Book 6 Chapter 23.4

Book 6 Chapter 23.4 - Start of Hell

Several decades of time passed by in the blink of an eye. Rochester started from a religion, establishing the Sun God Church, and then founded Sun Empire on theocracy. The empire became larger and larger, no one in the entire southern continent able to fight back, and as a result, expansion went more and more smoothly as well.

When the empire’s borders reached the great sea, one still did not appear again, as if it had already been completely destroyed.

However, whenever he looked at the few bottles of biological solvent that were still stored in the innermost depths of Great Sun God Temple, Rochester still felt a vague uneasiness. Rochester who had the eleventh level Mysterious Fields ability Foresight could clearly see events several decades in the future, for example, Su’s appearance and arrival, yet he couldn’t use those godlike eyes to see where one was.

However, Su’s arrival made Rochester feel a bit more at ease. The doctor couldn’t distinguish which one of the three ultra experimental bodies Su was, but it didn’t matter. Every ultra experimental body had a code implanted, and the effects of the code, was to make the ultra experimental body develop an irresistible hostility towards one. From a certain perspective, it was equivalent to setting the ultra experimental bodies’ fate in advance. If the ultra biological body prototypes were successful, then even if they left the base’s control, when they encountered one, they would still carry out a battle that wouldn’t end until the other party died. The fundamental reason why Dr. Rochester activated the ultra biological bodies was to produce ultra life forms that could face one, as well as the civilization behind it.

Only ultra life forms could face ultra life forms, this was the conclusion Rochester reached after researching one.

Only, after one disappeared, Rochester didn’t make any more progress in the research of ultra life forms. In those twenty years, he continuously made breakthroughs in the research of the divine language, his achievements in the Mysterious Fields also becoming more and more profound. During these whole twenty years, Rochester didn’t use Foresight again, because he knew that there was already no need to use it. Meanwhile, in the recent decade, the doctor already vaguely came into contact with the highest level of the Mysterious Fields. With his abilities and wisdom, he could still only see a vague outline, likely the final extent of Mysterious Summoning. If one was looking at it through the view of the olden era, then that was the true domain of gods. Rochester’s entire life’s efforts only barely touched the border of twelve levels, but when he turned back, he discovered that he was already at the peak of all living things.

During the remaining half of the day, Rochester gave Su a tour of all of his accomplishments in the production of ultra life forms. Even though he wasn’t able to create a complete ultra life form like the ultra experimental bodies, there were quite a few biological weapons that had certain aspects deserving of praise. Most of them already possessed a certain degree of intelligence, and they could carry out complete reproduction. After using half a day to look at the more than four hundred types of biological weapons, Rochester gave Su a piece of specimen from every single biological weapon. For Su, every single biological weapon’s specimen signified evolutionary points of varying amounts.

Finally, Rochester’s gift for Su was an ability classification tree, it was precisely the ability classification tree that left Su the most shocked. In this classification, every single ability domain had at least one eleventh level ability!

Magic Domain Elemental Storm, Combat Domain Multifaceted Offense, Perception Domain Multivariate Calculation, Mental Domain Void Stealth, as well as Mysterious Fields Hostility Obstruction and Foresight. When his eyes scanned over these names, Su could even feel their seriousness.

Just this ability classification system alone undoubtedly made Dr. Maximus Rochester, from the past until present, the ‘father of abilities’, as well as one of the few people who always remained at the very peak of the era. Even if it was just his own ability accomplishments, the Spider Empress was the only one Su had heard of that could compare to him. Perhaps the empress might be even above Rochester, because when Su met the empress, Su was still only a youth, unable to measure the depths of the empress’ abilities. As for Apostle Fitzdurk, Serendela, and Lord of the Frozen Sea Pridekla, they weren’t human existences, so there was no point in comparing them.

Sun Empire’s exceptional level of biochemistry science and technology, as well as the fundamental reasoning behind their ability users being superior to the Blood Parliament’s, now had an explanation. Rochester chose the evolution path of life itself, serving as a type of response to the olden era’s world of science and technology. This was the conclusion he reached after his research of one and ultra life forms, and even though this result was far from what he had originally expected, it wasn’t completely meaningless.

Only at the last moment did Su give up on killing Rochester, abandon his thoughts on destroying the entire Sun God Temple.

As a past ultra experimental body, the amount of hatred he felt towards his creators and Rochester wasn’t any lower than that towards one. After setting foot onto the great southern continent, a large part of the urge he had, to completely sweep through Sun Empire, came from a faint loathing and anger he felt deep within.

However, after seeing this ability classification system, Su finally understood what Rochester was pursuing. If the past Rochester was said to be fully devoted to the research of ultra life forms themselves, then now, what he wished to open was the doors to an era of ultra life forms belonging to the human race.

When all of the evolutionary points flowed into the Perception Domain like water, exchanged for the eleventh level ability Multivariate Calculation, Su’s Panoramic View already penetrated through almost all obstacles. At that moment, he already had an idea of Rochester’s true form.

It was a super brain several hundred cubic meters in size that was immersed in an enormous nutrient fluid reservoir.

What welcomed Su and led him around was only the doctor’s projection. If it wasn’t for the sake of research, Rochester originally could have far more and better options. This father of abilities who could research all five ability domains to the eleventh level, and develop several hundred biological weapons could completely create a body for himself to enjoy a free and unrestrained life. However, for the sake of creating a human ultra life form, to withstand one’s return, Rochester chose to strengthen the brain to the extreme, and then bury himself in the depths of the mountains, not moving for several decades.

That was why when Su sat in the airplane’s cockpit, he also felt a bit of respect for someone like the doctor.

The pioneer of an entire era was definitely worthy of respect.

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