Book 6 Chapter 23.7

Book 6 Chapter 23.7 - Start of Hell

Su appeared without any sign or omen, neither Curtis nor Lafite noticing how he entered, to the extent where not even Snow who had a vague sense of connection to Su had any idea.

The dining room immediately became quiet, and then a light ta ta sound rang out. Snow was shaking, its body completely sticking to the table, quietly moving backwards. However, no matter how it tried to hide its movements, it still couldn’t help but release this bit of sound. This small amount of sound might be things normal people couldn’t hear, but how could it escape the ears of people like Su, Lafite, or Curtis? Su and Lafite exchanged a look, and then he placed his attention on Snow’s body. This was the first time he looked at Snow from this close. His green eyes were like water,...

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