Book 6 Chapter 23.7

Book 6 Chapter 23.7 - Start of Hell

Su appeared without any sign or omen, neither Curtis nor Lafite noticing how he entered, to the extent where not even Snow who had a vague sense of connection to Su had any idea.

The dining room immediately became quiet, and then a light ta ta sound rang out. Snow was shaking, its body completely sticking to the table, quietly moving backwards. However, no matter how it tried to hide its movements, it still couldn’t help but release this bit of sound. This small amount of sound might be things normal people couldn’t hear, but how could it escape the ears of people like Su, Lafite, or Curtis? Su and Lafite exchanged a look, and then he placed his attention on Snow’s body. This was the first time he looked at Snow from this close. His green eyes were like water, immediately penetrating every corner of Snow’s body.

When it was looked at like this by Su, Snow suddenly lost all of its strength. Its limbs went weak, unexpectedly falling onto the table!

“This seems about right. You should just lay over there like that, you aren’t allowed to move.” Su was extremely satisfied with Snow’s reaction. He raised his head towards the opposite entrance into this dining room.

Lafite's face was ashen, Su ignored him once more. For Lafite, this was a type of insult through and through. He had also heard the hurried and panicked footstep sounds from the passage, knowing that it was who Helen was coming, and that was why he endured a bit. Only, his blade-like gaze continuously moved between Su and Snow, trying to find a connection between the two.

Curtis also looked at Snow from time to time, and then at Su. However, unlike Lafite, a pensive look quickly appeared in his eyes. Then, his eyes landed on Persephone’s body, and then from her sleeping state, Curtis’ eyes suddenly contracted, a hint of indistinct murderous energy releasing, and then quickly withdrew. Su didn’t look towards Curtis at all, but the ear facing him moved.


The room to the dining room was forcefully pushed open, Helen staggering as she ran in, almost falling. When she saw Snow laying less than two meters from where Su was, she immediately couldn’t help but cry out.

Snow didn’t even move, only the radiance moving through its compound eyes displaying that it was still alive. When she saw Snow’s appearance, Helen’s movements immediately became rigid, and then she forcibly stopped herself from acting out on impulse. She gradually recovered an ice-cold appearance, and with both hands on the gun, she aimed at Su, saying coldly, “Move back, move further from Snow! Right now!”

Su stood there quietly, looking at Helen. When the two individuals’ eyes met in midair, they were actually shockingly similar! They were similarly ice-cold, machine-like, without the slightest fluctuation a living being ought to have.

This continued for an entire minute. This amount of time in the eyes of ability users, could be extremely short, and it could also be extremely long. Su still didn’t move at all, standing there like a lifeless sculpture. Meanwhile, Helen’s ice-cold appearance gradually broke down, the hand that was holding the gun also starting to tremble lightly. Her stamina was only slightly greater than an ordinary woman’s, so maintaining this type of stance long term was extremely tiring, but one minute was definitely something she could support.

Curtis and Lafite gave each other a look, the atmosphere suddenly becoming heavy. Curtis moved his body sideways, wishing to stand between Su and Helen, while Lafite walked towards Su’s back, clearly intending to attack. However, when he saw Persephone in his arms, Curtis changed his mind, moving two steps horizontally, dragging Lafite into his range of attack as well. The captain’s intention was clear; if Lafite attacked without any sense of priorities, then he would definitely stop him.

Even though there was Curtis in his way, how could Lafite’s enmity be that easy to calm? As soon as the murderous energy reached Su, his light blonde short hair suddenly floated up! However, before Lafite’s very eyes, the skin covering Su’s shoulder suddenly split open, revealing a strange eyeball that coldly gave him a look. It was entirely green without a pupil, yet one could clearly feel what it was looking at! The scene before them was truly too strange, to the extent where Lafite was directly given a scare, his killing intent restrained somewhat as a result.

Su looked towards Helen, saying with an ice-cold and unchanging voice, “Helen, this should be something between us, are you sure you want others here?”

Helen hesitated a bit. She looked at Snow who was completely powerless to even stand up, clenched her teeth, and then said to Curtis and Lafite, “You two leave first, I have something to discuss with Su alone.”

Curtis shrugged his shoulders, and then walked out. Lafite wasn’t that easily convinced. He looked coldly at Helen, and then asked, “This Su is the man you chose?”

Lafite stressed the word ‘man’. With Snow involved, it wasn’t difficult to understand what he was implying. Curtis laughed and said, “Alright, Silver Hair, this isn’t something you ought to ask. Follow me, I actually know quite a bit of gossip!”

The Black Steel captain’s arm was strong and forceful, dragging Lafite out from the dining room, and then closing the room. Perhaps because of Helen, or perhaps because of his war comrade from the Blood Dusk, after struggling for a bit, he still decided to follow Curtis out.

When Lafite and Curtis left into the distance, only then did Su’s ice-cold face gradually calm down. He first dragged over a chair, placed the sleeping Persephone on it, having her sit comfortably, and only then did he straighten his body to look at Helen. During this entire time, Snow still laid on the table, not budging an inch.

“Can you let it come to my side first?” Helen asked in a probing manner.

Su lifted Snow, moved it about, and then said, “You are talking about this little fella right? It’s named Snow? What a nice name, it’s appearance also… en, extremely practical. Your masterpiece?”

The moment Su touched Snow, the corners of Helen’s lips immediately jumped. The hand that held the gun trembled, but she immediately controlled herself. Without batting an eyelid, she said, “Snow is my creation, the most outstanding research result in the last decade of my research. What, you have an interest in it as well?”

Su held Snow with one hand, his other hand gently caressing it, movements extremely soft, but Snow was scared to the extent where it showed almost no signs of life. Su muttered a bit to himself, finally realizing the flaw in his wording. “This Snow, how was it produced? I recall that we don’t have this type of relationship between us. Also, it definitely has nothing to do with Persephone.”

Helen remained silent for a bit, and then slowly lowered the pistol. In reality, right now, this thing only served to comfort her slightly. Holding it in her hands only served to give away how she was feeling.

“Snow, from a certain perspective, is indeed… a product of me and you.” Helen released a light sigh. She looked at Snow and Su, and then the sleeping Persephone on the chair, and then continued, “It is the result of sperm extracted from your body merged with my ovum, the only successful creation from over a hundred failures. I wish to create a perfect creature, and Snow is already close to my most perfect ideal.”

Su’s expression was somewhat strange as he looked at Helen and Snow. “It is quite good, but it still isn’t the perfect creature in your eyes?”

“Correct, still a bit lacking.” Helen said.

“What is it lacking?” Su was a bit curious. Even in his eyes, Snow was extremely perfect. Of course, if he was willing, he could still instantly kill Snow. Meanwhile, his instincts continuously urged him to do this.

Helen clenched her teeth, finally saying, “Snow has emotions, it can feel appreciation, joy, dependence, and fear. If it can become like you and me, then that would be the true perfect life form!”

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