Book 6 Chapter 23.12

Book 6 Chapter 23.12 - Start of Hell

At the center of the starship was a hundred meter perimeter, fifty meter tall giant indoor command room. Countless streaks of light flew out from the crystals embedded in the walls, following a set trajectory towards Fitzdurk floating in midair. Endless streaks of light gathered in his surroundings, condensing into a giant ten meter sphere of light. Upon closer inspection, one could see that these streaks and traces of light were actually all constructed from countless digits and symbols, every single streak carrying a sea of information. Meanwhile, the process of gathering into a sphere of light was the process of this information being processed and operated with. With each passing second, there would always be tens of millions of light bands gathering into a sphere of light, and then similar amounts of bands of light would scatter out, merging into the designated crystals.

The entire ship, everything from inside out, was under Fitzdurk’s control. A starship on this scale, the amount of data within it enough to make this entire planet’s most advanced intelligence system instantly collapse, even for Fitzdurk, if he wanted to complete a comprehensive inspection, it would still take him an entire day of time.

When he thought up to here, Fitzdurk suddenly felt that he should have moved Naxu onto Valhalla. With her here, it would alleviate a considerable amount of pressure. In Fitzdurk’s opinion, Naxu was completely an inconceivable miracle. Her processing continued to steadily grow, now actually already close to a third of himself. Using the olden era humans as comparison, Naxu herself was already equivalent to ten million humans working full-time. Meanwhile, right now, using this planet as an example, just how many ‘tens of millions humans’ were there? Naxu’s intelligence was already approaching a certain critical point, approaching the point of being acknowledged by Fitzdurk. As long as that critical point was passed, Fitzdurk would acknowledge that she had the qualifications of becoming his servant, or in other words, view her as the lowest level being, a similar type of existence as himself, and not a pig or sheep he would slaughter at will. This didn’t mean that Fitzdurk wouldn’t kill her, or that he would respect her, the difference being that before killing someone at a similar type of existence, he would slightly think before doing so, while he wouldn’t even do this when slaughtering sheep.

This bit of difference could be said to be almost negligible, but it could also be viewed as decisive.

However, right now, Naxu still remained in the underground base. Even though Scorpion Nest was already destroyed in the rise of Valhalla, the underground base was still perfectly preserved, and it had enough resource reserves and energy supply. Naxu still supported the underground base, and she needed to complete several new projects’ research work, needing to research a new material that could complement Valhalla’s flaws. In the new projects’ research, resisting the will of the world was the core of every project. After a few pre-requisite projects were completed, there was even a project that could create a weapon capable of attacking the will of the world. In addition, the underground base still had construction and perfection carried out. Due to Valhalla’s technology being transplanted into the underground base one after another, the six nuclear furnaces weren’t enough to support the tremendous energy needs. Four giant spatial furnaces were currently being built, and once they were complete, they would provide the power of ten blazing nuclear fusion islands.

For Fitzdurk, the importance of the underground base wasn’t much less than Valhalla. That was not only Valhalla’s maintenance and supply base, when the right time came, it could also float in the air, thus becoming a giant mother ship that could dock the Starship Valhalla.

Within the central command room, Fitzdurk himself was also slowly rotating, his half transparent body continuously absorbing and sending back data. One-third of Valhalla’s inspection had been completed, yet Fitzdurk already found tens of thousands of flaws that had to be fixed. This was not due to an inherent flaw in Valhalla’s design, but rather due to this celestial body’s technology and processing ability’s limitations, many crucial areas had to be built with sub-optimal materials. Apart from this, when some of the core components were being processed, the equipment would always mysterious display various malfunctions. Even while under Fitzdurk’s direct control, he still couldn’t produce the precise special materials and ultra microscopic components.

This wasn’t by chance. In this era, bad luck indeed continued, for example, if one was hated by the will of the world. For example, when Valhalla was being created, Fitzdurk was constantly dealing with the will of the world’s direct interference. In the end, Valhalla was still constructed, but the quality was also far worse than what he expected. If it was in the olden era, a Valhalla would be enough to conquer the entire world, but in this new era that already produced ultra life forms, Fitzdurk knew that all general knowledge was already toppled.

That was why he left Naxu behind, giving her the most important task, which was to decipher and attack the will of the world. When it was time, he, Fitzdurk, the Great Earth Lightning Apostle, would personally drag the will of the world from its place of hiding, and destroy it.

At this very moment, between Fitzdurk’s brows floated a bit of dazzling radiance, inside this radiance a body tangled in electricity. The upper half was the body of a human male, while the lower half was similar to a giant reptilian body, several thousand tentacles of varying lengths brandishing about beneath.

This was the complete form the Great Earth Lightning Apostle ought to have in this world!

Meanwhile, the current Fitzdurk didn’t produce the reptilian body, only 60% to his complete form. While searching for the genes of creatures equipped with ultra life form characteristics, he always received interference, the samples he collected barely reaching the level of revival. If not for Su’s sudden appearance, he would have continued to remain asleep, lasting all the way until his genes were supplemented to its perfect state. However, unexpected things happened again and again. Su’s power was originally not in his expectations, but when pursuing Su, Fitzdurk vaguely sensed a few terrifying existences that could also threaten him. Meanwhile, the Limitless Heart that originally belonged to Serendela suddenly appeared, thus making him set the resolution to revive ahead of time.

The various unexpected events did not completely happen by chance. As the apostle approached revival, the will of the world’s interference became more and more apparent.

Valhalla’s body that was suspended in midair suddenly shook, the woman on the ship’s bow suddenly opening her eyes! Her eyes didn’t have pupils, only a deep purple color, yet one could clearly sense where her line of sight aimed. The over a hundred faces opened their eyes one after another, and when all of the eyes opened, the entire celestial body began to tremble!

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