Book 6 Chapter 23.8

Book 6 Chapter 23.8 - Start of Hell

Su thought for a bit, and then said, “Then, is there anything else you should tell me regarding me and Snow? For example, why is it so scared of me?”

Helen suddenly threw the pistol to the side, scratching her blonde hair fiercely, and then clenched her teeth, saying, “Fine, telling you isn’t a big deal. If I don’t see incorrectly, right now, you really want to kill Snow, right?”

“I don’t want to, but there is a voice inside of my mind that has always been urging me to do this.” Su confessed his true thoughts. Before Helen, the best choice was to speak the truth, only then can it contribute to the settlement of this issue.

“You want to kill Snow, which is why Snow feels fear towards you. Based on my suspicions, between ultra life forms, there is a natural hostility. Excessively great power and long life would prevent them from having any feelings of family or affection. For true ultra life forms, I fear that not even the entire earth’s resources will be enough for it to use, and as a result, all other ultra life forms within its range of influence would develop hostility, moreover launch an attack. This is the reason why you want to kill it, because Snow already touched the doorstep to an ultra life form, so you will naturally produce enmity towards it.” Helen said.

“Then what about me? When did you discover that I was an ultra life form? Also, what is the definition of an ultra life form?” Su then asked.

Helen sorted out her thoughts, and then said, “There is no complete definition regarding ultra life forms. I have previously obtained some materials Dr. Rochester left behind before the war, and from this learned the concept of ultra life forms, moreover continuing this concept. To put it simply, ultra life forms are an existence that exceeds the realm of ordinary life. It can be present in many different forms, to the extent where it includes energy, crystallization, and many other biological states. In summary, only when a certain biological body possesses high speed endless evolutionary potential, becomes able to adapt to most known environments, and can endlessly absorb energy, having all three abilities, can it be considered an ultra life form. As for you, when I extracted the intruder cells from your body, I knew that this was some type of dormant ultra life form state. Meanwhile, as for you, even though from a body composition and even genetic composition, you are human, if one examined you from a higher level, then you would be nothing more than a strange life with a human shell, just that you yourself don’t even know this. Only when I discovered the encrypted genes hidden within the intruder cells’ core genes was I able to confirm this.”

When she saw that Su still had no intention of letting Snow go, Helen remained silent for a moment, and then said, “Alright, follow me. Let me show you a few things.”

Su carried Snow, and then followed Helen into the laboratory. He was quite familiar with this place, especially that examination platform, a place where he had experienced many full body inspections. There was one thing Helen didn’t say, which was where she obtained his sperm from. However, if he thought about it carefully, this wasn’t an issue either. During the full body examination, especially the surgeries to treat him, Helen had countless chances to obtain sperm from his body. Moreover, with the skills Helen displayed, there was no way Su could detect the loss of a few cells.

Helen activated the intelligence system only she had access to. A passcode that couldn’t be any simpler was imputed, and then the system was directly accessed. The screen was still covered in large amounts of pure numbers that would leave one dazzled, but an extremely complex polyhedron suddenly appeared in the depths of Su’s pupils, everything he saw immediately being broken down and restored. During this process, many secrets that were previously hidden thus became completely unveiled.

Su ‘watched’ as countless data entered the intelligence system through some type of resonance method, and was then displayed on the light screen. Meanwhile, both the capacity and processing speed exceeded that of an intelligence system by hundreds to over a thousand times. In reality, the intelligence system’s use was merely to accept the data and display it on the screen, and even though it was only doing this, it still exhausted all of the system’s resources. If not for Su having eleven levels of Perception Domain power, there was no way he could discover these secrets.

Helen was still adjusting the data on the screen. An extremely complex three-dimensional figure slowly began to appear. 

Su didn’t look at that symbol, instead looking at Helen, saying with a dull voice, “Turns out you are the main computer of this place.”

Helen’s body trembled slightly, and then returned to normal. She raised her head, meeting Su’s gaze without cowering back at all, saying, “I never expected even this was discovered by you, seems like you already fully grasp the ‘Multivariate Calculation’ ability. An eleventh level ability, for the human race, needs at least several years, or even ten years of time before it can be fully grasped. However, you only needed a few days, truly an ultra life form as expected.”

“How old are you?” Su asked.

“Are you talking about age? Thirty-one. Is this important?” Helen calmly replied. Regardless of whether it was from her appearance or skin, there was no way to detect Helen’s age. Her face’s beauty was extremely precise without the slightest bit of inaccuracy. Her skin was also excellent to the strictest standards, but it definitely didn’t cross any extremes. Saying that she was more than thirty was fine, twenty something was also acceptable, to the extent where it wasn’t out of the question if she said she was only fifteen or sixteen. Everything regarding Helen’s external appearance had undergone the most precise calculations, to the extent where outsiders could forget about obtaining any information from her external appearance, not even Su able to.

Su frowned, starting to think to himself. He, who had a hundred and fifty thought centers, his processing capability already comparable to a large-scale intelligence system, immediately found a point of doubt within countless things that used to seem perfectly normal.

“In those years before I arrived in Dragon City, what were you researching?” Su asked. This question was actually extremely important. With the terrifying and incomparable intelligence Helen displayed at this moment, her accomplishments were definitely not limited to this. The difficulty of Snow’s birth was something Su understood extremely clearly, definitely not something as simple as just mixing sperm and ovum.

“I researched many things, for example, abilities above ten levels in every domain, the nature of the world’s operation, the relationship between space and energy, even doing some research on the will of the world…” Helen continued speaking, but under Su’s eyes, her voice became more and more quiet. Finally, she raised her head again, meeting Su’s gaze, finally saying, “Alright, before you appeared in Persephone’s life, I spent twenty whole years in a stupor.”

“Stupor?” This reply left Su a bit surprised. He had originally already prepared an extremely complicated logic system, waiting for Helen’s reply to confirm his own suspicions. This suspicion was that Helen was like him, also some type of ultra life form, to the extent where one small piece of logic returned and pointed that she was precisely one. However, this answer broke all of the so-called logic circuits.

“Why?” Su really wanted to construct another set of logic systems, but he discovered that he couldn’t construct anything, simply unable to ask a follow up question. Meanwhile, his innate nature that was raised in the wilderness, was able to ask ‘why’.

Helen’s finger quickly and gracefully tapped the light screen, the data on the screen changing at rapid speeds, leaving one dazzled. However, this couldn’t escape Su. All of the data on the screen was fake, the core contents not changing in the slightest. In other words, Helen was only trying to hide something.

As if out of an act of carelessness, Helen said, “Because I thought about the same problem every day, which was that should the day come when I no longer exist, how many people would grieve for me.”

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