Book 6 Chapter 24.1

Book 6 Chapter 24.1 - The Night Before

Dawn still didn’t arrive, even though the olden era’s so-called dawn already no longer existed in this era.

The world was greatly shaken, yet it was also negligible, most people still continued with their lives, starting a brand new day in ignorance. When the sky was darkest, that was also time for predators to move, and several decades after the war, most humans who survived could already be called predators.

Intelligent life and intelligent species were currently continuously being produced, but the human race still possessed a nearly incomparable advantage, just that due to the environment being excessively vile, the human race that still hadn’t fully solved the issues of survival and reproduction didn’t set their eyes on other intelligent communities. When they overcame the environment issue, at that time, the human race that once again occupied superiority would originally inevitably massacre other intelligent species. However, the appearance of the apostle and ultra life forms disrupted this process.

This entire world lightly shook, and then it became quiet once more.

At this very moment, the hand of the priest who hadn’t slept the whole night hand suddenly shook. The pen that was currently rapidly writing something trembled, producing a cut on the paper surface. Ink quickly spread, producing an ink blotch. The priest frowned, and then he raised his head towards the deep sky outside the window. He stared blankly for a bit, and only then did he think of something, thus hurriedly looking at what had been smeared by the ink. What was opened before the priest was still ‘Revelation’. This book wasn’t that thick, each day, the priest would always spend a few hours reading and adding marginal comments to it. However, after all these years, this ‘Revelation’ still had many empty spaces. If one carefully thought about it, this really was quite the miracle.

This ‘Revelation’ book had already followed the priest for several decades, never exchanged for another.

The area that had been contaminated by ink were the insights he had just jotted down tonight. The priest recalled the contents, and then wrote down the part that had been blurred out on a vacant and clean area; this was a description related to the disaster of the last days.

Sally sat behind the priest, currently staring blankly at the drawing before her. She didn’t know why she would draw this type of blueprint. In reality, the core areas and installations didn’t have anything weird about them, but for some reason, she decided to just add a set of concrete protection layer. When she saw the several meter thick defensive layer, Sally vaguely recalled that this was the olden era’s norm for strategically defending bases, but why was it added here? The nuclear war had clearly already ended.

After carefully thinking about it, Sally felt like she seemed to have felt a vague but deep sense of unease, unconsciously drawing out what gave her the greatest sense of security to make herself feel better. When she looked at this design that was already completely different, Sally sighed, fetched a new sheet of paper, and then began to start drawing again.

In the private hospital, Snow was suddenly roused awake from its dreams, instantly entering a combat state. A loftiness that had never appeared before from its small body erupted forth. Snow released a low roar towards the deep night sky. It feared its paternal body, feared Su, but that didn’t mean that it would be scared of other people, or other things.

Lafite and Curtis who were sitting together in a stupor changed their expressions at the same time. They carefully sensed their surroundings for a bit, and only then did they give each other a look. Lafite said, “Why is that thing restless again?”

Curtis shrugged his shoulders. “No idea. The last time it stirred about was something from Blood Dusk’s times. Quite some time has passed since then, so it’s not all that weird that it can’t help but want to wander about a bit.”

Lafite had long gone accustomed to his frivolous way of speaking, definitely wouldn’t actually take these words seriously. Only, when he thought about some things that were on his mind, he suddenly asked, “Say, you think Helen will notice its existence?”

“How would I know?”

“I think, if it ends up being noticed by Helen, I fear that its end might be quite tragic.” Lafite said.

Curtis roared with laughter. “Silver Hair, I never knew you were this good at making jokes! Haha…” Only, the Black Steel Captain’s smile became more and more dry and rough. Suddenly, he also felt like what Lafite said might very well truly happen.

In the laboratory, Helen’s arms were crossed in front of her, currently focused on the light screen before her. All of the data was recreated into an extremely exceptionally complex symbol in her mind. It could enlarge endlessly, the information that it could contain almost limitless, and its multi-layered structure could explain many rules. If Su could see this symbol, he would definitely be shocked. It was because it was extremely similar to the Bisindle language, who knew how many times more advanced than what Dr. Rochester created after decades of research on the divine language!

Through this symbol, Helen was actually imitating the entire operation of the entire world. Only, when the final data was completely added, adding ultra life forms to the entire world, the symbol’s stable composition was suddenly broken, one corner unexpectedly crumbling! Helen was startled, immediately gathering all of the lost data, starting to contemplate over where exactly she had made a mistake. A moment later, all of the analysis pointed at the same conclusion, a conclusion that left even Helen herself a bit surprised.

It was, that above this world, there should be an existence that was entirely a body of will, able to affect the operation of the world to a certain extent. When this thought appeared, the symbols became stable again, moreover starting to smoothly operate.

Only after staring at the symbol for a long time in her consciousness did Helen name this body of will the will of the world. Meanwhile, her interests were thus shifted to this world will. Perhaps, this might contribute to her testing out some crazy ideas.

Helen began to seriously consider the possibility of capturing the will of the world alive. At the very least, when one thought of it from the Bisindle method’s perspective, there didn’t seem to be anything that was impossible.

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