Book 6 Chapter 23.5

Book 6 Chapter 23.5 - Start of Hell

When he withdrew his thoughts from the layers after layers of memories, Su narrowed his eyes and raised his right hand, placing it before his eyes. After a good night of sleep, his right hand had already completely regenerated. Su’s mind moved slightly, and then a drop of blood appeared from his fingertip; under the direct illumination of a beam of sunlight, this drop of blood looked sparkling and transparent. Su’s pupils continuously dilated and contracted, in his field of view the droplet of blood was already being endlessly enlarged, quickly passing through the incomparable complex genetic structure, revealing the piece of genetic code that was inserted there.

Su quietly looked at this piece of genetic code, as if he saw the scenes of the past Rochester fanatically immersed in his work: after many days of single-minded calculations, the doctor finally installed the last part of the code, as well as a genetic virus carrier that could revise genes. When the code delivering medication was inserted into the ultra experimental bodies, the doctor likely revealed a relieved smile.

Meanwhile, in Sun God Temple, Dr. Rochester didn’t reveal the second function of the code, control. After this code was inserted, at the crucial moment, he should be able to force the ultra experimental body to obey its creator’s orders. Moreover, the code should have a third function, which was destruction. Su believed that if he displayed hostility in Sun God Temple, the doctor would definitely try to activate the final two functions of the code. It was extremely rational to install control and destruction functions, because after all, if the ultra experimental body lost control, it wouldn’t be much different from losing control over one, an absolute disaster for the entire human race.

Only, could things be just that simple? After all, humans had only just begun to explore the mysteries of ultra life forms. 

As Su’s mind moved, the genes in the drop of blood suddenly changed, actually directly killing the code fragment! Immediately afterwards, following Su’s will, an identical piece of the code was reproduced.

“The human race’s wisdom…” The one who felt deeply moved were not only his instincts, but also Su himself.

He sat up. Persephone in the crook of his arm softly murmured something, and then moved closer towards Su’s embrace, then quietly continued sleeping. Even while asleep, her arms were still tightly wrapped around Su’s body, even her legs coiling around him, as if she was scared that Su would disappear as soon as she woke up.

Her body was beautiful to an incomparable degree, her skin fine and extremely flexible, her full chest and long legs that could make one’s heart skip a beat left no room for criticism. Even though she had such a mature and beautiful body, she still slept like a child, had to tightly hug something to feel at ease.

Su gently caressed Persephone’s soft long gray hair. He smiled, and then lowered his head, giving her forehead a light kiss, but didn’t wake her.

The two were currently in the second floor of an abandoned small house, covering the ground was nothing more than a tattered felt rug obtained from who knew where. The window had long been shattered, a small half of the roof also caved in. However, it was precisely this simple and crude place, with Su sitting there and her sleeping, that unexpectedly became as beautiful and peaceful as a summertime afternoon forest garden.

Su lightly raised Persephone’s head, and then lowered his head again. When she was woken up from her dream, Persephone released a somewhat unhappy light groan. When she opened her eyes, those gray and green eyes were a bit blurry, and after seeing Su’s face come closer and closer, she decided she might as well close them and raise her head. Their lips gently made contact, and then they pressed tightly together.

Persephone suddenly opened her eyes, struggling about, but immediately afterwards, the expression in her eyes began to scatter, her body going weak, losing consciousness. Su gave her another kiss, and only then did he straighten his body. He lightly patted her cheeks, and then quietly said, “Since I returned, you can rest now. Just leave the following battles to me.”

Su dressed her in her place, and then carried her horizontally, leaving the small house. Before leaving, he turned around and gave it a look, engraving this place that left him with a beautiful memory deep in his heart, and only then did he walk towards the distance.

Right now, the sky was tall and the clouds thin.

In Dragon City, within Persephone’s private hospital, weak emergency lights shone again. Helen returned here, while Lafite and Curtis also followed her back. Lafite had to stick to Helen, his catchphrase being that even if there was no chance, if he stuck to her, at least he had a chance to peep at her. Even if he couldn’t obtain her, watching her was still good, as every bit of skin he saw was an advantage. Since it was taking advantage of her, then obviously, the more the better, he had to take every bit he could get, rather failing than not trying. Either way, Helen wasn’t his, so why wouldn’t he take any advantage he could get?

Meanwhile, Curtis was here to keep a close eye on Lafite. Using his words, it was that he had fought with Lafite all the way from Blood Dusk until now, so he couldn’t just watch Lafite dig his own grave. Otherwise, who would he beat up during the next few decades?

Since they already fully started a war against the chairman’s side, then there was no need to show any more mercy. Lafite and Curtis who were born during Blood Dusk weren’t merciful and lenient people, while Helen was even tougher than both of them combined. The three of them, together with Snow, completely mowed down all powers from the chairman’s side they encountered, completely sweeping through the battlefield along the way as well. There were a few small forces on the empress’ side who were also rather unsightly, wishing to follow them and take advantage of their strength, their end naturally serving as Helen’s resource of resupply. That was why when she returned to the private hospital, not only did they have things to burn, ammunition, goods, and food, there were also three loading trucks.

When they returned to the private hospital, Helen immediately activated the intelligence system, starting up the neverending work. Curtis idled his time away, while Lafite had a new way to pass his time.

Right now, murderous energy filled the dining room. Lafite and Snow stood in confrontation, their eyes producing intense sparks in the air. The battlefield was a square shaped dining table, Lafite continuously moved around the dining table, while Snow leaned over the table, slowly moving, confronting Lafite. Even though the table was made from iron sheets, the six limbs’ ends were incredibly sharp, easily producing little holes on the table’s surface.

Between Lafite and Snow was a can of meat, the focal point of this battle. The can already had a layer shaved off, revealing the thick and oily contents within. However, for ability users and Snow, the taste of food was not essential, the main thing was only if it had enough nutrients. The meat had a few fingerprints, and there were a few small pieces cut off as well; it was clear that both sides already clashed a few times, moreover both of them having victories and defeats.

“Snow! Don’t go too far, I’m already acting extremely leniently!” Lafite threatened.

Snow was completely unmoved, using its immature, sweet and tender voice to retort, “Lenient? Forget it! Do you dare use any more strength? If you break the table, it is still your loss! If you have to use your full strength even when fighting me, will you have any face left? Not even this bit of courage, yet you want to hook up with my mom?”

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