Book 6 Chapter 23.6

Book 6 Chapter 23.6 - Start of Hell

When Lafite heard this voice that was completely that of a little girl’s, yet came from the fiendish looking Snow, Lafite felt as if he was almost about to vomit blood! In a flustered and exasperated manner, he said, “You… you little thing, what kind of nonsense are you spouting?! When have I ever thought about hooking up with your mom?”

However, he was immediately knocked down by Snow again. “A man who can’t even admit that he has no courage inside, how can someone like that hook up with my mom?!”

Lafite’s entire face was red. He released a great roar, and then moved as fast as lightning, clawing towards the can. However, two blades brandished about with even greater speed, fiercely slicing at Lafite’s hands! Lafite’s hands immediately became tougher than steel, to the extent where there was even a faint layer of white light covering them, inserting them downwards with tremendous force!

When Snow’s blades moved across Lafite’s skin, a string of sparks was unexpectedly produced! The power exerted on those blades was great, making even Lafite’s hand suddenly deviate. Even though the direction of attack didn’t change that much, Snow’s compound eyes suddenly lit up, and then it opened its mouth to bite towards Lafite’s hand! Even though Lafite didn’t fear the blades, he clearly felt restraining fear towards Snow’s mouth, his hand that was about to touch the meat couldn’t help but pull back. However, when Snow was just about to take a large bite out of the meat, its head was struck by Lafite’s finger, making it involuntarily slide back half a meter. Its six legs that were nailed to the table directly tore open the iron sheet, dragging out six deep grooves, one able to see how fierce Lafite’s attack was. In terms of power, this strike from Lafite could smash open a hole in a tank’s armor, yet Snow didn’t even show signs of dizziness. After a shriek, its limbs exerted force, body rushing up with a flash, blades frantically brandishing about, immediately exchanging several hundred strikes with Lafite! As the battle continued, Snow decided it might as well begin to shift horizontally at high speed, from time to time using its sharp limps and unstoppable mouthparts to attack, temporarily actually being evenly matched with Lafite.

Lafite suddenly released a snort, taking a step back, his eyes staring fiercely at Snow. Two fine cuts were added to his fingers, clearly difficult for him to deal with Snow’s blades and limbs with limited strength.

“If you have the guts, then don’t use weapons!” Lafite shouted like a child.

Snow proudly brandished its blades. “Look closely, silver hair! I am also empty-handed!”

When he looked at the incredibly sharp ‘empty hands’ on Snow’s body, Lafite felt hot blood surging with increasing ferocity within him, Snow’s way of addressing even more so making him flip out.

“I already said that you aren’t allowed to call me silver hair, you little freak!” Lafite roared as he threw himself over.

“You are calling me a little freak? Mama is going to kill you! I’m going to deal with you first, and then I’m telling on you!” Snow didn’t want to be outdone either, and its blades clearly began to move about with even greater speed and force. It was now angry as well.

“I just knew that you were a wimpy brat who followed your mom everywhere!”

“Whose fault is it that you couldn’t pick her up?!”

“Why wouldn’t I be able to get her?”

“Then you can just go and try, don’t only use words!”


The words that were mixed into this incredibly fierce battle made one extremely speechless. Curtis already stuffed his ears, but the conversation’s penetrative force still made its way into his ears. Out of helplessness, he could only mutter, “Lovestruck and narcissistic men really are just like children.”

“Shut up Black Steel! There’s no way I’m lovestruck! Helen can only be mine!” The flustered and exasperated Lafite turned around and roared, but due to a bit of carelessness, a few more injuries were cut open on his hand by Snow. Snow’s speed was inconceivably fast, so if Lafite revealed even the slightest opening, he would immediately receive a few more cuts.

“You should say this directly to my mom’s face! She will directly cut you.” Snow’s intelligence was even greater than its fighting strength, long discovering that the power of its words was even greater than its blades. As a result, while frantically attacking, its mouth didn’t stop at all. “Mom is yours? If she was, then where am I from? If you let my father hear this sentence, he’ll definitely kill you!”

“Snow!” Curtis frowned, loudly shouting.

After saying this, even Snow felt that her attacks this time might have crossed some type of line. Lafite suddenly took a few steps back, his aura completely withdrawing, restraining all of his anger, anxiety, and flusteredness, becoming incomparably cool-headed.

Snow’s body trembled, its body suddenly leaning down. Its stomach and back area began to vibrate at an extremely high frequency; this was its true combat state. It already sensed Lafite’s true killing intent and anger, its powerful sensation towards danger making its instincts revive, carrying out complete combat preparations. Moreover, Lafite’s power and killing intent were just that oppressive, to the extent where it couldn’t control itself, about to unleash a full powered attack first!

Curtis suddenly stood up, blocking between Snow and Lafite, shouting with an heavy voice, “Lafite! Have you gone mad?! This is Snow!”

Lafite pretended not to hear Curtis’ words. He stretched out his head, stared at Snow, and then said coldly, “Who is your father? I actually really want to meet him.”

Snow took two steps to the side, moving out from behind Curtis, similarly starting at Lafite, and with an unprecedented seriousness said, “Even though I don’t like my paternal body either, to the extent where I am not willing to meet him at all, I will not allow any offense towards him! If you want to fight with him, then you have to step over me here first!”

“Lafite!” When he saw Lafite’s silver hair starting to burn, Curtis’ voice was already like thunder. All of the muscles on his body moved about, even more so entering a pre-combat state.

Helen inside the laboratory suddenly sensed something, her expression changing greatly. She suddenly stood up, and then when she rushed out from the room, she grabbed a pistol along the way, even though she knew that this gun was nothing more than a toy, unable to display any effects. She ran at full speed, but for the first time in her life, she loathed the fact that she wasn’t fast enough!

Snow’s compound eyes and Lafite’s clashed, neither side giving an inch!

Right at this time, a gentle and pleasant sounding voice that was full of charm suddenly sounded in the dining room. Even though the voice was extremely pleasant to listen to, it was clear that everyone overlooked the quality of the sound, instead directly raising their vigilance.

This type of voice said, “Little fella, even though you don’t like me, since you are willing to call me father, then I’ll help you deal with this silver hair problem in your place!”

The dining room’s door was kicked open by someone. With Persephone in his arms, Su walked in.

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