Book 6 Chapter 23.6

Book 6 Chapter 23.6 - Start of Hell

When Lafite heard this voice that was completely that of a little girl’s, yet came from the fiendish looking Snow, Lafite felt as if he was almost about to vomit blood! In a flustered and exasperated manner, he said, “You… you little thing, what kind of nonsense are you spouting?! When have I ever thought about hooking up with your mom?”

However, he was immediately knocked down by Snow again. “A man who can’t even admit that he has no courage inside, how can someone like that hook up with my mom?!”

Lafite’s entire face was red. He released a great roar, and then moved as fast as lightning, clawing towards the can. However, two blades brandished about with even greater speed, fiercely...

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