state, it would be difficult for Su to win in a decisive battle. However, Westwood was overly self-confident, and overly arrogant. His movement through space was originally meant to be a one strike kill, but he never expected Su to rely on his extraordinary and incomparable perception abilities to lock onto his body that was moving through space. When he was in a state of moving through space, the slightest mishap had a chance of turning into a devastating disaster. That was why Westwood who was disturbed immediately experienced life-threatening danger, if not for him acting fast and decisively, concentrating all of his energy to protect his upper body and head, giving up on the lower half that Su grabbed, this elder would have long been torn to shreds by the parallel planes’ terrifying energy storms, ultimately leaving nothing behind. That was why his win over Westwood, in the end, still relied on luck.

Su gradually advanced under the darkness. Behind him, were the dragonriders that still had warm lighting.

To the west, Madeline sat next to a great lake, currently forcefully mending her somewhat warped and deformed heavy sword. Her expression was extremely focused, but Cirvanas knew that this was definitely not the case. Fine blueish-white streaks of flame continuously shot out from between her hands, the ultra high temperature heat streams could burn any part of the sword it touched until it changed color in under a minute. Meanwhile, Madeline would correspondingly twist the sword, fix the warped parts, or seal cracks. She didn’t use any tools, everything done with her two hands. Those long and slender white hands didn’t fear the dark red burning alloy, to the extent where even when she sometimes directly touched the high temperature flames Cirvanas directly released, she still seemed completely unaffected.

It looked like everything was normal. However, what wasn’t normal was that the repair work had already continued for an hour. Cirvanas’ stamina was almost completely exhausted, and only then was a small half of the heavy sword fixed. Sometimes, Madeline would earnestly try more than ten times on a small crack, as well as spend ten minutes of time. Meanwhile, Cirvanas knew that in reality, she only needed one try to fix this type of crack. This could only mean that Madeline was preoccupied with something.

“Older sis, are you still thinking about Li and her… uh, child?” Cirvanas asked probingly. Ever since they returned from the Land of Rest, the distance between the two of them had been imperceptibly pulled much closer. Even though the young lady only rarely spoke a few lines, there was already no topic between the two of them that was taboo.

However, as soon as Cirvanas’ words sounded, Madeline’s hand suddenly lost aim. Not only did she not seal the crack, she instead almost tore the entire sword apart! The sword was now pretty much completely scrapped. Without a high temperature smelting and recasting, there was no way to repair it. Madeline stared at her hands blankly, and only after a moment did she raise her head, staring into the east’s darkness, her eyes still completely cold. 

Cirvanas was momentarily stunned, and then he recalled the shiver that ran through his body just now, only then was he certain that Madeline didn’t become absent-minded because of his words.

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