Book 6 Chapter 23.2

Book 6 Chapter 23.2 - Start of Hell

Up north, Scorpion Nest had already become a giant factory, the rumbling sounds of machines continuing through the night. Loading trucks sent tons of raw materials into the factory, yet no waste products were spat back out. In the city’s northern corner, a row of six giant chimneys continuously released white steam, the nuclear island below continuously producing enormous amounts of electricity, moreover transporting it into the Scorpion Nest depths’ underground base. That place was like a black hole that devoured everything. No matter how much energy or raw materials were poured in, they never came back out. Even though the Scorpion Nest devoured a sea of energy and raw materials, it didn’t continue producing concocted human soldiers. Meanwhile, next to the original six nuclear islands, three new nuclear power plants were currently being constructed, thousands of concocted soldiers operating over a hundred large scale engineering machinery, currently nervously busying about. From the construction site that was exposed, one could see that all of these nuclear power plants were missing the multi-layered core protection, only having an extremely simple and crude radiation isolating barrier, so large amounts of radiation leaked outwards. However, the essential protection of the olden era was already not essential in the new era. After just blocking it slightly, the radiation that leaked outwards was already about the same as the amount in the wilderness.

At the center of the underground base, a beautiful yet somewhat strange scene was currently playing out. In this enormous several dozen meters tall, several thousand square meters surface area space, gravity completely lost effect. Countless parts flew about, some weighing several tons, the smaller ones miniature gears that were only a cubic millimeter in size. Numerous lines of attraction criss-crossed about, guiding all of the parts to their pre-scheduled direction and then installing them into their corresponding positions. The parts were turned into incredibly complex components, these components than assembled into a part of an even larger body. On the hall’s two walls were over a hundred platforms that stretched out, every single platform arranged different machine tools. Parts were currently being processed, and after they were finished, they would be flung into the air, following which a gravitational line would promptly appear, guiding that part to its designated location.

Above the hall, a pair of ice-cold eyes were currently overlooking everything in the hall. These were a pair of eyes made purely from energy. One could see an endless honeycomb-like grid, within each compartment part. Moreover, this grid wasn’t just a single layer, but instead layered one after the next, completely impossible to count.

If one didn’t look at its inhuman composition, just from it as a whole, this pair of eyes also released indescribable icy coldness. That was not only inhuman, it completely disassociated from the biological system. Based on normal reasoning, eyes formed purely from energy shouldn’t carry any emotions, yet they left others with a clear and powerful impression. Even if it was some form of life, it was still unknown which world system’s life it was. Perhaps it was some type of energy life form, or maybe an even higher level biological body.

At the center of those two eyes floated the body of the apostle. His body was exposed, figure extremely perfect, but the areas of dark blue color his flesh displayed gave off an inhuman feel. His eyes were closed, starting to slowly float in the air. Several gorgeous light bands reached out from his body, connecting to the intelligence system’s ports, and then a sea of data was transmitted through a method that completely surpassed present world science and technology. All of the components’ parts and assembly, even all of Scorpion Nest’s movements, were under his control.

On the hall’s side wall protruded a shelf, several dozen lasers producing a three-dimensional image of a woman. She was extremely beautiful, but her expression was as cold as ice. From time to time, she would open her mouth, blowing out streaks of ribbons that linked up to the terminal port of the data, and then operate the hundreds of equipment. From time to time, her eyes would also separately release light, directly shining on certain ports, this way raising the transmission efficiency several fold.

The woman’s image was only a tool for data transmission, but she also had her own expressions, as if she wasn’t as simple as just an image.

At the center of the hall was embedded a ten meter diameter giant glass tank, the giant brain floating in the nutrient fluid inside precisely the Scorpions of Disaster’s central intelligence system, Naxu. When the apostle was asleep, she was practically in charge of all of the Scorpions of Disaster’s management and research work. Right now, when the apostle was perfecting his own form, her assistance was absolutely crucial.

As the component assembly neared its end, a gigantic mechanical beast gradually took form. The eyes in the hall gradually closed, while the apostle’s eyes opened.

Countless gears instantly fit together, drive mechanisms only the size of batteries were placed in designated positions. These drive mechanisms were extremely small in size, but they possessed the power of olden era powerful tanks’ diesel engines, moreover the force was nearly endless. Nuclear fusion batteries that were only the size of a button were already being mass-produced in Scorpion Nest, this was already technology that far surpassed the present era, and then taking it a step further, the charging of the core engine and main weapon was done through installations that directly drew energy from space, completely an endless supply. Only, the two spatial furnaces were too large, and that was why the entire machine correspondingly became larger as well. However, the anti-gravity engine thus displayed its effects, making this machine’s tremendous weight not a problem, so in theory, it could be as large as it wanted to be. The limiting factors were only energy and raw materials, but with the spatial furnace, energy was not a restricting condition either.

All of the epoch-marking designs in the plans came from the awoken apostle. After he had reconstructed a body, he immediately revised Scorpion Nest’s entire production system, first establishing a series of work machines, and then what followed were large amounts of material extraction and refinement facilities, and lastly the processing facilities, simultaneously carrying out a cleaning of the underground base, producing an enormous production space. Whenever Diaster occupied an area, he would bring back everything he could find to Scorpion Nest.

Piece after piece of finely polished armor stuck to the metal body. The ends of the gravitational lines released blazing rays of light, melding the armor plates onto it, covering up the precise and delicate inner structure. An unprecedented giant metal body was currently taking form.

This was a portion of the Lightning Apostle’s main body, Starship Valhalla.

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