Book 6 Chapter 23.3

Book 6 Chapter 23.3 - Start of Hell

Su woke up from his sleep.

His eyes were bottomless, the green radiance gently rippling, but the rhythm of each fluctuation was completely different. If one penetrated endlessly within, they would discover that the so-called green radiance were actually powerful streams of data that continuously eroded his consciousness. Su’s right eye wasn’t bright, no difference visible from his left. Only, in the depths of his right eye, within the infinitely small differential world hid countless symbols. Every single symbol was a character of the Bisindle language, as well as the fruits of Dr. Rochester’s research in the latter half of his life, the final form of the divine text.

Faint daylight seeped in through the crack in the roof, landing on Su’s face and body. His body right now was a perfect human body, the scars on his face already completely disappearing. Even though the inside of his body still had large amounts of fine scars and bruises, the damage on the surface had already been restored first.

Today wasn’t cloudy or clear, the clouds of radiation appearing a bit tall and thin, from time to time a streak or two of golden sunlight would pass through them, producing pillars of light that were connected to the sky, as if a divine kingdom was currently quietly opening up its doors. When the wind blew on his skin, it was a bit cool, comfortable, but it didn’t remain for long.

The speed at which information was transmitted from various parts of his body was just like how it was back then in the wilderness. Now, it looked like even though this type of control method far exceeded that of the normal human body, it was still lagging behind. His thought centers automatically decided on the optimal control method, moreover assuming control over his body’s everyday activity. What Su needed to do, was only to think about what he had to do, and then his body would complete it on its own. It was to the extent where if he wanted to achieve a certain objective, his body would also automatically complete it.

The highest level of a lazy person, would be nothing more than this.

Su really wanted to be a lazy person, at the very least, he wouldn’t have to carry so many responsibilities. However, having responsibilities was also a type of happiness. Meanwhile, right now, the feeling he had from back when he was in the wilderness returned, causing a deep emotion to involuntarily well up within him. Right now, hereafter, there already wasn’t much fear.

At this moment, in his eyes, the world he saw was already entirely different. The sky that clearly had nothing seemed to have countless streams of data fluttering about, and by following these data streams, through complex analysis and calculations, many functions that exceeded the human imagination could be carried out. For example, he knew what had just happened in a certain area, or, he knew where space was the weakest. Meanwhile, this analysis towards spatial composition and attributes, this was the basis for the spatial furnace, as well as the foundation for the age of cosmos. This was the might of Multivariate Calculation.

To turn all of the world’s natural laws into data, and then deduce the natural laws through the derivation of data, this was the first step for the human race, or any organic biological body to grasp the world. There were endless uses in combat as well. Su precisely used Multivariate Calculation to find Westwood’s trajectory as he moved through spatial faults, from this seriously wounding a great enemy he had almost no chances of prevailing over. If the current Su faced the apostle who previously stealthily pursued him through spatial faults, there were at least a few dozen methods that would leave the apostle with an unforgettable lesson instead of being left with no choice but to escape. 

Su already had a vague feeling that ‘one’ and apostles were linked in countless ways, yet they weren’t completely identical in views. However, while Su felt a faint hostility towards one, the hostility he felt towards the apostles was becoming greater and greater. As his Perception Domain abilities rose and were perfected, this type of feeling became increasingly more powerful.

One wasn’t in Sun God Temple. Not long after Rochester secretly hurried to the new base built on the southern continent, one’s growth went out of control once more, thus forcing Rochester to activate the destructive measures. This time, one’s resistance was more unyielding and crazy than before, the doctor using an entire month of time before completely destroying one. At first, he didn’t think too much of it, because it was just like before, one’s resistance towards methods of destruction became more and more abundant, its vitality also becoming more and more tenacious. This difficult battle only made Rochester raise his vigilance, immediately starting a new generation of breeding and destruction procedures. The installations in the southern continent’s base weren’t that complete, so once they lost control of one, it would be a great disaster for the human race. Rochester didn’t dare imagine what kind of existence one would become if they lost control over it. According to one’s growth and breeding rate, it could grow to several tons in weight within ten days, moreover produce an amount in the millions and millions within half a year!

Or perhaps one really was a singular existence; this would only make it even more terrifying.

For an entire half year, Rochester transferred all resources, making preparations that were surefire and thorough, and then waited for one to be reborn. However, one never appeared again. Half a year, one year, five years passed, Rochester finally couldn’t wait any longer, instead starting to establish his own ideal country. During the breeding of one, he had sensed the Bisindle language several times, deeply understanding that this was one of the reflections of a civilization at its final stages. During the decades of research that followed, Rochester finally took the first step for the human race. The footprint that was left behind, was the beginning of a new civilization.

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